Dream interpretation: dumplings. The interpretation of the dream. Had the dumplings in a dream

Dream interpretation: dumplings. The interpretation of the dream. Had the dumplings in a dream

Usually the dumplings in a dream are talking about a good mood, they symbolize the festive atmosphere in the house sleeping. But above all, the dream must be interpreted from what you have dumplings, and what you do with them. Also the meaning of the dream about the dumplings depends on tasty they turned out. For example, if you eat in the dream, dumplings, and you like them, then the dream symbolizes the pleasant news that can change your life only for the better. But if you dream that you are eating tasteless dumplings, in reality, the fate will present you a meeting with the deceitful and two-faced person and it can fool you. (see the sleep, Food)

Autumn dream interpretation

What a dream to sculpt dumplings with relatives? This dream suggests that you happen to have a family celebration.

Summer dream

Had to sculpt dumplings – this dream indicates that is expected to change the weather.

Culinary dream book

Cook the dumplings in a dream or fry them – the dream suggests that in real life you want to undertake new business, at first it will seem too attractive and interesting, but soon your eyes it will fade and you will lose interest in him.

The dream of the 21st century

  • To dream of dumplings – the dream heralds the fulfillment of desires. He also says that you will come to welcome guests, and you will have a good time.
  • Dream: to eat dumplings with fatty butter or sour cream – this dream means that you will make expenses that will go beyond your capabilities. (see sleep Oil)

Spring dream interpretation

Interpretation of dream: dumplings – in real life, you will communicate with two-faced people who have inside the soul is not what you see outside.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

  • What a dream to cook dumplings – in reality you will have to spend their physical and moral and perhaps even financial resources.
  • Dream interpretation: mold dumplings or eat them – the dream suggests that in reality you will lose interest before that you are very interested.

The newest dream book

To dream dumplings – in reality, you have to speak in front of people or several people.

Slavic dream book

Interpretation of dream: dumplings – your selected case will be incorrect.

A modern dream book

  • What a dream to cook dumplings, but do not have time for the arrival of guests – the dream means that you are busy with their work so much that I can’t imagine how you will live without it.
  • Had to sculpt the dumplings are large – in reality are you trying to do on the recommendations, but in fact it is not your job and you begin to disagree with the responsibilities that are assigned to you.
  • Meaning: dumplings – you knead the dough for dumplings, but it you have – this dream says that your love will remain unanswered or not approve those people you depend on.
  • Dream interpretation: to cook the dumplings, but eats someone else- it tells about the appearance of good circumstances that can improve the atmosphere in your family.

The dream dictionary from A to z

  • Mold dumplings in a dream – the dream means that in your life there will come a need. Can also feel worse.
  • What a dream to buy dumplings – in real life you will be able to come out clean from dirty stories.
  • What a dream to cook dumplings – all of your hopes that you are building for the future, can be carried out.
  • Dream interpretation what dream dumplings to fry in real life you can get a great profit, which will go to you for money. Because of this you will change the atmosphere in your home.
  • Dream «to make dumplings, and then they treat» could be a precursor to moral emptiness, you may be depressed because of the bad state of Affairs.
  • In the dream eat dumplings away – a dream portends joy in life, you sought it for a very long time and so in the near future will be rewarded.
  • What dream eat dumplings with sour cream – a dream is a sign of good change in your life.
  • What a dream to eat dumplings with butter – in real life you can get sick or has some sort of injury.
  • Sleep eating dumplings with mayonnaise – in the near future in reality expect evil from your loved ones.
  • Dream: to eat dumplings with vinegar – in reality there will be severe emotional distress.

Dream N.Grishina

To dream of dumplings – this dream is a harbinger of what your desires will be fulfilled.


What a dream to cook dumplings or fry – in reality you will feel a great interest in a particular case, which will soon disappear, because this thing will be for you not attractive.

Dream Interpretation Sec. Caratula

Had to sculpt the dumplings for a large family – in reality you need solid support or, for example, a good advice that can give your family or loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

  • Meaning: dumplings – the dumplings you dream, then the dream symbolizes joy. You will also receive a financial return.
  • Dream interpretation: mold dumplings in a dream – the dream suggests that soon you will be in need or your health greatly deteriorated.
  • Cook the dumplings in a dream – in reality expect a happy future.
  • What a dream to fry the dumplings in real life, you will find great income that comes to you from invested funds, so you can completely change the atmosphere in the apartment.
  • What a dream to cook dumplings, and then they treat wait spiritual emptiness or depression that appears due to the difficult situation of your Affairs.
  • Dream interpretation: I was treated to dumplings – waking dream foretells a happy life.


Dumplings are considered a favorite dish of a huge number of people. But if to speak about dream, it can be a neutral character, so to interpret this dream have with other dreams details.

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