Description about the woodpecker

Woodpeckers inhabit almost all parts of the world, they also live in the Russian forests. All who love to wander in the woods, heard a familiar knock on the bark of trees. And it seems that without it knocking and the forest is empty, something not to be missed in this beautiful forest silence.

Woodpeckers are birds not very large, they have short legs, strong sharp claws and ,of course, is very sturdy and strong beak. Strong beak helps the woodpecker to work for them ,freeing the trees from pests.

description birds woodpecker

It is very interesting that the tongue of the woodpecker is extended in length and each side has a few hard thorns, sharp as arrows, the woodpecker can penetrate any gap to get out insects and sharp thorns, fasten them on the tongue.

Woodpecker — bird of the forest ,as little as possible to seem to fly from tree to tree, it can clearly be heard but almost never seen. Caught his sharp claws over the bark of the tree, he faithfully does his job, saving trees from harmful insects at all stages of development, at the same time and eats a favorite food.

But woodpeckers eat not only insects, but also berries and seeds of plants. Woodpeckers can cling to the trees, but run by a branch. Woodpeckers sleep in hollows of trees, on the ground is almost never down in the hollow woodpecker builds the nest. He lines the bottom with small chips and there lays three to eight eggs. Like many other birds, eggs are incubated by both parents. Chicks stay in the nest with a parent in about three weeks, then leave him and start his adult life.

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