Had a richness, a rich fiancé, a rich house? That says a sleeper.

Had a richness, a rich fiancé, a rich house? That says a sleeper.

Dreams of riches can be completely different: a dream about a rich fiance, a dream about the treasure; in the dream was sitting at a rich table; bought everything I wanted in a dream, because he was rich and Also the notion is rather relative wealth. All dreams of wealth in most cases positive. To treat such sleep you need to carefully, because this is a dream, a prophecy. It dreams foretelling wealth in real life. So, what you dream of wealth?

  • In the dream, to see the richness in this moment, everything is getting better in a positive way and monetary and career plan.
  • To possess untold wealth you have no health problems.
  • Had a «wealth of others» – envy, fight it, it is poor quality.
  • In the dream, gave the wealth – career, prestigious position.
  • Had wealth on the table» – a valuable gift, happiness in your personal life.
  • Sat at the rich table – your chosen path is correct, will achieve monetary success.
  • In the dream to see a wide table, but did not sit for him – with great difficulty you manage to finish the job that promises big money.
  • Gather a rich harvest in your sleep, treat their children more closely.
  • In the dream, a rich harvest has withered breaks the trust the thread with children the necessary confidential conversation.

But if in the dream the wealth of the bridegroom who woos you or wealth in the house in which you dream you are living is treated a little differently. Here it is necessary to recall the emotions that were in the dream. If they are positive, everything will be fine, if it is negative, then think about why you did not like in a dream and translate it to the situation in life.

Dream Interpretation Felomena

  • Dream interpretation: richness in a dream – you are a generous man, sincere, open and sincere.
  • Dream interpretation: an unexpected richness in the dream – in life you will suffer significant losses.
  • In a dream seen countless treasures, but didn’t touch them – conceived event can be dangerous and to be dishonest.
  • If you dream you stole the wealth – the shame, disgrace.
  • Saw the wealth in others, but not envious – reliable friends will come to you for help in the most difficult moments.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

Interpretation of dream «wealth» will depend on what kind of lifestyle leads people saw in a dream wealth. Dream of wealth, success in business, a decent cash reward to anyone who actually plays sports and watches his diet. If the man who saw the dream of wealth is a wrong racket, then such a dream portends impending disease.

The dream of healing Evdokia

  • To see the richness in the dream – work will bear fruit and a lot of money, family relationships perfectly.
  • Talk about wealth in a dream – conceive risky, if everything is provided, success is guaranteed.
  • Had a «wealth of friends» – good friends, who are always ready to help.
  • The young woman saw the wealth in your sleep, visit your parents, call them and just pay more attention.

Psychological dream dictionary

This dream interpretation «wealth» interpretered as follows:

  • If you can dream of untold wealth is a risky gamble will be successful only if well thought out in advance all the steps, and enough power and skill in abundance.
  • To dream of the wealth of other people – has a strong shoulder in a difficult situation.
  • If you are young and around you in the dream had many wealthy suitors – in life you will gain the confidence of a very influential person who will help you in implementing your plans.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

Dream «wealth» carries quite serious implications. It symbolizes the value of your ego, but in se it is absolutely useless.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • We need peace and wealth to wealth in life, career growth, but you will have to make considerable efforts which you have in abundance.
  • Had a huge unexpected wealth luck in all your endeavors.
  • In the dream, stole wealth – your action will embarrass you.
  • Wealth from friends – you can count on their support.
  • Wealth was all around you – not far off the real wealth, however you will not be mentally satisfied with them, you are ambitious, you have an inflated ego, you neglect those who you will help to achieve this wealth.
  • Had a lot of money – vain dreams.
  • In the dream, was happy with wealth, happy family life, mutual understanding, good health, and financially all is well.

The Dream Miller

Renowned psychologist examines the wealth in the following way. If you dream of the riches that own – thanks to your thoroughness and patience you will rise through the ranks. However, you can ruin your own happiness by changing sexual partner. In General, the dreams of wealth – a good sign, all risky plans will be unleashed. Saw rich strangers – friends will always be beside you in difficult times. The girl had a wealth – be attentive to moms and dads, don’t forget them.

Vedic dream interpretation

  • Dream interpretation: richness in a dream – a bad sign of possible poverty.
  • To be rich in your sleep – improve quality of life, if poor in reality and rapid disease, if in fact rich.
  • Wealth came along – if the dream I saw when I was complete a month – all good.
  • In the dream, the wealth robbed in a fight – shame, shame. (see the dream Fight)
  • In the dream, the wealth acquired by trade – in the life of will honor.

Esoteric dream book

Wealth in a dream, confiscation of property, jail time, complete lack of money.

Lunar dream book

Wealth dream to disease, the loss of an existing good. Worn in the dream, rich clothes – a serious quarrel. (see sleep Clothes)

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Wealth – symbol of a rich soul secure friendship, wisdom and understanding. Received an unexpected wealth – in reality lose something that is. To see wealthy friends and acquaintances, true friends will help you make a wise decision.


Wealth is a relative term and one man’s treasure is another man’s detail. Each of us has his own criterion of wealth, their idea of it. The dreams of wealth that correspond to for each person to say one thing: positive emotions in the dream at the sight of wealth – a good positive sign, a negative attitude – bad sign.

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