10 important and memorable moments in fashion

Today we move into the world of the stars, and remember those events that cannot be forgotten under any circumstances. They had a huge impact on the fashion industry. Some of them were funny, some sad, but we remember them. They were, and they are not going anywhere. In addition, their influence on fashion was inevitable that the very important for us.

1. White dress of Marilyn Monroe

Remember the old movie «the Itch Seventh Heaven», which is a large rent was shown in 1955. It was the first time the public saw the white dress was created for Marilyn Monroe, William Travilla. And how it was played, how it was presented to the public! The skirt is simple, but at the same time delicate and insanely cute dresses soared to the fan grid. Very Flirty and provocative frame day 40 times. Now this frame from the film is one of the most recognizable.

2. The Death Of Gianni Versace

A well-known brand that is on the lips of millions of people in the world. Company Versace was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. One of the most talented designers of the world, was shot dead at 51 year of life (1997). It was an unexpected death for fans. Because the designer was always very positive and friendly person. He had a great relationship with many well-known personalities. Now the company’s management engaged in his family, but we are grateful to Gianni for what he gave us one of the most popular brands of our age.

10 important and memorable moments in fashion

3. Vivienne Westwood and PUNK style

This woman is the reason we have one unforgettable moment in fashion. It gave impetus of punk style and Gothic style. Looking on Vivienne Westwood, you would think that she’s crazy personality. The girl was introduced the same style of dress in fashion trends 60-70 years of the last century. She personally did her hair in a Mohawk and was not afraid to appear with her. It is in the soul of a rebel. Break into his outfit before the public for it was not a problem. In addition, the girl itself with a wild character and love singer Malcolm Maclean (group Sex Pistols) provoked her to create outrageous and unconventional clothes. And she relished the youth of the time. In the seventies, she came up with the name for this style and brought into fashion the concept of punk». Now this name in the direction of fashion associated with its founder. And she can be proud of, that introduced this concept into practice.

4. Cone-shaped bra Madonna

In 1990 Madonna had a concert tour «The Blonde Ambition» on which the audience before the star appeared in a sparkling bodysuit rozovogo color. But the highlight of this suit was the unusual bra. He was in the form of a sharp cone-shaped bodice. The waist is pretty wide belt. Designer from France, Jean Paul Gaultier has developed a model of provocative bodysuit for the famous singer. The suit has caused an unprecedented furor. By the way, not so long ago, it was sold at Christie’s auction in new York for big money — 32 450 pounds.

5.The appearance of Levi’s 501

Levi’s 501 jeans appeared in 1890. Not surprised we are not mistaken, it was in 1890. Their publication was another memorable moment in fashion. Already more than hundred years, they are the most famous jeans on the planet Earth. Thank for them we have the company Levi Strauss Co. First, in 20-30 years, they were worn by the working class. In 50-60 years they have chosen the informal hippies and fans of rock music. After some time and to this day they are a cult for people around the world.

6. The Death Of Alexander McQueen

Another unsettling event was enveloped in a world of sorrow in the winter of 2010. Four times as best designer of the year and the genius of fashion, who was awarded the order of the British Empire, Alexander McQueen committed suicide. With his death, we only know that the designer hanged himself. Another fact – I have found the note he wrote before he died. But the content is closed to us until now. But his life and work, you can add a few words.

Causing the vivid collection, a candid interview with what’s called «right in the forehead»; during his lifetime he was often called a misogynist. He was clearly a very strong personality, but what happened and what caused Alexander to commit suicide that day in February, we can’t know. And most importantly – why no one could stop him to do it. Because friends have had a lot of McQueen: Kate moss, Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour. But the man was gone, but the memory of him lives on in our hearts.

7. Wedding dress Middleton

I think it was not so long ago, but really it’s been more than four years. 29.04.2011 hosted the wedding ceremony of Britain’s Prince William with the lady of his heart, Kate Middleton. This event, Britain waited a very long time. For the wedding couple prepared in advance, everything was clearly and thoughtfully. All waited eagerly for the bride, because the audience really wanted to see which dress the bride will choose. And the world saw a measure of vintage, moderately severe, a little modest Princess dress. Look Kate Middleton is very elegant in his way to a wedding: white dress, long Lacy sleeves and a train. And the Creator of the dress was Sarah Burton creative Director at Alexander McQueen since the founder died a year before the happy event in the Royal family.

8. Meat dress of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known in show business for his controversial images. But one time she surpassed herself. In 2010, when the award was held MTV Video Music Awards, the singer appeared on stage in megastardom and stunning dress. Its material is raw meat. The singer even hat was raw steak. An unforgettable moment in fashion! Never thought of any one designer to Lady Gaga. What was the main idea of the stars, unknown to us, but the fact that her outfit was discussed – it is a fact. A storm of emotions did not abate in the circle of fans and haters girls. And now often breaks out the talk in secular circles about dress made of raw meat Lady Gaga.

9. The departure of Marc Jacobs from Louis Vuitton

Last show as creative Director of Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs, which took place in 2013, was ambitious. The podium on which the models were dressed in elegant dresses that were decorated like the night the carousel, then as the escalator, like a hotel corridor with doors, fountains and lifts. 16 long years of his life Marc Jacobs has devoted work and creativity in Louis Vuitton, then focused on his own label in new York. What I became and then reached the Louis Vuitton company, she owes this great man and designer, he raised the company to the level of the iconic Fashion House.

10. Money scandal Dolce&Gabbana

An unpleasant story happened in the summer of 2013. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who are the owners of Dolce&Gabbana was accused of evasion from payment of taxes. Mid-autumn 2017 the designers were on pins and needles, because they predicted 2 years in prison. And in October of 2017, the court has previously denied this information, and designers dropped the charges. The monetary scandal had taken place, but on the careers of designers it has not made much impact. Their brand was on top of the fashion Olympus, and remained, we are very happy.

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