20 fashion of the Italians, which tells the whole world

«Fashion» will tell about twenty fashionable Italians, which are popular not only in his country but around the world. So, why the popularity of these girls became such a scale?

Chiara Ferragni, model, fashion blogger, 28 years)

The beginning of the popularity of Chiara can be attributed to the moment when the girl began to exhibit their stylish images in the world network, giving up a very promising job offers. The girl at their own expense attended fashion week and, apparently, not in vain. Today she is the founder of the blog The Blonde Salad with more than 4 million followers on Instagram, the owner of his own interesting brand of ballet shoes, clutches, backpacks and cases for iPhones. The whole business Italian is estimated at $ 8 million. Accessories, Ferragni can you buy in stores like Italy, where there is 70, and around the world – in major trade missions.

Your blog Chiara Ferragni organized in 2009, when her popularity was gaining momentum, as social networking was not enough. Every day blog of the Italian ladies began to attend more than 600,000 people. Chiara drew the attention of not just the whole world, and the world’s leading fashion brands.

The result – Ferragni is not just a fashionable business lady, but also a popular fashion model who works with fashion houses and designers around the world. The girl takes an active part in photo shoots, advertising campaigns, is the guest of many social events. Charming smile stylish Italians are associated not only with TOD’s or Calvin Klein, but also with many other brands.

Bianca Balti, top model (31)

Italian model Bianca Balti is at the peak of popularity together with Mariacarla Boscono and Eva Riccobono. Say model Bianca, became a happy accident – it was noticed when she was working in the store and invited to a photo shoot where she came together with his mother is Azeri. Career girl began in 2005 with the filming of an advertising campaign Dolce&Gabbana. Since that time, Bianca continues to work with this brand.

In 2011, Bianca Beams appeared on the photographs jewelry collection Dolce&Gabbana, and a year later participated in a photo shoot with Monica Bellucci. In addition, the top model starred in a very sensual commercial perfume Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue is paired with one of the hottest male models, David Gandy.

Despite the slight downtime – model mother of two daughters, she returned to a career. In 2012, Bianca starred in the advertising campaign of children’s clothing Dolce&Gabbana. Being pregnant the second time, Balta walked the catwalk at the autumn fashion show Dolce & Gabbana with a visible tummy – then the world learned the news.

Karlie Kloss, the star of street-style (30)

Karlie Kloss became famous due to her bold style and love for loose clothing. So, the girl was walking around new York in a sheer blouse no bra, street photo this image immediately gained incredible popularity. Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman and Oliveira very pleased with the work the girls admire its unusual and bold style. Once told Eleanor, you have to be very brave to dress freely, and that is the philosophy of fashion. It’s not about what to wear and how to wear.

Despite the fact that today Karizi – popular star fashion weeks, there was a time when she studied marketing and public relations. Italian constantly invited to shoot in advertising, various fashion brands, for example, Alberto Guardiani and Patrizia Pepe. Besides fashion, the Italian star enjoys photography and writes a blog Joujou Villeroy, which puts the reports from fashion weeks, parties and social meetings. By the way, the blog is in the top 50 blogs of Italy.

Karlie Kloss is saturated with energy and fanatically enthusiastic knowledge of the world, than like to tell. Perhaps the passion for life and gives her strength and inspiration for all projects.

Dolphin Delettre-Fendi, jeweler (28 years)

Dolphin Delettre-Fendi – Italian jeweler. The girl knowingly devoted himself to creative work, because her parents have a direct relationship to creativity: mother Silvia Venturini is responsible for the accessories of the fashion House Fendi, and his father, jewelry designer. However, the young jeweler decided to go their own way. In her works dominated by surrealism, spiders, skulls, lips, eyes and other body parts. Debut jewelry collection was presented in Paris concept store Colette, which has become a very popular event in this area, and the name Delfina Delettrez gained popularity.

Today the work Delettre-Fendi is part of the permanent jewelry collection of the Museum of decorative arts of the Louvre. Girl the youngest author of the works of this exhibition.

Carlotta Oddi and Viviana Volpicelli, ladies (30 and 38)

Well-known Italian fashionista last assistant outrageous creative consultant for Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo. Carlotta this day continues to help Anna with everything from filming and meetings by blogging. As Carlotta and Vivian from a young age, gravitated to the fashionable life. Both very stylish girls, inspiring fans to style.com. Yes, Carlotta prefers dresses baby-doll, and Viviana – traditional silhouettes.

Emma Marrone, the singer (31)

Singer Marrone has a low husky voice, has expressive facial features. The basics of the singing girl was taught by his father Rosario – musician from Italian band Karadreon. Emma is accustomed to winning. So, she became a favorite of the Italian show Popstars, won the music festival in Sanremo with the song «Non e` l «Inferno», released 10 platinum discs. The singer is very popular on the Internet in Instagram she has over a million followers. In addition, Emma Marrone managed to represent Italy at the Eurovision song contest.

Rosabella Laurent sellers, actress (19 years old)

Young actress Rosabell Laurent sellers first debuted in theatre in evripidou «Medea» when she was eight years old. Rosabella has gained even more fans after the role of Teeny sand in the fifth season of «Game of thrones», starred in the drama «what about love?» with Iain Glen, Sharon stone and Andy Garcia. The rising star looks a bit like Audrey Hepburn, and therefore chose the movie legend as a role model.

Coco and Bianca Brandolini D’adda, aristocrat (36 and 27)

Bianca and Coco were sisters of the famous Italian family Brandolini D’adda with these aristocratic roots. Their father – count Ri, is one of the most powerful Italian clans, among whose ancestors king Philip IV the fair and other monarchs.

Younger sister Bianca is the most bright personality. The girl constantly attends social events, a few years ago she starred in ads for Dolce & Gabbana. As admitted Bianca, before I met Domenico and Stefano, she was sure that sexuality has only a mini, but it was a pencil skirt. The girl is a frequent guest of the Milan Palazzo Innocenti, where Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are doing their design impressions and customized fitting for particular customers. Designers communicate with Bianca, learn about her favorite outfits.

Big sister Coco a very different, much quieter, but also has the fashion world – she’s a consultant to fashion houses. Moreover, the stylish aristocrat, a mother of two children.

Giovanna Battaglia, stylist (35)

His career Giovanna Battaglia began in the avant-garde journal Pig. The girl graduated from Milan’s Istituto d’arte Dell’accademia di Brera. Your credibility stylist earned fairly easy, as she herself admitted. By the way, Giovanna Battaglia – another protégé of Anna Dello Russo, with whom they met in a nightclub. There Anna was invited Giovanna to the shoot.

From time to time, the Italian stylist is involved in collaborations. So, on the website www.giovannabattaglia.com you can buy a case for iPhone its design.

Livia Firth, filmmaker and eco-activist (45)

Livia Firth leads a very active lifestyle, managing the lot. She is producing and shooting a film, is the mother of two sons, she has 18 years of happy marriage with the Hollywood star. Furthermore, Firth was able to create a duet of fashion and ecology. During his stay in Italy, Libya and her husband Colin for all Giogoli, not Firth, as the last name is difficult in pronunciation for the Italians.

Firth founded the fashion for eco-outfits for social events. For example, she loves eco-friendly dresses Stella McCartney. And in 2012, the Director founded the Green Cut exhibit, where they were presented with a chic eco-friendly outfits from eight well-known designers whose works of art – the result of inspiration from cult films.

Melissa Panarello, writer (29 years)

Writer Melissa Panarello known for his novel One Hundred Strokes of the Hairbrush Before Going to Sleep, which is translated as «STO-touch» and is the glory of a modern Lolita. The plot of the novel is based on the facts of life 17-year-old Melissa. In 2005, the novel was filmed «Melissa: an intimate diary» Director Luca Guadagnino. And at the end of March 2017 on Twitter (@melissappi) the writer put a photo of the first page of the new novel «the Night when all was healed» with the caption: «Is coming…».

Corvaglia Maddalena, giorgia Palmas, Melissa Satta, sex bomb (35, 33 and 29 years)

Maddalena, GA and Melissa, a girl with an attractive appearance and impressive forms. No wonder girls became so popular that in Italy this beauty is a special honor. Italian sex bomb expose their ideas about beauty on social networks on a global level, bringing to life the fashion for a soft and feminine shape. For example, giorgia Palmas, is a leading music and sports rating TV programs, absolutely not related to the model business. Six years in a row, Georgia starred in the TV series «Carabinieri», and in 2000 he represented Italy in the competition «Miss World».

Elisabetta Canalis, TV star (36 years)

TV presenter well known for his Nude photographs, as well as romances with celebrities – footballer Didier Drogba, the Portuguese football coach Jose Mourinho and star George Clooney. Elisabetta comes from Sardinia, the small town of Sassari. Girl dancing in the TV show «Funny news» and was the star of the TV series «Carabinieri». Despite the huge number of subscribers, which in Instagram is almost 850 thousand, Canalis not a frequent visitor of fashionable parties, and since I married a surgeon-orthopedist – is quite rare.

Federica Pellegrini, athlete (26 years)

The Olympic champion is the only Italian swimmer who won «gold». Then, in Beijing, Federica set the world record. In everyday life, bright blonde, very stylish, she prefers dresses Alberta Ferretti and meets four-time world champion swimmer Filippo «Superpippo» Mangini.

Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, actress and Director (50 years)

Valeria, the eldest, model Carla Bruni is living in France. His debut job in movie «Hotel de France» she owes her teacher, the Director Patrice chéreau. The actress and Director a lot of work, including: «ten minutes older: the Cello», «farewell», «Good year,» «Queen Margot», «5 x 2». In the latter film, she starred in the stage naked. Today Valery meets a handsome Louis Garrel, who is younger than the actress for 18 years.

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