Description pet dog

To write such a text is much easier if You have a dog. The reader always knows when the description is written with love. If You have a pet there, and an essay to write anyway, remember any dog that makes You pleasant emotions. In the introduction we introduce the reader to the character descriptions and give a brief information about it.

description: about the dog

Description of a pet dog

I have a dog. Her name is Sofia. I call her Sonya because she sleeps a lot. My dog almost six years. Bought it when I was nine, so we grew up together.

Sony have a very interesting appearance. It seems that she is dressed in a black suit and white socks. She also has a white spot on neck – white shirt under a black suit. Sony is large and very wise eyes. They are green with brown rim. Looking into her eyes, I always feel that she understands me. Many dogs pink nose, but Sony black. It’s wet and cold, if it doesn’t hurt.

Sonia is always very calm and gentle. She never barks for no reason. Sonia loves to play with the ball. She loves to jump up in the air and catch the ball. She also loves to lay in the sun and play in the grass.

Like all other dogs, Sonya eats meat, dog food, cereals, seeds and vegetables. But most of all she loves cookies.

Unfortunately, Sonia does not know any commands, but because of this I never cease to love her.

Artistic description of a dog in the Ukrainian language

«I want to tell You about my dog. Her breed — the Newfoundland. This is a great, kind and slobbery breed. They are very strong and can be lifesavers if you need it. The breed was developed in Canada to help people in the rescue expeditions. Therefore, these dogs have a dense, long coat, massive paws and a kind heart. They are very smart, and my Ginny is also clever. She has famous parents. Her mother was the best representative of the breed at the exhibition and received several medals, like her father. Ginny also received a medal at the exhibition. We have three medals and a lot of fans on the Internet. My dog knows how to do many things — sit, lie down, give voice and paw. As her parents, she’s black. It is very big, and when we walk together in the winter, I can just slide in the snow if she wants to run. As for the food, she eats everything. When hungry, it may eat Your sock, but will never harm You. However, she has a phobia. I don’t know what happened when she was a puppy, but Jeannie’s afraid of cats. It’s amazing, especially considering its size, but the fact remains. I still love her.»

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