30 sites for learning foreign languages

How many languages in the world? The question is interesting and complex. Linguists still cannot agree: some are of the opinion that there are about 3000 languages, and others claim – at least 6000. But in reality, these major figures are reduced to 95 official languages.

To learn a foreign language perfectly is a dream of many. Some succeed, but most of us, passing the General educational program in schools and further training institutions, begin to lose the «old light.» Mainly fall Into this group of people, occupation and place of residence which does not involve the daily application of the learned languages in practice. But if there is a desire to improve, the ways you will certainly find!

In the following collection we offer you 30 free resources for learning foreign languages. These sites will help you to understand grammar, learn to perceive the language by ear and expand vocabulary. You can try today. Choose!



List-english.ru — comprehensive selection of materials for the study of English: services, online dictionaries, schools, forums, Tutors, tests, books and textbooks, games, apps for iPhone and Android, YouTube channels, tips, the category of «Accent», podcasts, etc.

Englishtips.org — all English textbooks and workbooks for download. A handy search engine — you will always find what your looking for.

Bbc.co.ru in the section Learning English published video lessons and English language, fun quizzes, history about the culture and traditions of English speaking countries. This educational resource is available in the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Community members «Learn English with Bi-bi-si» to discuss language trends, nuances of translation, etc.

Real-english.com the site offers various study materials: lessons, articles and videos. Before the start of classes you can choose in the upper right corner of the display page is in Russian.

Elllo.org — a huge online library of podcasts on various subjects. It’s a real godsend for students with a medium level. To be productive you first need to deal with navigation. Live it, printouts and explanations (in English). You can also compare different pronunciation: canadian English, Australian, etc.




Studyfrench.ru — best Russian option to start. It will be easier to deal with the intricacies of French grammar in their native language. The training will help: video tutorials, Tutors, forum, tests, conversation clubs, etc.

Bbc.co.uk — BBC offers an interactive French video course. By the way, all the explanations here in English: in the end, you can pull up knowledge in two languages.

Laits.utexas.edu/fi a multi — faceted resource created on the basis of the best pedagogical practices. This website is popular with graduate students and faculty, programmers, artists and engineers. You’ll find helpers around the world, and there is a large library of materials: grammar exercises, video, audio, library.

Polyglotclub.com website you will be able to communicate with native speakers which will help you master French pronunciation and learn how to perceive it by ear. And you, in turn, will help the French, who learn Russian language, practice your skills.

Auberge.int.univ-lille3.fr — this resource will help you to improve grammar, conversational French and audio perception. The site will be useful to anyone planning to study or work in France. Here you will learn how to practice to open a Bank account, to communicate with your doctor to look for

the apartment etc.


German language

German.about.com — multi-format resource with a variety of topics and an extensive library of materials: dictionary, grammar, exercises, teachers and translators, audiotraining for ear training and pronunciation lessons and courses, work in Germany, etc.

Dw.de German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle offers a variety of training materials, including grammar exercises, online course and news in mp3 format.

Mediasprut.EN — a thematic catalog of links to Russian, German and other foreign websites that help to learn and improve language.

Deutsch-uni.com.ru is an interesting resource for anyone who likes language learning in standard and unusual form. In addition to a large database of grammar, on this site you will find collections of Proverbs and sayings of famous people, teaching the teachers of German language, wedding videos, news etc.

Speakasap.com — the site offered a great program, «German in 7 lessons», designed by Elena Shipilova. Once she was put in a situation when you had to learn the language for a job interview in 2 weeks. Be sure to view her classes — only useful information.



Hispanistas.EN is a great resource. This community will support the novice and will be useful to professionals. Members Hispanistas, an entire army of like-minded people from all over the world, ready to help in translation, to share teaching methods or to combine efforts in live communication (chat and forum). You can enjoy a rich collection of programs, texts and videos (geography, history, recipes and dance courses), media library (books, songs, movies, press). There are also educational benefits for children.

Dirae.es — very interesting and useful dictionary. You enter a search string some Spanish word and get a sea of information on request: all existing values, historical note, etc.

Lingus.tv — on the website contains videos for different levels. A lot of household conversations, that the video attached to the text and Spanish-English translation.

Recursosdidacticos.es — large «Bank» voiced texts. All texts are divided by genre (stories, poems, psy, articles and the like). Available formats for all devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones. You can start training with the most widely read and popular — mas leidos and mas valorados. If desired, users can add their texts.

Spanishgrammarguide.com — a user-friendly online tutorial Spanish. Will be useful to all who can read Spanish and has basic knowledge.


Italian language

Webs.racocatala.cat — wonderful Italian website invites everyone who wishes to improve grammar and vocabulary. Here you will be able to learn Italian in an enjoyable way. In addition to various audio and video teaching materials, there are tests, Proverbs, songs, and games.

Studyitalian.EN — a useful and convenient resource where every beginner will find the section you need: courses, tutoring, tuition online, tutorial Italian, forum and library.

Dizionario.rai.it is a multimedia dictionary spelling and pronunciation.

Book2.de — a great resource offers the use of a method book2, which successfully combines audio and text for effective language learning. The curriculum contains 100 lessons that provide beginners significantly improve your vocabulary. Material you can download with translation or without. In addition to Italian, also available in 49 languages.

Initaliano.EN — excellent resource, which contains a grammatical description, texts of different difficulty levels, the video and book to teach children. You can view the news and start the morning with a proverb or anecdote in Italian.


Czech language

Lingvisto.org — all the basics of the Czech language in useful materials: grammar, dictionaries, rules of pronunciation, dialogues and phrase books, parallel texts, and links and reading by Ilya Frank’s method.

Kurz Češtiny — good selection of tutorials for beginners. The material is presented in an accessible form, you can learn a lot of useful information.

Czechprimer.org very interesting site. Funny pictures with sound will enable you to significantly improve your vocabulary in a fun way. By the way, call the children, the more the merrier.

Czechclass101.com — the website contains audio and video tutorials for beginners. They can also download a transcription, supporting materials, and verification tasks.

Сzech-in-prague.cz — the site author Slavikova Jana lives in Prague and has been teaching Czech since 2008. You can sign up for a live lesson, or Skype: offers all levels of difficulty. In addition, the website contains a variety of materials for independent learning: audio and video podcasts, dialogues, idioms, grammar, explanation, articles on Czech culture and useful links.

Language learning is a process that requires daily attention. If you don’t have time to master large amounts of information, you can start small. For example, constantly to watch a short video or to expand your vocabulary in a fun way. It is important that the learning process was interesting and understandable. But a bit of hard work and perseverance will be useful too.

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