7 fashion mistakes that make girls

Frankly the open top and bottom simultaneously

The combination of vulgar a plunging neckline with a revealing mini that can spoil even a perfect figure! At least you will be accused of bad taste, high suspect in frivolous behavior. This type goes well only with clips of American rappers. «Never exhibit all about that I always remember! «– so spoke the popular fashionista Victoria Beckham, and we fully agree.


Thin Thong peeking out of jeans, long notorious for this title. Recently, we often met on the streets of this phenomenon, to date, fortunately, has almost disappeared. «There is nothing less attractive than the faded rubber thongs! «comments in his author’s Handbook Camilla Morton, a well-known author of many articles about fashion. It should be noted that gently Peeps out from under jeans elastic band of the panties-shorts, some fashion critics allowed. Under the ban are tights peeking out from under the belt of your trousers or skirt. It should be warmed with the help of tights with a low waist.

Sandals with socks/tights/stockings

The word «sandals» comes from the phrase «bare foot» in this one must not destroy the original nature of things. Prohibited as there is a seam of tights exposed, in the case of shoes having an open toe. In cool weather in the summer should combine stockings/pantyhose and heels only with closed nose. If you still decided to open the leg and fingers, follow him to the end. Despite the fact that many designers are repeatedly released on the catwalk his models by combining woolen socks with sandals. As often with open Breasts, but that does not mean that you go out the door.

Tops with the big logo of the company

Frankly, we were surprised when entering this winter in the Iceberg store, found a sweater with a huge inscription-the name of the company. Already eight years ago, many brands of this sin, but declined, realizing that we have to be modest. Residents who live in the CIS, it should be noted that there are markets where for a penny you can buy branded top from D&G. note that for such things, you may suspect that you fake.

Cell + striped and other «dangerous» colors

Cell and strip, always fashionable and bright, but only separately. In combination these drawings can ruin any outfit and can disfigure even the most perfect figure. You should be careful with colors and style «leopard». Here we should consider the fact that not necessarily in the way should be combined with the dress and shoes and handbag matching color. Often a single item more than enough! You should choose either the bottom or the top with a pattern, but not both.

Well, really want

For example: last year almost all the fashion magazines advise women of fashion leggings and would wear them absolutely all the girls. Of course every girl wants to be fashionable and attractive, but let’s face the truth – full girls these leggings look simply disgusting. Be honest with yourself: if you notice that the outfit doesn’t suit you, remove it without hesitation.

Shorts + sneakers

Shorts have been relevant for a few seasons, they can be worn with shoes/ sandals in heels or without, will also fit ballet shoes. But sneakers are definitely banned, except for those occasions when you decide to engage in sports. Sneakers does not decorate women’s legs, open legs will help you more elegant shoes. You should also remember that shorts should not be very tight.

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