To collect the suitcase in a dream: the interpretation. What does the suitcase in the dream?

To collect the suitcase in a dream: the interpretation. What does the suitcase in the dream?

Suitcases the majority of our population is strongly associated with holidays and long-awaited, so pleasant charges. If you suddenly woke up and realized that the holidays are still several months, and everything you just dreamed in bright colors. Well, let’s understand why you had the suitcase in my dream.

The Russian dream book

A suitcase in a dream this dream book treats as well as most other dream books. Dream interpretation:a suitcase in a dream – soon to be trip and fees. You have to travel and the fact that the suitcase was going in a dream – think of it as a rehearsal for the real charges. To buy the suitcase in the dream – interpretation is the same, only before the day of travel, more time will have to wait.

The noble dream interpretation H. Grishina.

Omit the adjective «noble» and listen: the dream book and more details about the situation with the suitcase.

  • To dream of a suitcase: you or a long time and thoroughly want to relax, or have decided that it is necessary in life to change something. Maybe that’s life.
  • Dream interpretation: empty suitcase before you travel, you encounter insurmountable obstacles, or first, its usefulness will be in question.
  • Dream interpretation: packing a suitcase — you want to clarify your case and lay out the facts, like the clothes in the suitcase.
  • To carry the suitcase in a dream, and it too heavy: your greed prevents success.
  • Dream interpretation: to buy a suitcase – you are waiting for serious calculations.
  • Another suitcase in a dream means that the desired result looks like will be in your hands, but some circumstances prevented this to happen.

New family dream book

  • Suitcase: the meaning of the dream is not only expectation but of failure.
  • To dream of a suitcase with things you will be going on a trip.
  • A dream «suitcase with things all dug out, things are in a mess» says that coming strife, and if you travel, nothing good out of it you bring.
  • An empty suitcase in a dream to disappointment in love.
  • Dream interpretation: to collect the suitcase and after checking its contents. This dream promises success travelling.
  • Dream interpretation: to see a suitcase that can’t fit things you are waiting for a promotion at work and financial well-being.
  • Dream interpretation: suitcase does not open. You will not be able to win the heart of any human circumstances. But if on the contrary, all the suitcase is not closed, then the upcoming trip can disappoint.

Old French dream book

  • The interpretation of a dream «suitcase» is to ensure that you will be able to be useful for your loved ones in their hour of need.
  • In a dream to pack in the suitcase: it’s time awake to prepare for the trip. But an empty suitcase is irrelevant to travel. He says that you should treat things and people, otherwise they can be lost.
  • Losing a suitcase in a dream: all your preparations go crashing down due to your carelessness. You would think that once done, you did all that was needed. But missed one detail upset that what you had a hand.

Oriental women’s dream book

Suitcase a dream to travel, but to dream of the suitcases is completely empty – a very bad sign. It means that you will be disappointed in family life.

Dream interpretation Miller: suitcase

  • Dream interpretation what dreams suitcase – of course to travel! But for setbacks. It must be able to differentiate. If you collect things, you see, put them in your bag, the journey to be and nothing else!
  • Dream interpretation: a suitcase with things carelessly assembled, things randomly coming fight, and maybe travel, but you get the emotion opposite to the expected.
  • Dream interpretation: look for the suitcase – a long-awaited event is about to happen. You bear some degree of responsibility and in a moment of final preparations, something can go wrong.
  • Dream interpretation: loss of a suitcase. Your preparations would be futile, since the facts will make adjustments.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

  • Dream interpretation: to pack in a suitcase. This is before departure, not necessarily on the journey.
  • Dream interpretation: a new suitcase to get, and even with gifts inside is a great joy in love (for women).
  • To purchase a suitcase in a dream means on the horizon the husband will appear close to.
  • Which means suitcase in a dream, inside another suitcase? This dream women more, as they want to have a baby.

Dream Interpretation Freud

  • Pack your bags in a dream – to quarrel with a loved one, which can be very unpleasant end. Tip: do not say more and certainly not thinking.
  • A dream «suitcase buy» says that you are in a difficult situation and you need the help of a friend. The only way to meet the difficulty.
  • To carry heavy travel suitcases in the dream you’re taking a full set of different complexes and stereotypes which prevent to live. But you are very lazy to sort out – throw this suitcase. This is a classic «suitcase without a handle – and bear hard, and throw a pity. Stop bogged down in the problems, throw it!

Esoteric dream book

The most extraordinary approach to the interpretation of dreams.

  • Buy a suitcase or to see that it is empty: you can fill up your knowledge.
  • Heavy suitcase: your experience is so great that it tends, as its the burden of pressure on his shoulders. It’s time to quit and leave only as a lived past. This dream promises success to the creative types, who want to teach, write books, compose.
  • Sleep to lose the suitcase with things/stole a suitcase in the dream/forget the suitcase» – your intellectual efforts will be stolen and issued their own.
  • Grab someone else’s suitcase: you messed with the works of predecessors.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

Collect the suitcase on the road in your dream indicates positive traits acquired in the course of life, or innate. It could be the quality of you as a person, and also the ability, say the ability with a hammer and nails to fix anything or play five musical instruments. Let’s just say, this dream was to show that you remembered.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

  • Find the suitcase in a dream – a bad action towards you.
  • To put things in a dream – get ready for the road/journey.
  • Rolling suitcase: in a crucial moment of the head will fly out the important information. So don’t count on the memory and record.

Dream interpretation health

As a suitcase is possible by dream to present your own body. Just to see problems with the authorities. Open suitcase – you may need surgery.

Idiomatic dream book

The dream interpretation interpret any signs from the point of view of situations that can be described steady phraseological units.

  • «To sit on suitcases»: the expectation of a speedy departure.
  • «Pack your bags»: preparing for vacation/business trip/change of life/the fight/separation.
  • «Suitcase mood»: you are going on vacation/get ready for the big event and now just to while away the time, counting weeks, days, hours.

Autumn dream interpretation

Suitcase a dream to a dangerous road. And empty and quite to the loss of someone. In General, autumn dream has a tendency to interpret not rosy. And all because in the fall the lights are removed from the Earth and their positive influence is on the decline.

Spring dream interpretation

A more positive dream. Just to see the suitcase in the dream, hearing afar. Empty suitcase a dream to divorce that you will agree, is better than death.

Summer dream

Empty suitcase a dream to amorous betrayals, and empty … a waste of time.

Children’s dream book

Suitcase children dream only to communicate with their peers, with absolutely no reason.

Women’s dream book

Suitcases in a dream to failure and journeys.

  • Dream interpretation: packing a suitcase – the trip will take place very soon. But if Packed carelessly, randomly, the trip will be in vain.
  • An empty suitcase in a dream means disappointment in his personal life.
  • Can’t open your suitcase? You try to conquer the person that’s not supposed to be.
  • Can’t close the suitcase? Trip better to wait because nothing good is not over.

Ukrainian dream book

Suitcase a dream to travel or expenses related to the organization of any event.

Dream interpretation wanderer

  • The suitcase symbolizes change in life, not only a trivial departure. The suitcase promises changes that will occur by themselves. Your job responsibilities will grown here at times!
  • To see a suitcase in a suitcase – the birth of a child
  • Empty suitcase says about disappointment in love.
  • To pack a suitcase – to put things in order in Affairs.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

The suitcase is allegorically a repository of your experiences, feelings, memories and experiences. It also tells about your desire to change the reality around him. To put the suitcase in the dream, the bringing of thoughts into order. Empty suitcase – not a good sign: the trip can be broken, relationships will end or it will catch up to unexpected failure.

Dream interpretation AzarAny suitcase in snovidenii is missing.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

To dream of a suitcase, it’s time to prepare for the road – maybe it will be a journey, maybe the path which must be passed to achieve a specific goal.


As we can see our mind during sleep can create a lot of interesting details, the vast majority of which have their own meaning. Hope prividevshayasya dream suitcase will bring you much needed rest and a productive trip without a single ambiguous and negative effect.

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