9 the most comfortable models of summer shoes

Probably many still hearing expressions relative to shoes: «Dressed like an old grandmother». Or: «Yes, like my grandmother wore!»

But in the heat of summer these shoes are probably the most comfortable. Or you corns with abrasions or blisters. The latest trends in fashion just look «like a woman». And fashion designers confirm these words with their development. Besides really comfortable and most importantly stylish and elegant shoes is quite a large range. Any can choose what is dear to her heart and well «sits» on the leg. Let’s go through the list…

1. Loafers.

Usually moccasins are soft and comfortable. They are made of suede or leather in unisex style. They are very versatile, ideal for sports and office work. You can safely wear for nature walks.

9 the most comfortable models of summer shoes

2. Loafers. Slightly resemble moccasins, but have a thick heel and are generally not high. In this Shoe was pretty famous fans: Michael Jackson and Elton John, Francis Coppola and Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, bill gates.

3. Ballet flats. The hallmark of this classic summer shoes have a small chunky heel or flat sole. Their appearance is reminiscent of ballet Pointe shoes, hence the name.

4. Wedges. This Shoe is characterized by the structure of the soles. It is from the sock to the heel has a bulge, like a wedge, and felt almost heel. This function assumes a stable sole.

5. The shoes on the platform. As the name implies, this kind of summer shoes is a sustainable sole. It can be made of different materials: cork, plastic or rubber. Optimal for everyday wear, you should choose a platform height up to five inches and quite broad, it is more resistant to walk.

9 the most comfortable models of summer shoes

6. Flip flops. In fact, it is also a kind of sandals. They have not a common form of fastening on the leg. With two straps that delicately held between the thumb and the next toes and they are comfortable «sitting». These shoes are traditional for many Asian countries: Vietnam, Japan, China and others. But in Europe they like to wear. They are young and old, women and the male half of the population. This Shoe is basically suit for informal situation, on the beach, for example. Although this Shoe has a special tabi socks. They are somewhat similar gloves where the thumb has its own compartment. On the market now you can find several varieties of traditional flip flops. It can be sandals with a girth of only one thumb, or with a «stud», or added a few jumpers.

7. Sandals. Another type of sandals. Wear them on bare feet, which gave them the name. In them the foot is not completely covered, and ankle. Design can be quite varied. Can be open heel or toe, strap or lace of the ankles.

8. Flip-flops. It can be almost all sandals who is open heel. Here the toe may be open and closed forms. They are very convenient for the beach, because it does not require much time to remove and again wear. These shoes can be attributed to economy class because the price is usually symbolic and are not comparable with the price of other summer casual shoes. However, they are very popular among ladies of all countries.

9 the most comfortable models of summer shoes

9. Espadrilles. Homeland this summer Shoe is considered to be Spain and France, the southern regions. They are rubber Slippers and foot rope, or an imitation. They are in the course of men and women. Even in the XX century, about 80 years, came into Vogue. Wear on bare feet.

9 the most comfortable models of summer shoes

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