Dream interpretation: dream lashes long, thick, drop out. Full interpretation of the dream Eyelashes

Dream interpretation: dream lashes long, thick, drop out. Full interpretation of the dream Eyelashes

What to see the lashes in my sleep? What is the meaning of the dream depends on the appearance of your eyelashes. They can be luxurious, short or lacking. The latter interpreted the dream books as a very strong sign. So, if you saw eyelashes in her sleep and did not get to throw her image out of my head, it is important to pay attention to the details and learn the meaning of your dream.

The appearance of eyelashes

  • Beautiful eyelashes in a dream: you exaggerate the importance of everything that happens. Treat life easier, don’t get nervous over nothing.
  • Dream interpretation: big lashes – before thrilling adventure, soon a long complicated plan come true and bring you more profit and recognition.
  • Dream thick eyelashes – the result of foresight, no doubt, will be pleased see such dreams. This dream is a precursor of big gains, the size is exceeding all expectations.
  • Sleep «thick lashes». Wait for change, often for the better. All that will happen will resemble an exciting adventure movie. This period will be a significant occasion to start a new life.
  • Dream big lashes». Had a big, long eyelashes someone of the opposite sex? This means that you have a genuine interest in this person in real life, hiding the feeling and not wanting to admit it even to myself. Express thoughts and confess the object of their sighs. Dream promises success.
  • Sleep «false eyelashes» — a sign of an unhealthy credulity. This situation can play havoc with the owner’s dreams or his opponent. What you saw in your dream, is considered to be a good situation for the manipulator.
  • Sleep «the lashes». You will try to fool you. Perhaps this was done deliberately and accidentally. Most likely, the whole situation may be a simple misunderstanding and miscommunication.

What dream painted eyelashes

  • Dreamed a dream, «color ink» – the dream books warn about an undesirable part in the affair. You should do everything not to spend the necessary energy on the little things, determine your priorities. Don’t be fooled.
  • What dream eyelash in the eye: Denise Lynn it means to accept everything that comes the way it is. Psychologically, it shows the human desire not to draw attention to the problem.
  • To dream «dyeing eyelashes someone» – soon you will be able to easily fool it’s the man. Tip: measure twice, cut once. The consequences of this act will be very difficult to fix.

Actions associated with the eyelashes in dream

  • Dream interpretation: cut of the lash. It may well be that you have to suddenly leave. It will ruin all the plans and painted for the event.
  • The dream interpretation of Medea if in a dream to clip eyelashes, the dreamer himself can become the main enemy.
  • Dream interpretation: to pluck eyelashes. Soon you will be able to still find the strength to get his life in order, throw out all the junk, all the garbage, all that stopping to breathe freely (e.g., Financial insolvency or complicated relationships). Notice that the pulling of the eyelashes passed painless and hassle-free, so a great chance to making poorly informed decisions. Please note that many of these fix will not work.
  • Sleep «loss of eyelashes». To see the lashes fall out in a dream means having enough vitality. A reminder that this situation greatly complicates the overall quality of life: relationships with others are not built, you become more vulnerable. Need a little «recharge».
  • Dream interpretation: eyelashes falling out. Likely multiple losses: material and spiritual. Financial difficulties appear on the horizon. A lot of personal problems seriously upset the overall condition.
  • Everything related to the loss of eyelashes during sleep, is a sign of the inability to take the situation into their own hands, the loss of power for the fulfillment of desires of someone else. A lot of time will be spent searching for the exit. The concentration of forces in this direction is not yet possible.

 The Dream Miller

  • Meeting in secret waiting for those who had a dream about thick lashes.
  • The dream «long lashes» promises great happiness and great good fortune.
  • He saw in a dream a chic, charming eyelash, expect a change for the better and many great events.
  • What a dream to paint eyelashes — in reality portends deception. If you dreamed that you were painting your lashes, then this means that you will be able to outsmart someone.
  • Thinning eyelashes in a dream will bring tears due to unexpected problems.
  • Any cosmetic care of the eyelashes in a dream foretells disappointment in the wrong decision.
  • What a dream that fall out of lashes, disease or heavy losses.

Dream Interpretation Freud

  • Eyelashes in a dream to see – a romantic attachment.
  • Dream interpretation: long lashes — full satisfaction in your personal life.
  • The absolute lack of eyelashes promises treachery and treason.
  • Dream interpretation false eyelashes — you will learn something secret.
  • Eyelashes — doubt in my own partner.

A modern dream book

  • What a dream: beautiful eyelashes – a large income and wealth.
  • Thick lashes will bring a happy marriage and benefit in all endeavors.
  • What a dream to paint eyelashes mascara – until a new acquaintance of the opposite sex.
  • What is having a loss of eyelashes – before making the most important desires.

Esoteric dream book

  • To dream of eyelashes liquid – rapid sadness and tears.
  • Dream thick lashes — up to meetings in secret.
  • Dyeing eyelashes in a dream – to cheat. Painting someone else’s deception will be up to you.

Dream Interpretation Felomena

  • Long eyelashes — quick wealth, prosperity and overall well-being.
  • What have thick lashes – great prospects in the upcoming endeavor, a good marriage.
  • In the dream, to paint eyelashes mascara – quick rendezvous with a nice man.
  • Dream reports that when eyelashes fall, it is in reality happens successful implementation of planned activities.
  • A dream about eyelashes, there, wait, flattery and lies. To dream of false eyelashes – secrets and gossip.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

What dream big eyelash, happiness in private life. Their no – treason and lies.

What have false eyelashes – learn someone else’s secret.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century a dream about eyelashes

  • Dream interpretation predicts that to see long lashes at — the satisfaction of intimate life.
  • Eyelashes fell out, or the lack of it – treason.
  • Dream interpretation false eyelashes – learn someone’s secret.
  • Dream «eyelashes stuck together» – get to know one of his close friends.
  • A dream about a surprisingly large lash – sign any of the troubling issues at the moment.
  • Admire their eyelashes in a dream – luck in everything.
  • Dreams: eyes with beautiful eyelashes at the opposite sex mean a secret meeting or a novel.

Autumn dream interpretation

What dream eyelashes – will be ashamed.

Summer dream

Sleep «cilia» – soon the time will come when the problems will give you peace of mind.

Small dream book of Veles

Interpretation of dream: eyelashes – happy love.

Dream interpretation wanderer

The dream «long lashes» – to love much.

The dream «fall of an eyelash» – to losses.

Dream interpretation yellow Emperor

  • To focus on the eyelashes in a dream – the understanding of the internal Yin Yang through from the outside. A certain interpretation of the dream is missing.
  • Lashes – problems with the kidneys. The emptiness of this energy is an indicator of problems with the scalp of the body.
  • Dream thick eyelashes, often indicates discomfort in the lung area (possible diseases or disorders in organs).
  • Long eyelashes in a dream also mixes with sadness in her eyes. Low level of the total energy, creates fear of any exertion or activity. Calm and gentle spirit create a need for protection and love.


From the foregoing it is clear that if your dreams about the eyelashes mainly related to their appearance, mostly it’s a pretty good sign. Financial prosperity and success in love and in other areas of life are able to give some incentive to move forward. If you remember more, and focus on actions associated with them, then maybe worth the extra time to think carefully before making any decision. And most importantly, to calculate all the possible consequences and scenarios.

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