The dream book: childbirth in the dream, all interpretations of dreams about birth

The dream book: childbirth in the dream, all interpretations of dreams about birth

The birth of new life is one of the most important phenomena in human life. The dream I see take part in the birth of a child, of course, is the response in reality. A dream books agree that it is a favorable event, but it should be construed taking into account everything that happens in the dream.

  • Dream interpretation: birth in the dream for women involve deception in love.
  • Dream interpretation: alien birth – good economy, large reserves.
  • Dream interpretation: the onset of labor – contractions in her sleep talking about the threat to your health. The birth of new life is one of the most important phenomena in human life. The dream I see take part in the birth of a child, of course, is the response in reality. A dream books agree that it is a favorable event, but it should be construed taking into account everything that happens in the dream.
  • What dreams of their own pregnancy and childbirth? Such a vision indicates a high probability of pregnancy in reality.
  • What dreams onset of labor? A new period in your life; a re-thinking of principles and beliefs.
  • What dream of blood during childbirth? Obstacles when implementing the new cases; serious disease.
  • The dream book: an easy birth – interprets as success in overcoming all obstacles of life.
  • What dream premature birth pregnant? The threat of failure when opening a new project; fears of childbirth for women.
  • What a dream birth «Caesar»? For successful completion you will have to ask for help; a sign of a heavy resolution in childbirth for women.
  • What a dream birth of twins? You will come up with a new idea, which, overwhelmingly lucky.
  • What dream «Birth and baby» man? Receipt of significant funds; a new addition to the family.
  • What dream birth daughter? Concern about the fate of their child, a reluctance to accept adulthood.
  • What dream the birth of a friend? The vision speaks of your excitement for its future.
  • What dream birth mom? The success and growth of material wealth for her. (see sleep Mother)
  • What have birth sisters? A good change in her life will have good luck. (see a dream Sister)
  • What a dream to take birth in cats? Small events, small chores that do not bring the desired result.
  • What a dream birth a cow? Suddenly get rich. (see the sleeping Cow)
  • What have birth to a dog? The appearance of the child in the family of a close friend.
  • What a dream birth of the horse? You will visit new creative ideas. (see dream Horse)
  • Detailed interpretations can be viewed on sealcoats, remembering all the details, seen in a dream.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

  • Labor, dream interpretation Vanga examines how the rethinking of values and priorities, spiritual self-acceptance.
  • What dream baby? Sign important and significant changes in life, a symbol of purification and the beginning of a new phase of life.
  • What have a difficult birth? Difficulties in the implementation of service tasks, the obstacles, but everything will be resolved satisfactorily.
  • What a dream to take delivery? Minor adventure in which you have to participate, suddenly turn into something really important.
  • What dream of death in childbirth? A trial reconciliation with a relative with whom you are at odds, will not bring success.
  • What have easy births? The dream tells that you dare to give part of the Affairs and responsibilities to another person, and to relax in silence and tranquility.
  • What have your own baby? You are given the opportunity to change your path in life, starting with a new sheet. Review your priorities and views, make sure you have chosen the right path.
  • What dream their generations, for girls»? Amazing occasions will bring you an unexpected joy.
  • Dream: to take birth in cats – expect problem situations and unpleasant incidents. Dissolve the gossip against you, able to hit your position and cost you the position. (see the sleeping Cat)

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

  • What a dream pregnancy and childbirth? An event is difficult, and spending a large amount of your energy.
  • What dream easy delivery pregnant? Vision promises the successful implementation of your ideas.
  • What dream the birth of a dead child? The difficulties and failures in your path is the result of your negative thoughts and doubts. Leave them if you want to succeed.
  • What have childbirth to a pregnant woman? Such a dream has no special meaning, but merely reflects the subconscious fears and stress before this event.

Dream Interpretation Freud

  • What a dream to take birth from women? Dream promises a meeting with a man, he will be the perfect companion on your life’s journey. In the beginning you will not be able to seriously consider it in a similar vein, but soon make sure it is exactly what you need.
  • Dream interpretation what dream baby? Wait to have a baby in the near future.
  • What have birth to a man? Be careful of extramarital Affairs, it is likely that your female partner gets pregnant.
  • What dream their own labor with girls? Profit from realization of ideas that had previously been performed.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Childbirth in a dream – what dream? The vision predicts the new ideas that will bring success.

What dream of birthing a girl? Beware careless about random connections, the consequences can be extremely negative.

Oriental women’s dream book

  • What does it mean when you dream about baby? Redefining life goals and principles, finding new ways for development.
  • Heavy labor in a dream promise a successful overcoming of difficulties in dealing with personal cases.
  • What a dream birth? The small case that you do not give importance to, subsequently for you to turn something very valuable and significant.
  • To dream of their own labor – in this case change their path in life, choose another target.

Women’s dream book

  • What dream «Birth and baby»? The ability to change your destiny, take advantage of this rare chance, starting a new phase of its road.
  • What dream their own labor pregnant? Time for a change in fortunes.
  • What dream birthing woman? The vision warns of the possibility of pregnancy, in reality, the girl this serves as a warning about the need to carefully monitor their reputation.
  • Easy childbirth in the dream talking about the possibility to transfer cases to another, and enjoy the peace.
  • Dream interpretation: heavy labor – the difficulty in cases that are eventually solved.
  • To take birth in a dream – what dream? A number of small situations and minor phenomena will result in a fatal event that strongly affects the life.
  • What dream failed deliveries? Your efforts to reconnect with family and loved ones fail.
  • What dream of birthing cats? You expect trouble, perhaps the emergence of a rival in a love relationship.

The dream of the 21st century

  • Dream interpretation: birth in the dream for women portend a happy family. Kids are great, when you look at where navideca will experience an unprecedented sense of pride.
  • What dream the birth of triplets? Unexpected good Fortune and success in all spheres of life.
  • What a dream pregnancy and childbirth are the girls? Strong family relationships and love.
  • What dream their generations to see the boy in a dream means a full freedom of action, you will not soon meet their fate.
  • What have a water birth? In reality you are waiting for the increase of family size, the replenishment of inventories. (see sleep and Water)
  • To take birth in the dream and see the baby means that there will soon be an unexpected but pleasant event; most likely the wedding or pregnancy.
  • What have early labor? Think about changes in activities or find a new hobby.

English dream interpretation

  • What dream childbirth pregnant? You will find easy child birth; for girls, such a dream serves as a warning about the need to monitor their behavior in order to avoid unnecessary rumors.
  • Dream lovers
  • To dream of «make delivery», means that meeting a person whom you did not attach any importance will be finding your half. You need time to consider the quality, so valued by you.
  • What have childbirth to a pregnant woman – light the long-awaited birth of the baby.
  • What have birth to a man? You become the father of the child of that woman, the one hundred is now you.
  • Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «birth» promises that faith in a better future will not be deceived; the occurrence of a successful period in fortunes.
  • What dream of their own baby boy? Foretells prosperity and good material wealth; you will be surrounded by comfort and tranquility.

Erotic dream interpretation Danilova

  • What dreams to «see the birth»? The emergence of a new acquaintance. The feelings experienced in the dream will help you understand what emotions do you feel towards him.
  • What a dream birth of his wife? The ease in monetary savings, success in business will come suddenly, you will not how to meet obstacles.
  • Dream: to take birth in men has been interpreted as the need to work hard to achieve prosperity.

Dream Meridian

During pregnancy, dream birth to prosperous own resolution, if you don’t cheat yourself in advance.

What a dream pregnancy and a baby boy? Positive developments on the path of life you will triumph in the cases.

Small dream book of Veles

  • Dream interpretation what dream the birth of your child? The vision was interpreted as a harbinger of happy events.
  • What dream birth wife’s husband? Favorable news.
  • What a dream the birth of a child birth? Expect wealth and fun events.

Esoteric dream book

  • What have other people’s labor? Share with anyone his success.
  • The dream that began generations – do not take efforts for the implementation of their plans, it will be repaid with interest.
  • Dream interpretation: birth – the phenomenon in your fate of the personality that can melt your heart and become a trusted companion for life.
  • What dream of birthing animals? The unexpected success, a random win. (see sleeping Animals)

Dream interpretation wanderer

What dream birth, and the baby? A harbinger of serious threats and attempts of the evil of the envious to interfere in your destiny.

Dream interpretation «kinds of cats» gives a negative interpretation; a sign of sorrow, sadness and boredom, a possible fraud on the part of loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

  • What a dream: pregnancy, childbirth, child? You have to perform hard in the process will encounter many difficulties, but after all my patience and energy, You will be able to successfully complete it.
  • What a dream pregnancy after delivery? A vision is your unconscious fear of a new pregnancy; suppressed negative emotions.
  • Dreams take birth at the woman» treats as familiarity with a face is perfect for the role of life partner.
  • The dream book: an easy birth girls – will you give your worries to others, and themselves enjoy the tranquility and peace.
  • Dream interpretation: birth mothers, mothers you speak about the update of the individual, the opportunity to start life anew.
  • What dream birth kittens? You yourself will become a source of trouble.
  • Sleep: contractions, births seen before the advent of the results of a difficult case, which has occupied your thoughts and time.
  • Sleep: childbirth girls portends a wonderful and beautiful event that will happen soon.
  • Sleep, pregnancy and birth of a boy is seen with the implementation of new projects and secret plans.
  • Dream to take delivery of my daughter interprets as a turning point on her path in life, have a choice.
  • Dream interpretation: a birth for a pregnant not have special values, but only is a reflection of its fears.
  • The dream book «birth of triplets» interpreted as similar in their content classes that bring success.
  • To take delivery of the cow in the dream – vision is treated as the receipt of great wealth, the accumulation of inventories.
  • To dream of birth dogs promises the emergence of a true friend.
  • The dream to birth a horse, interpreted as a period in which you will have to work hard to achieve significant results.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

  • Dream interpretation: dream of pregnancy and childbirth – a vision foretells a happy and peaceful life of your family.
  • To dream of pregnant childbirth – promises the reality of his son’s birth.
  • To dream of the birth of a child heralds unexpected expenses.

Numerological dream book

What a dream to prepare to leave? Warns against carelessness: you put too few attempts to achieve the goal, you have much more.

What have contractions before labor? You will be able to realize his dream.

The noble dream interpretation Grishina

What dreams the birth process? Cheating in love affair.

What have labor, contractions? Vision warns about the threat.

Dream Interpretation Felomena

  • What a dream birth of twins? The idea that came to you, promises a good income in the future. (see the sleeping Twins)
  • What a dream baby boy and girls? Pay attention to their mental and physiological health.
  • What dream birth and the birth of a girl? You expect unplanned but a very nice phenomenon, which will bring you numerous positive aspects.
  • What dreams maternity and childbirth? Be prepared for the unexpected visit of the person to whom you are indifferent.
  • Sleep, the contractions before labor is treated as a negative symbol, a sign of impending disaster.
  • Premature birth in the dream tell you about the new Hobbies. It can be like love, or just a new hobby.
  • What dream of birthing cats, kittens? Unaccounted source of income, you might win a prize or open a new contribution.
  • What a dream to take delivery of the dog? You will care solely about their own Affairs, complete immersion in himself.
  • To dream of the birth of the pig – a minor quarrel that ends well. (see sleep Pig)
  • Sleep «births, cesarean» reflects deep-seated fears of the subconscious mind before birth process.
  • Sleep «childbirth in water» provides for extraordinary luck, which should be used until fate gives the opportunity.
  • To dream of Rhoda’s deceased mother, a stranger influence on your fortune carries for you negative effects. Try to analyze the results of their actions to avoid adverse effects.
  • In the dream, «poop during delivery» – the triumphant conclusion of the project a complete success.

Dream Interpretation Zadkiel

What dream the birth of man? This vision for married women predicts a happy pregnancy; girls serves as a warning about the inadmissibility of casual relationships; for men vision is a sign that business success is not far off.

A modern dream book

  • Which means if you dream of pregnancy and childbirth? You will be given the opportunity to change for the better.
  • What dream childbirth, and the newborn? Your living conditions will improve dramatically.
  • What dream baby? You dump the care of strangers, and themselves enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • What a dream to take birth from your mom? The vision talks about your excitement, but it was useless, after all, her fate change for the better.
  • What dream the birth of your son? Be careful with the money, their aimless waste will not bring joy.
  • Dream interpretation: birth in the dream the girl contemplate promises an incredible event, which truly entice you.
  • To take delivery of the dog in the dream – portends a meeting with a remarkable man, he will become your good friend, loyal to you.

Universal dream

  • What does «birth in your sleep»? A radical change in life.
  • To take birth in a dream – what dream? Such a dream promises a meeting with an extraordinary personality, able to become a perfect life partner for You. It is possible that at first you may think that this is impossible, but time will allow you to see the true essence.
  • What have a baby boy to a woman? Positive emotions from a marriage rich in joy and family happiness.
  • What dream «the Birth of your boy» girl? Cheerful and friendly attitude, success in personal sphere.


If you dream of birth, and the baby boy, then you will be successful in business; enter into profitable transactions, additional sources of income.

Dream interpretation: pregnant women having deliveries in the event of great excitement for the baby; if the dream went well – expect the same in reality.

The Dream Miller

  • What dream birth and the birth of a boy? Improving social conditions, strengthening of positions in society.
  • What dream cat in labor? Be careful around your person going to gossip and conspiracies. Attempt to harm others will be against you.
  • What dream birth: dream Miller interprets as the receiving of good news, changes for the better.
  • Dream interpretation Miller, birth in a dream for a young girl interprets as the Parliament is wary of his reputation, avoiding vicious gossip and rumors. Watch your behavior and do not give food a new wave of idle speculation.
  • Dream interpretation Miller «take delivery» interprets the vision as a meeting with an interesting personality, able to share in your life.
  • What dream birthing another woman? Influence and impact on you of this person.
  • What dream birth in the dream pregnant? The onset of the next stage in life’s journey.

Dream world

  • What does it mean if having a baby? Childbirth in a dream promises happiness in his personal life and comfort in the home environment.
  • Is preparing to leave in a dream is a warning that you have not done enough for starting a new business, carefully check out all of the actions performed and see what else you can perform for a successful start.
  • What a dream pregnancy and childbirth a girl? Involvement in the scandal, which takes a huge amount of time and effort.
  • What dream birth mother? You will have luck and success on your life path.
  • What dream someone else’s baby? Unpleasant period characterised by apathy and depression.
  • To take birth in the dream the woman – treated as a period of success and prosperity.
  • Sleep «birth blood» is to be construed as a prosperous period for your relatives.
  • Dream interpretation what dream a baby boy? The vision was interpreted as a harbinger of carefree and peaceful life.
  • What having a baby boy pregnant? It is painless and easy labours.
  • What have labor, and the baby girl in the dream? For girls such a dream is an occasion to reflect on their permissiveness; for women is the unexpected income; for men – a warning against excessive spending.
  • What a dream pregnancy with twins and in labor? Favorable period that allows you to fulfill your deepest desires.
  • Sleep «kinds of cats» tells about the little worries that require your intervention.
  • Dream interpretation online «birth» interprets as the possibility of a long-standing dream.
  • Dream interpretation: dreaming «to deliver a baby was born a demon.» You need to realize that your chosen path will lead to destruction.
  • Dream «wait for delivery» – wait for the adventures that will radically change your life.
  • What a dream to prepare for childbirth? Expect profit.
  • To see childbirth in a dream, feel the fight – a warning about the threat hanging over you.
  • What dream birth, but not birth? Deceived hopes.
  • Dream interpretation, delivery, warns that you intervened in situations that can seem small and insignificant. But later you will open the full picture and you will understand the true meaning of their role.
  • In the dream she took the birth will take on the difficult work that you have to invest all their strength. The result and reward will depend on your efforts.
  • What girls dream birth in the dream? Drastic changes in life. You are amazing situations that allow you to look at its role in the world from a different angle.
  • The dream book «Childbirth in the dream, boy» exceptional promise luck and success in business.
  • What a dream date of sorts? An important event will soon occur in your life. They do not require a hurry, expect all the consequences of their actions.
  • What a dream fish pregnant before giving birth? Dream promises a prosperous and easy delivery.
  • What a dream to birth a horse? You will achieve a high position in society.
  • Dream to take delivery of the dog» is interpreted as getting good news, the emergence of a new loyal friend, my soul mate.
  • Dream interpretation: birth cats kittens warning about the need for calm behavior in the workplace, otherwise you risk losing your good name.
  • Sleep: baby is coming – you stand on the threshold of a new big project, which will devote a lot of time and effort.
  • Sleep from Thursday to Friday, «birth» sold in its direct meaning, expect replenishment.
  • In the dream: «childbirth, fear of pain» – doubt and lack of confidence; afraid of the possibility of failure. (see sleep Pain)
  • Dream interpretation «the woman had a husband delivers a baby boy» is interpreted that the family will meet with difficulties, but by uniting and supporting each other, they will be able to successfully pass this period.
  • The dream book «pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding» represents your willingness to meet challenges to the wellbeing and prosperity. Are you ready to make all efforts for the realization of their desires. (see sleep Chest)
  • Childbirth in a dream, what does it mean? The vision involves a threat to your health and life.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

  • In the dream of the generations – vision means updating, reevaluation of life values.
  • Private childbirth, treats sleep as an opportunity to change their destiny, to try to start with a clean page.
  • Dream interpretation: pregnancy – baby, seen in a dream predicts an increase in living standards and wealth.
  • Sleep «quick birth» predicts a break from worries and problems by shifting them onto other people.
  • To take birth in a dream is interpreted as participation in situations which you do not give importance to; as a result, you will be very surprised at their true meaning.

Dream interpretation sexual dream

The interpretation of dreams «take delivery» sounds like the possibility of a meeting with the person who shares your fate.

A dream to take delivery of his wife, is interpreted as the possibility of a real pregnancy.

Great universal dream Smurova

  • Sleep: the birth of your child talks about your attempts to implement your ideas, which you encounter regular obstacles.
  • What a dream to attend the birth? In the near future you will have to worry about big expenses.
  • Sleep: to take birth in myself, in my sleep – depression gone, giving way to well-being and joy.

Family dream book

  • Dream about birth heralds a new activity that will bring you many problems.
  • Dream interpretation: to see birth in a dream – you are waiting for the gloom and sadness due to significant financial costs. Try a reasonable approach to the purchase and you will be able to avoid a deplorable situation.
  • To dream their birth means a change for the better, leave apathy and bad feelings.
  • Dream interpretation «pregnant dream birth» is interpreted as a harbinger of a calm and easy birth.

Dream for bitches

What does it mean to dream about baby? You expect good news, good and happy purchase.

New family dream book

Pregnancy and childbirth in the dream are seen to strengthen the material well-being and increase the comfort and coziness in life. Pregnant such a vision promises a quiet and smooth course of labor.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

  • Dream girl the birth means the beginning of a new relationship that will bring calm, comfort and pleasure.
  • To dream of a baby boy gives an unplanned means possible win.
  • Dream interpretation: their own labor, predicts a nice way to end a quarrel or a court case.

Autumn dream interpretation

What dreams hospital and birth? It is possible to obtain large amounts of money.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

Sleep «other delivery» suggests that you may lose the opportunity to fix your destiny for the better.

What does it mean to dream about baby? This is an opportune period to accomplish the main things in his life.

Gypsy dream book

Sleep, baby boy, portends absolute luck in all you do, hurry to take advantage of these moments.

To dream of giving birth – good promises and good cases that will soon happen to you.

Ancient dream interpretation

  • To dream of generations of women: the rich man promises early death; poor vision foretells the deliverance from suffering.
  • Dream interpretation: birth, twins – interpreted as bringing to public display of your secrets are still hidden from human eyes.
  • To dream their own labor – is a prediction of the appearance of a powerful patron, is favourable to you.
  • Husband delivers a baby in a dream – foretells the death of his wife.

Dream Interpretation Of Lewis

The interpretation of dreams «childbirth» sounds like a symbol of rebirth and purification.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

  • The dream book «pregnancy, childbirth in a dream» interprets as a greater likelihood of pregnancy in reality.
  • Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «childbirth» sounds like the beginning of the modern project, which will have to invest a lot of effort and energy.
  • To dream of the birth of a friend you happen to go through the unpleasant proceedings in connection with large monetary losses.
  • What dream birth in the dream pregnant? Dream predicts the appearance of an heir.

Dream Interpretation Morozova

A dream about pregnancy and childbirth: for women means rich and successful life; for men – good news; for girls – gossip and strife.

A dream about childbirth: what does it mean when dream of their own? Expect global changes in their lives.

Vedic dream interpretation

A dream about childbirth – the importance of vision for the young girls is this: you must beware of compromising relationships to avoid malicious rumors about myself.

Dream interpretation: pregnancy – for a married woman such a vision promises a happy marriage.

Dream housewife

  • To dream of birthing women, then soon you will get new knowledge and ideas, which are recommended for practice.
  • The dream, birth of his wife, for men treats as a dizzying success in the working field.
  • Dream interpretation: birth in the dream for the girls of promise upon her honor and reputation.

Psychological dream dictionary

  • What does a dream: pregnancy and birth? In the near future, expect to resolve their concerns and difficulties.
  • Dream interpretation: easy births for pregnant saying about the favorable prognosis for pregnancy: everything will be easy and without worry.
  • To take birth in the dream my sister warns that you should not deny her small request, she is important to her.
  • Dream interpretation: to see childbirth in a dream of their own – you will be given the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past.

Dream healer Evdokia

Dream interpretation: birth in a dream portend good gift, profit.

Dream interpretation: to see the birth foretells adversity and serious illness.

Spring dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «– pregnancy and childbirth» – will receive very good news.

Dream interpretation: preterm birth identified as safe pregnancy and an easy solution baby.

Summer dream

Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «pregnancy and birth» sounds like a harbinger of torment and suffering that will soon come your way.

Dream interpretation: preterm birth in a dream predict some of the difficulties that arise during pregnancy.

Islamic dream interpretation

  • Islamic dream interpretation interpret childbirth as recovery, healing from diseases; difficulties remain in the past.
  • Dream interpretation: to see generations of women – a promise of peace and serenity.
  • Dream: «birth in a dream, girl» – a feeling of boundless joy and love.
  • Dream interpretation: birth in the dream the boy – waiting for the sorrows and hardships of life.

Mayan Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: pregnancy – the girl sees a good gift.

Dream interpretation: birth – boy to wait, warns about the injury.

Chinese dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dream of pregnancy and childbirth – tells about his wife’s infidelity and adultery.

Dream Interpretation Jung

Dream interpretation pregnancy and childbirth, is associating with a real desire to have children; a symbol of adulthood and leaving childhood.

Indian dream book

  • Dream interpretation: a birth, a birth unpleasant incident you will be successfully resolved.
  • Dream interpretation: dreaming «to deliver a baby was born a demon.» Such a vision speaks of the misery that will haunt the dreamer.
  • The most complete dream interpretation – dreams true
  • Dream interpretation: pregnancy, childbirth, child – talk about peaceful pregnancy and easy delivery.

Magical dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreamt about childbirth – wait for the arrival of new ideas.

Dream Book Of Veles

The dream book «birth, birth,» interpreted as a reflection of the new plans, you will visit the very interesting ideas that should be implemented.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Birth: dream book values gives the following – you are eager to avoid suffering.

Dream interpretation birthdays of January, February, March, April

Dream interpretation «what is the meaning of childbirth» interprets how the arrival of news that carry valuable information and great joy.

Dream interpretation birthday may, June, July, August

Birth – interpretation by dream sounds like a harbinger of worries and suffering.

Dream interpretation birthdays September, October, November, December

Dream interpretation what dream baby? You’ve got an extraordinary case, it is quite shock you, but will not have the negative connotations.

French dream book

Dream interpretation: home birth promise the smile of fortune and profits in the family.

Common dream interpretation

  • Dream interpretation what dream the birth of your child a man? A pleasant hobby partner.
  • Dream interpretation: baby boy in a dream to remind women about the need to get checked for cancer.
  • Dream interpretation: «a baby boy, the husband takes the» harmonious development of family relations.
  • The dream book «smart dreams, childbirth» – dreams of a better destiny can be fulfilled; the success and success.
  • Dream interpretation: birth to girls nasty sign, which means that her frivolity will ruin her.
  • To dream of pregnancy and childbirth – new and exciting opportunities that will soon appear.
  • To dream of the birth of another woman – you will have the opportunity to explore interesting personalities that will affect your perception of the world.
  • Dream interpretation: preterm birth in a dream is associated with a number of sorrows, in which the dreamer will be able to understand yourself.
  • Dream interpretation: birth of blood to a pregnant woman only means that she needs to temper their emotions in order to have a calm pregnancy. If the vision was in the first trimester, the greater the probability of having a boy.
  • What does it mean in dream to take delivery? Meeting with a special person that shares your interests. In the future it may develop into a serious affair, and even develop into a strong and loving family.
  • To attend the birth in a dream is considered a good sign, especially if that vision all ends happily.
  • Dream interpretation: baby boy in a dream for women promise undying love to her husband.
  • What girls dream birth in the dream? Soon there will be some amazing phenomena, do not carry a negative connotation.
  • Dream interpretation: dream about pregnant childbirth in case their experiences for an upcoming event.
  • Dream interpretation: birth, fight in a dream linked to difficulties in personal; heralds the scandals and misunderstandings with loved ones.
  • Dream interpretation «dying in childbirth» is considered highly unfavorable sign, it is necessary to carefully monitor their actions and the result.
  • Dream interpretation: birth of an animal is interpreted as the symbol of profit, but the exact interpretation depends on the animal.
  • To dream of birthing cats – happy surprises and pleasant gifts.
  • Dream interpretation: birth dogs require the help of friends in a difficult situation, and for girls a vision foretells a meeting with a good man she will find solace and protection.
  • A dream birth in the dream pregnant to see a happy resolution in childbirth.
  • The interpretation of dreams «pregnancy and childbirth» is as follows: you will receive a renunciation of the past life, deliverance from bad thoughts, joining in the updated phase of the life of the road.
  • To dream of an easy birth – shifting their care to strangers, you will be able to enjoy a carefree holiday.
  • To take birth in a dream, the dream interprets as a harbinger of a big sudden event that will bring a lot of joy and smiles.
  • To dream of contractions before labor, pay attention to their health, during this period you are extremely weakened and at risk.
  • Unexpected birth in a dream – you do not have time to complete the projects before the deadline, minor troubles and obstacles sabotaging your plans.
  • To die during childbirth in the dream – your desire to make peace with loved ones will end in failure.
  • To dream their birth, and the twins – an exceptional triumph in business, the success will accompany all your endeavors.
  • To take birth in cats in a dream, sees evil machinations behind. Be careful not to share personal things with strangers.
  • Sleep «the dog births» dream to good news, if all goes well.
  • The birth of a friend in a dream, awake often associated with concerns that do not relate to the dreamer.
  • Dream birth in the dream, for the girl interprets as a warning about the inadmissibility of her frivolous behavior.
  • To dream other people’s birth – someone will use your ideas for their own selfish purposes.
  • A dream about a baby boy, talking about getting the win, an appearance in your life worthy companion for family life.
  • Sleep to deliver a baby the woman gave birth to a girl» promises a joyful event, a strange, but very joyful.
  • Sleep: took delivery of his daughter, the vision talks about a new stage in life-family development, they may need your help.
  • The dream book «childbirth in a dream means that your home will peace and tranquility.
  • Sleep: birth, twins – sleep talking on extraordinary luck in business.
  • Childbirth in a dream – what dream? The vision has been interpreted as obstacles to the fulfillment of your ideas.
  • Birth in a dream is a symbol of purification and renewal, marking a new clean period your destiny.
  • Sleep «birth woman» is interpreted as prosperity and success in the future.
  • What a dream to see the birth of your child? The vision predicts peace and harmony.
  • What dream their generations, for twins? You will achieve a triumph in many areas, good fortune and helps you.

Dream Interpretation Azar

«To take birth in a dream» dream interpretation interpret as a willingness to implement complex tasks.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

  • Dream interpretation: pregnancy, childbirth in the dream – together with friends.
  • Dream: preparing for childbirth – your efforts will be rewarded on merit.
  • Dream interpretation: to see the delivery from side means you lose the luck, losing precious time.

A collection of dream books

  • Dream interpretation: giving birth – to give birth, the female provides the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Waiting for delivery, dream book treats as planning a fresh business, developing ideas for implementation of the new project.
  • Dream book: «pregnancy, childbirth, girl,» life will be filled with exciting events, positive events, laughter and joy.
  • Dream interpretation what dream a baby boy? Your prosperity increase, the position in society strengthened.
  • Dream book, the birth of the twins, he interprets as an exceptional success and luck in business, that you have planned.
  • Dream interpretation: birth, cesarean section, the visions arise from the subconscious fear of difficulties; fear of obstacles and adversity.
  • Dream interpretation: birth daughter – strengthening financial position; the unconscious fear of growing up of child.
  • Dream interpretation: birth of a friend, mean that a lot of you will contribute to its care personal happiness.
  • Dream interpretation: birth sisters, interprets as the need to help her so that she could step over the past and start a new life.
  • Dream: to take birth in mother’s reports about the concern for her happiness. You will try to arrange her well-being.
  • Dream interpretation, childbirth of a cow, warns about the need to listen to wise advice, if you do not want to fall into a hopeless situation.
  • Dream interpretation, rody horses, interpreted as the development of creative abilities in you.

The Russian dream book

The dream book «pregnancy and baby boy» is interpreted as calm during labor for pregnant women and trouble, misery for everyone else, what a dream.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «pregnancy and birth» means that you are ready to begin to make a reality of your wildest imaginations.

Dreams «childbirth» is also interpreted as a desire to have children.


A vision in which you had to see pregnancy and child birth, very rarely has a negative interpretation. Almost all sealcoating agree that the miracle of birth will give you in reality the happiness, serenity, success and material prosperity.

Of course, that such a dream is most frequently visited by women who are already in position. Sealcoating recommend to calm down and accept the fact that the vision only reflects your secret repressed fears of childbirth and carries the sense of the sacred.

Kinds of animals are interpreted depending on the form of a dream animal, but as a rule, these visions only warned about the due diligence, or recommend the stock. Perhaps the emergence of a new source of income, of course, can not fail to please.

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