Dream interpretation: the shoulder. What dreams shoulder? A detailed explanation of dream about shoulders

Dream interpretation: the shoulder. What dreams shoulder? A detailed explanation of dream about shoulders

The shoulders have long been associated with power, reliability and spiritual power. No wonder the word is taken as the basis of many popular expressions, denoting the ability to help others and to overcome difficulties.

  • What dreams shoulder? Dreams shoulders is also presented as a sign of stability and strength. If your dream muscular, strong shoulders — you will achieve recognition in the area that most people will not do.
  • Dream interpretation: the shoulder. Note the position of the legs during sleep: hunched, exhausted shoulders promise rapid fading and strong and straight — way out of a difficult situation that you have bothered.
  • Sleep «shoulders». If you dream you see your beautiful bare shoulders — you are in for a pleasant acquaintance, sympathy and love. If the shoulders are exhausted — you are very dependent on someone, and it depresses you.
  • Dream «to see the shoulders» means change for the better, bliss and abundance. Look back over your shoulder in a dream — to confusion and hesitation in life.
  • In other dream books you can find different interpretations of dreams based on the situations in which saw the shoulders.

The dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Dream interpretation: the shoulder. Note the position of the legs during sleep: hunched, exhausted shoulders promise rapid fading and strong and straight — way out of a difficult situation that you have bothered.

If you see strangers, buxom shoulders — it promises to support in a difficult situation.

Veles dream book

Big shoulders in a dream is a symbol of victory over the enemy.

To carry someone is to bail out. Swollen, sore shoulders promise a disease.

Dream for bitches

  • Dreams «shoulder» means the favorable changes that portend for the dreamer, happiness and prosperity.
  • To dream of your bare shoulders beautiful — promise a new acquaintance, sympathy and friendly relations.
  • To dream of slim shoulders — you are very dependent on some man and don’t know what to do with it.

Common dream interpretation

  • Your shoulder in your sleep says about your personality that you use to exit from difficult situations, as well as a tendency to support and empathy. Others say about the qualities of their owner.
  • Weak, tired shoulders — hold the promise of failure in the business, and sick and stunted — to the disease.
  • Sleep «the hand on the shoulder,» the symbol of mutual aid and sympathy, or the birth of a romantic relationship, especially if you touch the shoulders while dancing.
  • The woman’s shoulders, visible through the dress — a pleasant meeting as loving and friendly nature.
  • A glance over the shoulder at some — you will find a long-term Alliance.

The Dream Miller

Open shoulders — comes amazing changes that will contribute to a reassessment of values.

If you dream you thin shoulders, then in reality you are dependent on others.

Indian dream book

To see your shoulders more than it actually means a happy life. For prisoners dream «shoulders» foreshadows the gloom and boredom.

In the dream, aching shoulders or are they covered with sores — to grief and disapproval of relatives.

Small dream book of Veles

  • To have large shoulders superiority over the enemy.
  • Puffy shoulders — to the disease.
  • Sleep «to carry someone,» this person needs you.
  • Dream interpretation: my husband. Our dreams reflect our hidden desires. If a woman sees in a dream a person’s shoulders, then in reality it requires a strong partner and the subconscious hints that soon this will be.
  • Sleep «my husband» is also the symbol of hardness and assistance.
  • What dreams shoulder of her husband. If you dance with a handsome husband, and your hands are on his shoulders — it promises you success in business negotiations, career. If on top of all of you the outfit that opens the shoulders — this means mutual understanding with a partner.
  • Dream: to hold her husband by the shoulders for the young woman portends dubious about the proposal. Be careful.
  • Men’s shoulders — the dream suggests that loved ones can assist you and help in difficult times.
  • Dream interpretation: a person’s shoulders. If you touch to the shoulders of an attractive man — then you will succeed at work and in love Affairs.
  • Dream interpretation: sit at the shoulders. Sit one on the neck in a dream means doing the same thing in reality. You will be dealing with their problems at the expense of others. If you dream of wearing someone on the shoulders — you are.
  • Sitting in a dream on the shoulders of men means to use it in personal interests.
  • A man carrying me on his shoulders in a dream — in the interpretation of such dreams, remember, who exactly wore your hair. You are too selfish in his attitude.
  • The wear on the shoulders — the dream promises the benefits of a relationship with a man who carries you.
  • Dream: to sit on the shoulders of men is also interpreted as a favorable sign.
  • The wear on the shoulders-a dream. To carry heavy bags or items — to long-term stress and burden of responsibility.
  • If you dream to sit on your shoulders, you become someone else’s burden.
  • Sleep «sitting on his shoulders» — the person you sit blindly believes you.
  • What a dream to ride on his shoulders? — you will achieve your goals, but not their effort.
  • Dream interpretation: hugging shoulders. If in the dream you are someone hugs is a hint that it’s time to take a risk, to arrange unexpected adventure. Unmarried-face kind of hug promise a meeting with her future husband.
  • Sleep «hug the shoulders» will help the girl to introduce her boyfriend, so as the appearance of hugging will be similar to the future husband features.
  • The guy is such a dream warns about the presence of a competitor, which will prevent him in important undertakings.
  • Dream interpretation: man hugs the shoulders. The stranger who hugs you in a dream, is your dream of the perfect man.

If is:

  • an old friend — it promises coziness and good atmosphere in the family
  • enemy — in life you will easily pass the plans against you
  • relative — a quick family celebration; is a son, happiness in family life.

Combined dream book

  • A dream of a man embracing shoulders can also promise an upset if you saw my father.
  • Two ways to decipher a dream where you hug man: or it reflects harmony in the family, or accumulated recriminations. In the latter case, you and your husband needed a heart to heart conversation.
  • Sleep «the hand on the shoulder» suggests that your feelings are mutual with the person in the dream put his hand on your shoulder.
  • Dream interpretation: hands on shoulders. In that case, if you put the hands on the shoulders of another person — look forward to the future in society and harmony in the family.
  • Male hand on the shoulder — a dream says that you feel uncomfortable communicating with someone if you dream you were dropping his hands from their shoulders.
  • Dream interpretation: put your head on my shoulder. Such a manifestation of mercy from your hand, predicts the imminent meeting with her future husband; when the man puts you head on his shoulder — he has committed some act which may disappoint you.
  • Put his head on my shoulder in the dream talking about the dream to be closer with this person.
  • Head on my shoulder — the dream indicates your desire to support the middle.
  • Putting his head on the shoulder in my sleep — empathy.
  • Dream interpretation: to put the head on the shoulder of the man speaks of the intention to reside under the protection of their partner or to marry him.
  • Had a head on my shoulder — dream interpretation deciphers it as a request for help.
  • Dream interpretation: a bird on the shoulder. The bird represents your creativity and reflect your imagination, the ability to break away from the outside world.
  • Dream bird on the shoulder» represents the view on its activity.
  • Sleep «the bird landed on the shoulder,» warns important to you in the future events.
  • Dream interpretation: the bird landed on the shoulder expresses your inner desire.
  • What a dream bird on the shoulder. Bloodthirsty big bird — beware of flatterers.
  • What dreams the bird landed on his shoulder. Innocent bird brings luck to the dreamer.
  • Black bird sit on his shoulder in a dream — you are in constant nervous tension.
  • Sleep where you like wings behind predicts the departure of a dear person for you and feelings for him.
  • What dreams bird sat on the shoulder if you remember what was this bird:
  • Dreams «pigeon on your shoulder» symbolize harmony with the environment and himself.
  • What dream of a dove on his shoulder. Sits on the shoulder dove promises the emergence of a close friend.
  • «In the dream, a dove alighted on my shoulder» — by dream of the witch Medea, a white dove sat on the shoulder predicts illness someone from the family.
  • Dream interpretation: a dove on her shoulder. The dream Miller — you get the news from a friend.
  • Sleep «the Raven on the shoulder» predicts failure and flour.
  • Sleep «the Raven sat on the shoulder» can also mean using you as a reputable person.
  • Dream interpretation: a crow on his shoulder. Raven promises misfortunes and distress.
  • What dreams of the Raven on his shoulder. In some dream books, this dream foretells treason and debauchery.
  • Sleep «the owl on your shoulder» tells you that the media owl knows something important.
  • Dream interpretation: parrot on his shoulder. Parrots symbolize backbiting and gossip.
  • The parrot sat on the shoulder of dream interpretation deciphers that you participate in a stupid, mindless conversations.
  • What dreams parrot on his shoulder. If you remember the coloring of a parrot, it will help to explain more precisely your sleep. So, if you’ve seen the red parrot is about your love life, evil, if it is yellow — were you surprised by the information is wrong, the blue — news and the black parrot portends bad news.
  • Sleep «cat on the shoulder» — promises the appearance of a sycophant in your life. (see the sleeping Cat)
  • Dream interpretation: the rat on her shoulder — you have a hidden foe, which is not impersonating.
  • Dream: a kiss on the shoulder — is a good sign, especially for the dreamers, who for some reason are confused. If you dream that you kiss on the shoulder — you have a benefactor that will help in problems.
  • Son «kiss on the shoulder» indicates a secret passion.
  • To kiss the shoulders in the dream — harmony in relationships with this person or unexpected news from him.
  • Dream interpretation: kissing the shoulders may also encourage you to tell someone «thank you» to repay kindness with kindness.
  • Dream interpretation: crying on the shoulder of a friend means that in reality it is something you contribute to.
  • Dream «the hair on his shoulders». If the shoulders in the dream to grow hair — you will have good health.
  • Dream «scarf on their shoulders». Scarf — the symbol of women, the feminine. To wear a headscarf in the dream speaks of the spirituality of snovideni.
  • Shawl on the shoulders in your sleep can mean a great burden of family cares that it bothers you and plunges into melancholy.
  • Dream interpretation: the shawl on the shoulders of many interpretations of circumspection and perseverance.
  • What dreams shawl on his shoulders. Such a dream warns that the feelings that you have long kept in itself, can show itself.
  • What dreams shawl on his shoulders. If you dream you put on the shoulders shawl — you are going a long way or someone will show their respect for you.
  • What dream shoulder tattoo. If you are the owner of a tattoo on the shoulder — you are the master of your life and free to fulfil the long cherished dream. The bearer of the tattoo reality strong and strong-willed person, these people can assist you in business.
  • Dream «tattoo» says about discrimination. Perhaps the bearer of the tattoo is overwhelming you.
  • Dream interpretation: tattoo can also talk about the hard times that will require hard work and perseverance.
  • If you’re being shook by the shoulders in the dream, then such dream promises you universal respect. A dream where you shake it portends worry and hardships through your folly.
  • Dream interpretation: epaulets on the shoulders. To meet you in the dream with the man in the uniform promises the woman unpleasant or even shameful history. If the shoulder straps seemed the soldier has honor and praise.
  • Dream interpretation: dead man patted him on the shoulder. Dead people in our dreams usually warn us of impending danger, or talk about some important things. If in the dream died taps you on the shoulder — be careful in your endeavors.


Shoulders in dreams, like many others, are interpreted depending on the environment, the situation in which they dreamed the dreamer. Therefore, rather than you remember the circumstances of their appearance in your dream, the more comprehensive will be his transcript.

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