Sleep «spit». What dreams spit? The most complete interpretation of the dream.

Sleep «spit». What dreams spit? The most complete interpretation of the dream.

Braid can be braided from the hair, and may designate a working tool. For each meaning of the word there is interpretation in our article. It is important to recall the circumstances of the emergence of an ambiguous subject in your dream.

Sleep «braids» finds a different explanation in the popular dream books. Consider some of them.

The Dream Miller

  • Kosa — dream Miller believes the scythe-the tool is a bad sign for the dreamer.
  • Dream interpretation: a scythe for mowing foretells that your planned venture could not be undertaken within circumstances you are not dependable. You may cancel a trip due to any force majeure.
  • Spit in a dream, but old and rusty promises goodbye with friends or complete failure of the plans in the business.
  • Dream interpretation Miller: the hair he saw in his dream a young girl foreshadow her cheerful meetings with friends.

Ukrainian dream book

  • Dream to mow the grass scythe warns the dreamer about the possible troubles. You should be alert in any situation.
  • In the dream to see thick braids — you have earned the trust and credibility.
  • What have long hair? This story is a good sign and portends all sorts of goods.
  • What a dream cut off the braid? If you dream you cut off his braid — you are waiting for trouble. Do not despair, they can be overcome.
  • Dream interpretation: undo the braids and comb to shame women, especially the young. Most likely, you will even have somewhere to go because of this.
  • Black hair dream interpretation interpret as an unexpected win.
  • To dream of a scythe of white is advice not to force the issue.
  • Dream «wash hair» heralds the location of others.
  • Undo the braid in my sleep for the long haul.
  • In the dream, to cut the braid from a friend means that she will break up with your partner and, most likely, the reason for this will be you.
  • If you dream about unravelling the braid and look in the mirror — big change. Young girls are such a dream usually means an early marriage with a loved one.

The Dream Of Pythagoras

  • Dream interpretation: to braid her hair, really trying, promises hard and long to prove their beliefs to loved ones.
  • Dream interpretation: to braid the hair in a braid carelessly and not putting a lot of effort your dreams will come true in a month.
  • Braided dream of something like a scythe — wait for the collapse of their plans for the 24 days.
  • My girl braids braids itself is a dream. To see a beautiful young creature playfully braids a braid to a happy marriage.
  • What dreams weave braids? If in your dream the scythe itself weaves a ugly girl, your marriage will be threatened because of dissatisfaction with the wife.
  • Dream interpretation: dreamt of a braid that did not get to braid — be unpretentious and nice at least a couple of months.
  • Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova
  • Dream interpretation: to braid her hair in her sleep to bulky, burdensome work.
  • Dream interpretation: unravelling the braids to the point that your personality will cease to excite anyone.
  • Long braid in a dream promises a dreamer the way to distant lands. The greater its length, the longer your journey.
  • Sleep «scythe cut» is a warning of treachery or treason.

Small Dream Book Of Veles

  • Dream interpretation: grim Reaper dream promises a sudden disaster on the head of dreamer.
  • Dream to mow the grass scythe in her sleep to sudden death.
  • Dreams scythe dream man will hold you a lady.
  • What have black hair? This dream portends a monetary reward.
  • What a dream to braid hair in a braid? The dream book of Veles is predicted by the marriage, rumors and celebration.
  • Dream interpretation: irregular braid is a symbol of harmony.
  • Dream: to cut hair to dishonor and deprivation.
  • Dream interpretation: the hair on my head randomly fell apart — a dream marriage.
  • Dream braids and comb you? This story involves the journey of the owner of KOs.
  • What a dream to weave the braid and look in the mirror? For a young woman this dream foretells to marry a guy from afar.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

  • Dream interpretation what dreams spit? Scythe-a tool promises a deterioration of your health. Because of this, you will not realize many of the plans.
  • What dreams spit? Mowing grass old, rusty scythe — you’ll bid farewell to loved ones and support a great cause.
  • The dream book: mowing hay scythe foretells to the dreamer embarrassing failure in business because of your negligence. This may damage your credibility in this enterprise.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

  • To dream braid for men is a reminder of the treachery of the weaker sex. At any moment you can cheat.
  • What dreams the black braid? As in many dream books, meneghetti black KOs is a good sign that promises wealth.
  • What a dream to braid her hair herself? Good luck and God’s blessings go to your family.
  • If having cut off the spit — to be a family quarrel.
  • Dream interpretation: comb hair braids — will be humiliated and disgraced.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Sleep «scythe to the grass» for the dream book Hasse means a good sign for the dreamer. You never have to worry about money.

Dream to mow the grass scythe in a dream promises you prosperity and a strong family.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream interpretation: cut braid for married women provides for the dissolution of marriage.

Death without braids dream interpretation interpret as a release from problems.

Autumn dream interpretation

  • Dream interpretation: to braid her hair girls, especially if it’s your daughter for the journey.
  • Dream interpretation: to braid her hair the girl before marriage.
  • What dream spit you taking apart? Autumn dream is a promise of losing her husband.

Summer dream

  • What a dream to braid her hair, girl? You have in mind a kind of adventure.
  • Sleep «to braid her hair girls» sees people who have a long drive.
  • Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «spit». To dissolve her hair myself in the night dream foretells a radical change in the situation.

Spring dream interpretation

To weave in my sleep braids girls to the emergence of a fervent admirer.

Cut the braid during sleep — loss.

Dream Interpretation Felomena

  • What does it mean to braid her hair in the dream? Such a dream is usually a warning that about you the gossip. It also promises difficulties in business.
  • What dreams the black braid on his head? The sudden enrichment ahead of you.
  • What a dream to braid braids girl? You will get good advice and can greatly save money.
  • What have long hair? This story tells about many troubles and boring work.
  • Dream interpretation what dreams stubby braid? If you had a dream with a nondescript short hair — wait in the future, separation from loved ones and a rare meeting with him in the future.
  • Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams spit, hair.» The interpretation of the dream in which you cut off my braid, literal, and means that you will lose something valuable. This greatly upset you.
  • Thick braid in my sleep promises the realization of all your plans. You brilliantly finish things up.
  • Which means Raspletina spit in your sleep? This story, on the contrary, suggests that you will not be able to realize their dreams or will it be very difficult to do.

Muslim dream interpretation

Sleep «to mow the grass scythe» in the Muslim dream interpretation predicts a difficult time. You don’t someone to rely on and it will put you in uncertainty.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

  • Dream «woman with a scythe of hair» tells about carefully.
  • What dreams beautiful braid? If you have lovely thick hair — all plans will be realized thanks to your careful preparation.
  • Dream interpretation: long hair, on the contrary, point at infinity to worry about.
  • Dream interpretation: a braid. To dissolve hair in braids — to the collapse of your plans and hopes because of the frivolous attitude to them.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of a braid, which braids a stranger to the road. Perhaps abroad.

Plait your braids in a dream, what dream?

— Married to the break

— for unmarried — on the contrary, to the formation of cell companies.

To dream of a braid of hair that long, combed — to campaign in the registry office against your will.

Gypsy dream book

Dream interpretation: a braid braided you — you need to get together and complete the long begun.

What dream of death with a scythe? Such a plot does not mean a premature death. Death with a scythe in the Gypsy dream book — end character. The end of cares, love and so on. Don’t worry about it, because before you open new doors.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

  • What a dream to mow with a scythe? You will easily be able to overcome all hardships on the way.
  • What dreams are broken braid-tool? You will not be able to cope with a scourge and will have to seek the advice and support of loved ones.
  • Dream interpretation: the interpretation of dreams «spit» depends on the dream plot. Did you have a scythe for mowing, or maiden hair that surrounded you at this moment? Remember the more detail and the meaning of the dream will open for you.
  • What a dream long braid? Usually long hair is the symbol of some ingenious plans.
  • If you dreamt of long hair in braids — you’ve been hatching an idea. And it may be as harmless hope and the desire to make someone bad.
  • What a dream long braided braid? A high probability of realization.
  • Dream interpretation: unnaturally long scythe foretells to the dreamer a long way towards your goals.

Combined dream book

  • To dream of a long braid, half flower — your hopes are never destined to become a reality.
  • Sleep «to comb a long braids» usually you see people who are destined to disappoint their environment.
  • Dream interpretation: long braid, hair. If in the dream you are the owner of long, beautiful braid, be ready to meet their soul mate.
  • Dream: a long braid, wrapped around the head — good luck will accompany you wherever you go.
  • Dream interpretation: braided braid, long for a man that is leaving his native land, means endless wandering.
  • Dream «hair on the head, consisting of gorgeous, thick hair,» promises a long, happy, carefree life.
  • What dream of the black death with scythe? It is not strange, such a dream promises a rich life. Your financial situation will soon change for the better.
  • What dream death without braids? If death come in your sleep without braids — expect new acquaintances.
  • Dream interpretation: grim Reaper, which appeared to some stranger promises a good news through the anonymous.
  • The grim Reaper in a dream also may denote a large change in the destiny. For example, you could have a baby or move.
  • To dream of the grim Reaper who shows you the slightest interest — a fascinating journey, which then will be remembered a lifetime.
  • Dream interpretation: grim Reaper dream. The conversation with this terrible character a dreamer foretells good health and prosperity.
  • Which means if you dream about the grim Reaper? A conversation with death in a dream can also tell the dreamer about something unknown. Important conversation with death.
  • Dream interpretation: to see the grim Reaper that came for your soul — you are very ill.
  • Dream interpretation: dreamt of death with a scythe, but she didn’t come for you, and for someone in your family — to warn him of impending difficulties and support.
  • To dream the grim Reaper can also mean fear of being alone. In this case, you have to push yourself and be prepared for the best.
  • Dream came death with a scythe, but no one took? This story tells about your unfinished plans.
  • What a dream to mow the grass scythe? Scythe-the tool can also tell a lot to the dreamer.
  • What dreams of KOs, where you mow? To the dreamer it can predict the change of Outlook on life. What kind of field it will affect — will tell the details of the dream.
  • Sleep found the scythe, which stands in the pantry — think of yourself care. However, if you try, it will turn a profit.
  • To dream of a scythe for grass near the haystack — you are on the verge of implementing their long-standing dreams. It remains to make only one step and happiness will cover you.
  • Dream interpretation: a braid. Hay alone — means that you don’t need support to achieve the goal.
  • Sleep «braid». If you mow one does not work — you can’t do alone and need the support of relatives.
  • Dream about spit promises to open a profitable enterprise, if in the dream you are mowing an endless field.
  • Dream interpretation: scythe-the tool of the fracture — serves as a warning that you are jealous and want to hurt. Better instantly calculate detractors.
  • The scythe in his hands. A dream in which you take out a braid and work around the house, predicts a bargain with a familiar partner.
  • Dream «man with scythe» promises futile attempts to do something.
  • Sleep «the man with the scythe.» A dream in which you see a stranger with a scythe says that you thoughtlessly spend money in large quantities.
  • What dreams weave braids? To braid in dreams can mean both good and bad. To out — think other details.
  • Plait your braids in a dream, what dream? Myself to French braid your hair in a dream — to learn about the plans and thoughts of loved ones. Sleep «to braid her hair to another man» says about your love to gossip.
  • Dream interpretation: braiding plait women for men promises the betrayal of his beloved. Also to braid her hair, a man in a dream for ladies foretells a quarrel with her husband. Dream interpretation: braiding braids male for unmarried girls means a desire to return the old relationship.
  • In the dream the man I braids braid — you will win.
  • Braiding the hair in a dream means that someone will try to know your plans during noncommittal conversation.
  • What a dream that the guy have braided hair? To romantic Dating, and the longer they braided a braid in the dream, the longer will be your relations in reality. Sleep «the guy wore a short braid» implies a fleeting relationship with new friends.
  • To weave braids in her sleep and tie them with a rubber band — you will seek to continue the dialogue.
  • Dream interpretation: to braid her hair in the dream an unknown person is a bad sign. You unfairly slandered.
  • Dream interpretation: a braid. The hair that had escaped from the neat braids portend trouble.
  • Sleep «braid braided someone close to you» will you discuss his actions.
  • Dream «the hair was braided stranger» also means evil intent on your part.
  • To dream of the braided tresses and admire them to unwittingly started the chain of events that will lead to your disorder.
  • Dream interpretation: to weave the braid a little girl — listen to what they say older relatives. They will help solve problems that you yourself have created.
  • To braid her hair in her sleep. What a dream girl, the weave a plait? This story portends a romantic date or high Jinks.
  • Sleep «braid the woman spit» to the businessman failed promises.
  • Dream interpretation: braiding with tangled hair, then over-complicate things. It is actually very easy and simple.
  • To dream of a scythe. To weave a braid from the unwashed dull hair reminds the dreamer that he is not finished.
  • To weave braids dream meaning. For the interpretation of important the color of the braids. If you weave:

— the black braid — the richness and appearance of counsel;

— bright spit — to the embarrassment.

  • What dreams thick braid? Thick hair, in a braid represent your resilience and will power.
  • Dream interpretation: thick spit in another person suggests that in reality you will overcome any difficulties.
  • What dreams thick braid? Thick braid is a harbinger of financial allowances.
  • What dreams two braids? If in your dream appear from two different subjects under the name of Kosa, note how they treated each other.
  • Dream interpretation: two braids, one you cut the other warns you that you occupy his head with unnecessary and useless arguments.
  • Sleep «braid of hair wrapped around the scythe for mowing» promises swashbuckling, but generously paid labor.
  • What have hair on your head? If you dream you see, as the owner of the long beautiful tresses mows the hay — prepare for trips related to work. Your trip will bring the desired results if you will try to find a compromise during the negotiations.
  • What dream hair in braids, and breathe in the beauty and health? Fortune finally smiles upon you.
  • If your hair is in braids in the dream, pale and dry — to be trouble.
  • Sleep «spit on the head» with gray, unkempt hair also promises trouble.
  • What dreams braid from the hair? Very tight woven braid dreamer foretells the difficulties in solving serious problems.
  • Dream interpretation: if poluraspredelenia spit on the head, and woven from long unwashed hair — you will achieve the desired.
  • Dream interpretation: to see other people’s hair on the head is moderate your envy.


Braided from the hair of the braid will open up a dreamer the secret of his appearance in the dream, if you look at the details. Who wove a braid, and to whom, what it turned out to be long or short, thick or scanty — all this is important for interpretation. Same thing with scythe-tool. Remember what kind was in braids, who ever used it, or where it was in your dream.

The interpretation of dreams braids is complicated by the fact that this word has two meanings. However, in this article we have tried the most elaborate all sorts of stories involving these two, such different items. You are only required to find the most suitable for your event option.

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