Dream interpretation: clothing, color of clothing, buy clothing, try it on. Dream interpretation Clothes

Dream interpretation: clothing, color of clothing, buy clothing, try it on. Dream interpretation Clothes

Clothing is one of the most significant images that can only dream of. Clothing is something that is so natural for us that in the dream, she we dream at times more often than any other method. We can pay attention to other details, but clothing will always be present in the dream. Interpretations will be very much – see for yourself in our big collective dream.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Dream apparel – it’s your alter ego, it’s the outfit of your thoughts, that materialized in the dream hints at protection from the elements of the world. If you had a particular outfit, feel free to ask a question «reflects your style in a dream feeling?». After all, between clothing and health, it is possible to draw a parallel.

  • Dream interpretation: old clothes – your body is a little worn out. Enough to drive yourself tirelessly, rest is also necessary.
  • New clothes in a dream is an update to your state of health, emotions, are you ready for new discoveries.
  • To dream of clothes of a professional means that your attitude to a possible change of occupation.

Mayan dream interpretation

Traditionally two meanings.

  • Bad value: in the dream, to wear clothes – soon fell on hard times. To cut them you need at midnight, make a fire, keep him all night and in the morning throw into the flames of a handful of tea, salt and coffee beans.
  • Good value: a dream to sew clothes considers auspicious sign that promises a successful acquisition. Not to miscalculate, on the right hand need to wear three gold bracelets.

The Russian dream book

The one and only interpretation. What dreams in sleep clothes – you are waiting for trouble.

The noble dream interpretation H. Grishina.

  • Dream interpretation: to see clothing in a dream– a symbol of the fleeting of events. For a woman this dream focuses on her mood.
  • Dream interpretation: new clothes in a dream – everything good is still ahead; perseverance and a little effort.
  • To clean clothes in the dream, you need to update your wardrobe. Allegorically – a new circle of friends.
  • Dream interpretation: to buy clothes in a dream – changes can be bad and good.
  • Dream interpretation: torn clothes – a person in a difficult situation quickly correct the situation.
  • Patch on clothing: only evil intent, directed against you and your activities.
  • Dream interpretation: sewn into clothes, put the patch on you will be ruthlessly gossip.
  • Dream interpretation: stains on clothing is obstacles which you yourself put. The larger the spot the greater the obstacles, and a few small spots refer, respectively, to small obstacles.
  • To wash in her sleep clothes, remove stains: you can easily get rid of troubles.
  • Dream interpretation: to sew clothes, fix it – get trouble from the other.
  • Darn: will receive bad news from a friend.
  • Beautiful clothes in a dream: quarrel with the family.
  • Short/long clothes, not fashion – disgraced, to feel ashamed and uncomfortable.
  • Expensive clothes: wearing all sorts of gorgeous things – the harbinger of poverty, ill-considered spending.
  • To wear women’s clothing men and mens clothes, woman, opposite gender to you much difference. Man this dream also portends worries, but the woman only happiness.
  • Dream interpretation: naked to be and to walk around – you feel a strange erotic fantasies, at the same time, there is a great danger that confidence will put you in such a way that the society you are kicked out.
  • To go without clothes in a dream and to be ashamed of: you this will lead to clean water.
  • Shed the clothes in front of a crowd: you can make mistakes, which will only bring harm.
  • To undress in a dream you want to shake off the shackles of the past or are forced to endure the inconvenience of someone else’s fault.
  • To undress in a dream, but people don’t pay attention: you find yourself in a real spiritual society.
  • White clothes in a dream is good, marriage, durable relationship; in a bad dream, sadness, mourning.
  • Black clothing in a dream: mourning, dark deeds, evil deeds.
  • Dream interpretation: a garment – anything stupid is in full.
  • Green clothing: a symbol of hope, of profit, of calm, peace. Green is itself a living force that is nature.
  • Yellow robe: the color of the catch, of deception, of envy.
  • Dream interpretation: blue clothing, happiness, health; you perceive reality very clearly and even lukewarm.
  • Purple clothes: you are hard to suppress their trains, and sin and repentance in your business are side by side.
  • Purple clothes: you made too grandiose plans.
  • Red clothes in a dream: the color of bad passions — of all the fights, showdown, danger.

Family dream book

  • Dream interpretation: the clothes in the dream – predictions. Its interpretation depends on the color had clothes, of their condition.
  • Dream interpretation: new clothes, but very unfashionable – you will be accompanied by luck, but you neglect working ideas.
  • Dream interpretation: white clothing – expect changes, but not for the better.
  • Dream interpretation: yellow clothes – you will find financial success, new entertainment.
  • Dream interpretation: blue clothes – the support of friends will help to fulfill the desire.
  • Dream interpretation: the crimson color of clothes – you will avoid the terrible enemies.
  • Dream interpretation: green clothes – hope for happiness is not lost.
  • Dream interpretation: a garment – on your way good and bad are intermingled, and will appear in the form of drastic changes.
  • Dream interpretation: to measure clothing, and it fits poorly, you will lose part of their preferences.
  • Dream interpretation: purchase of clothing – a woman this dream foretells rivalry in the field of secular success.
  • If in the dream the woman did not like her clothes, it is waiting for an unequal confrontation. If she likes other people’s clothes, it is going to suspect of dishonesty favorite.
  • Dream interpretation: black clothes – a woman this dream promises grief.
  • Dream interpretation: dirty clothes – you should not chat with strangers. (see sleep Dirt)
  • Dream interpretation: net clothing – you will be in relative prosperity.

Gypsy dream book

White dress in a dream: the woman accused of gossip, but her fault not to be.

Old French dream book

  • To dream your clothes – joy is not the limit.
  • Dirty clothes in the dream – on the head trouble.
  • Expensive clothes dream: people around you will respect, but fate had good things.

Ancient dream interpretation Zadkiel

  • Dream interpretation: to try on new clothes to update your wardrobe – you are on the right path to the goals.
  • Smartly dressed in a dream: you will win the heart of any person, and friends have faith in friendship.
  • Different clothes in your dream indicates your dissatisfaction with your wardrobe.
  • To see themselves naked in a dream, without any clothes on: in reality you will be well dressed.
  • Dream interpretation: to sew clothes – a woman this dream foretells a pregnancy.
  • If you were without clothing during a disaster, the disaster will soon be married.
  • Dress in dreams in expensive clothes: life can take a turn that you will be what not to wear.
  • Not enough clothes in the dream/stingy closet: the reality is exactly the opposite – the kids will follow for new clothes!
  • White clothes in a dream: love will overtake rare success, in the service of the coming rise, and life will have more luck.
  • Dream interpretation: blue color of clothes – in the Affairs will have good luck and success. The blue color is very soft, softness, tranquility. Therefore, the tone adjusts to positive communication.
  • Dream interpretation: red is the signal about the occurrence of serious trials. This can be anything from diseases, quarrels in constant depression and dissatisfaction all your life.
  • Wear during sleep the red dress the most: the news promises to be good, and life in General will be happy.
  • To wear coloured clothing in the dream in life will come streak of adversity.
  • To try on new clothes in a dream-a sign of good things – success, recognition, especially in the service.

Chinese dream interpretation Zhou-Gong

  • Sleep «men in white apparel» tells you that it’s all the conspirators who are against you’re up to something.
  • To wear in a dream uniform: you will appoint to certain position.
  • Dream interpretation: to wash clothes – with a planned visit to the official; the team arrives.
  • Dream interpretation: outerwear brand new – get a friend/lover.
  • The dream: to wear a raincoat – a great grace.
  • Old clothes in a dream that seems completely broken: the wife might be unfaithful to you.
  • Fold in the dream: of failure will be as many, how big will the pile of linen in the end.
  • To give you something in a dream could come illness, trouble.
  • Sleep «mourning clothes» dream to happiness.
  • The dream of «Golden clothes, rich, with a bright embroidery»foretells you success and happiness Shine upon you.
  • To dream of white clothing: you will soon be asked.
  • Wear green attire: support from a reasonable person.
  • Wear clothes with patterns: your wife will bring home the profit.
  • Purple clothes: all kinds of abuse.
  • Blue clothes: away from loved ones, boredom, separation.
  • Red dress: this time no danger, only good fortune and happiness.
  • A woman wears men’s clothes: baby’s born.
  • To share with each other: wife is having a lover.
  • Loose clothes: dream interpretation says that this dream portends a difficult birth.
  • Cutting clothes: unhappiness with his wife.
  • To give the stranger clothes: at work there for urgent matters.

Persian dream interpretation Tatlisi

Clean, new, beautiful clothes: man waiting for a high position, honor, gain, and also a wife from a good family; a woman such dream promises good in all respects marriage.

The Dream Miller

  • To see the clothes in the dream: success of cases depends on the type of garment, quality and novelty. Better than all these indices, the better the success.
  • Good, but not modern clothes: you neglect are ideas, though in General will be successful.
  • Refuse to wear in my sleep: you leave your current environment, make new friends.
  • Dressed in white: changes, but not very good.
  • To dream of men in white: it’s his illness and his grief, if only clothes are worn by someone, with the exception of an elderly woman or child. In the case of the latter is only a pleasant event.
  • To see yourself or others dressed in white: the coming fight or trip you will be accompanied by undesirable companions.
  • Sleep «yellow robe» – success in the financial sector, new entertainment. If you see a blurry figure in a dream in yellow, say a Ghost, that the changes will lead to deterioration. If the yellow clothing in the same dream is good, then there is a chance for the opposite – an exceptionally positive effect.
  • Blue clothes in a dream: it is your energy. The deeper and darker the color, the more energy.
  • Clothing crimson: you change your mind at the last moment, and thus escape enemies.
  • Wear green: a symbol of hope.
  • Clothes of different colors in the future in life a good band will change bad.
  • Dream interpretation what dreams clothing that fits poorly is part of your preferences will remain in the past. As an option you make a mistake in any case.
  • Dream interpretation: old man in suit – all your business will be associated with troubles.
  • Dream interpretation: not like clothes – the woman who had this dream, meet a rival in the field of social life. If she likes other people’s clothes, her husband will suspect her of infidelity.
  • Loose clothes: love will be entirely obstacles, and trade some obstacles.
  • In the dream to see themselves in black robes: the woman such dream promises only sorrow.
  • In the dream, another woman wears a face veil, dressed in crimson clothes: a woman surpass a rival.
  • The meaning of «clothes» also has a very significant feature which cannot be discounted – how nature’s colors and the faces of the people who wear them myself. If the face distorted, the wheels of important plans you will start to put the stick.
  • Son «torn clothes» warns you not to trust strangers. Not a day goes by, as your reputation will be undermined.
  • Dream interpretation: a lot of clothes, beautiful outfits, your reckless actions can lead to the fact that you have so much to lose, not to be missed even the basic necessities.
  • Dream interpretation: clothing cotton – pleasant wear in reality will result in circumstances that will clearly play against you.
  • To be naked/without clothes in a dream: you will actively discuss behind.
  • To see a powerful man naked in a dream: you are upset behavior with expensive you people.

Dream interpretation happy omens

Dream interpretation: to try on clothes exceptionally bright red color – you will bathe in love and respect

The Dream Of Martin Sadecki

  • Dream interpretation: stole the clothes, or you lost it – in the Affairs will be some expenses without receipts.
  • Dream interpretation: to measure clothes, to buy a new one – fortunately, a good purchase.
  • To try on clothes in the dream, but very old – the sorrows, disappointments.

Esoteric dream book

Sleep-clothing store/full closet great shat – things will be mundane, troublesome, and life will become a succession of worldly events.

Italian dream interpretation by meneghetti

The interpretation of dreams «clothes» Italian leads from a position of cultural models and behaviour patterns in groups of people that are accepted in this society. As it is easier to understand? For example, you dream of a uniform firefighter. This is a direct indication of three possible options:

  • You want to change activities, but not necessarily a fireman, but in General.
  • You actually work as a fireman.
  • The behavior of the group risks associated with manifestations of resistance, which is typical for firefighters, military, security forces.
  • But the uniform was too private case. Let us give an example, let’s say color – black clothing.
  • Black clothes – a deeper character, but also of the reasoning:
  • Black – the color of mourning, which you have experienced; it is the color of dark vices and inclinations, that is, those that you hide inside yourself.
  • Black color you like so that it has become an obsession: you all should be black.
  • The circle of your communication – very level-headed, sane people who don’t have violent displays of emotion. And the black color concise, calm, even very quiet.

Dream Interpretation Yellow Emperor

  • Element: water.
  • Element: fear.
  • Organs: urinary bladder and kidneys.
  • Planet: Mercury.

Already at first glance at the one-sidedness of all the elementals, you can understand that the energy of the clothes is very strong. And this dream is interpreted from the perspective of reception-transmission of energy.

Someone else’s clothing in a dream: you try to imagine someone else’s rhythm and energy. In any case, are exposed to the kidneys. Wearing someone else’s clothes, you adopt the features of the motion of qi in the body of another person. Things take a different predetermined body oscillation frequency of qi energy. In the dream it is always difficult to wear someone else’s clothes, but it is better not to do it at all. This dream can only promise a negative result: you start to dig into other people’s Affairs, will acquire diseases of the previous owner of the clothes, especially if they provoked his vicious attitude to all things.

How does the thing in the dream?

Thing on the new owners to create a new structure of vibrations, which penetrate inside, causing certain changes. You will need a very strong determination to respond to manifestations of their emotions. How to achieve this for sure: just imagine that every person you, in particular, there are two beings thinking and the robot or your mind and body are two separate entities. The mind controls the movements, committing acts and speaks through the body. But the body is nothing more than a set of evolutionary mechanisms that operate only reflexes. So it turns out that you automatic, like a robot react to the slightest inconvenience, anger, abuse… But it’s worth a moment to think, to breathe, as you will understand, that overcame the instinctive desire to «mess things up» and just missed the negative past. But it requires a long training.

By entering into this important paragraph, we want to warn you: don’t take things second-hand unless there is a big emergency.

A couple of tips to improve the energy of yourself and your life for the dream book:

  • Get rid of old things that just take up space. If this is the story of a suitcase without a handle, which is hard to bear, but it is difficult to throw, choose from a wardrobe in the first place, things you wear constantly, after which put on major holidays, then those who wear at other times of the year. All that’s left after is just trash. If the thing is it collects any energy, and a hodgepodge of the good with the bad the good will not bring.
  • Get rid of habits, Hobbies, who only stand still and not develop. If you play a musical instrument the same composition, one-sided you are training in the gym, reading the same genre, and one author – in any similar case it is better to move. If you have no motivation, there will be no result.
  • Such advice leads the Yellow Emperor. Note how they are relevant, given that it was written by a giant sleeper in the 26th century BC!

Dream Interpretation Lofa

The human heart is a reflection of his taste; that’s how he sees himself among other individuals. It is a mirror of your self-esteem, which reflects the characteristic emotion, attitude and for psychologists the outfit is more eloquent than conversation eye to eye.

  • Loss clothing shows your vulnerability. Don’t even argue! Try Stripping in the middle of the crowd, say, in the store and see how comfortable you will be.
  • If during sleep bring clothes, then interpretation will be in double digits. If I give you, it is a sign of bad taste, which is known only to the enlightened few. To give clothing yourself in the dream means that you will increase your self-esteem.
  • Buy clothes in the dream, not aby what, and with certain properties, even with magic: you need protection, you seek understanding of their actions.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

A well-known psychic in the purchase of clothing in the dream finds favorable sign which will bring happiness in reality.

  • To buy new clothes in a dream, but it is black – the sorrows, but not necessarily before the mourning.
  • If you had a dream «outerwear white», then in reality you never will experience needs.

Dream Interpretation Azar

  • Try on clothes in the dream and realize that it’s very long: you will get unexpected reward.
  • Dream interpretation: to measure clothes and it is full of holes, patches – you will have a lot of debt.
  • Dream interpretation: dirty clothes – a disgrace.
  • To buy clothes in a dream green – your hopes for happiness are as strong as ever; blue – dreams will come true.

Assyrian dream book

To dream of new clothes of black color loss.

The Egyptian dream book of Kancharapalem

  • Tear clothes in a dream: you free yourself from all bad, old habits.
  • Throw off your clothes: you complete the dispute.
  • Dream interpretation: out of these wet clothes – you will podocyte your reputation, threaten a physical confrontation.
  • To wear Asian clothes: you can drive from service.

Erotic dream interpretation Danilova

See fashionable clothes on another person or on yourself in your dream: your relationship with your partner based solely on the calculation. If you’re alone and saw this dream, in reality I try no matter what to take a favorable position.

Dream interpretation: items, clothing in a poor state, dirty and torn – your own carelessness, openness will hurt your reputation.

Idiomatic dream book

Dreams are interpreted on the basis of the most similar in content to your sleep idioms.

  • «Grow out the legs» — you grow up and become wiser.
  • «Meet on clothes, see off by mind»: do not attempt to masquerade as another person at the first meeting.
  • «Pushing» — you are wasting precious time on a dubious occupation.
  • «Roll up your sleeves» — to actively undertake the works.
  • «Maybe» — not applied due diligence.
  • «Cry» is to complain or look for someone who will just listen to all your complaints.
  • «Keep the style» — always insist on.
  • «Try on» to try new social role, profession, make new experience.
  • «Undress» — to confess and forthright.
  • «Booze» — to walk, to drink.
  • «Stay in my underwear» — to become a victim of fraud, be left without funds.
  • «To strip somebody» — to deceive.
  • «With his pants down» is to feel shame.
  • «To be under the heel/hold on to her skirt» — a woman dominating you.
  • «Don’t miss any skirt» — lead a dissolute life.

Women’s dream book

Treatment exclusively for women. And if so, what will be more attention paid to the details of the dream. Therefore, it is necessary to recall what was the clothing in her sleep, in what condition and what color. For example, torn clothes portends communication with strangers, which does not end good. Clean, ironed clothes are a dream to prosperity.

  • To wear bright clothes in the dream: you need to be careful, since the outside brightness can hide the ugly truth next.
  • Wearing unfashionable clothes: the success, which hardly helps you stay afloat while you really miss valuable tips and ideas on deaf ears.
  • Clothing fits poorly: the former affection remain in the past.
  • Like someone else’s clothes: your husband will become a model jealous.

Symbolic dream interpretation

Pretty interesting dream, which pays attention to and interprets the symbolism of the bright element of your identity.

What you wear in the dream is a reflection of the subconscious, which is tightly stuck to a specific picture of your feelings. Under the clothes you hide your true self. But there is an important point that cannot be ignored: often, it turns out the interpretation of the Changeling, when chic clothing in reality would mean poverty. The dream book calls clothes a clear sign of property of savings, a career, acceptance in society.

Ukrainian dream book

In the life of a well-dressed man’s people are praising, and stripped judges appreciate. Also in the dream. But you need to add some details to make more accurate interpretation.

  • Now the most interesting and beautiful clothing can make you ill.
  • What dream of a white robe: the disease will certainly you mow.
  • What dreams, black clothes: sadness and sorrow, but do not have the funeral and mourning.
  • What dreams red clothes: red is the color of alarm, of warning. But the girl the dream promises a matchmaking already engaged, shame and condemnation.
  • See the top clothing: jacket, Mackintosh, coat, dress uniform – coming news.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Another detailed approach to the analysis of dreams. This time from the point of view of psychology and the subconscious.

  • Clothing in a dream is a reflection of behavior and the role of the individual. Often the clothes you can draw a picture of the real facts, which few people realize.
  • Clothing hides the body, and therefore can serve as an indication of sexuality. But not so obvious. If you had a nurse at the hospital, then let this is your erotic fantasy, but you may need medical help. If you, for example, the same doctor, fireman, police officer, try another form, you want to replace a kind of activity.
  • To wear in a dream uniform, a man who walks on the job that he likes: there is a risk fully become part of a faceless society, which is more appreciated by the homogeneity of the crowd, the monotony of thoughts like stamps, rabapatona behavior without discontent and disputes. Your independent nature slowly begin to absorb social protocols and what is aptly and simply called words «so made».
  • To undress for sleep: you don’t want to play the role that you so persistently imposed. You don’t want to make a collective manner, reject a common ideology. You are a man of results, not ideological.
  • To wear someone else’s clothes in a dream: you adopt the experience of another person before you wore this very dress.
  • If a man wears women’s clothes in the dream, then he has hidden talents of the transvestite. But the dream goes even further! Are you trying to reveal their delicate, even feminine side of nature and the more addicted to these thoughts, the more clearly manifest socialwise homosexuality.
  • Had the uniform on the woman, trying to change only superficially.
  • If the wife had a dream in which she wears clothes of her husband, it means that their relationship is upset, and she tries to hold him back.
  • To wear all sorts of shorts, short skirts: youth and frivolity desire for simple and constant pleasures. (see sleep Skirt)
  • To wear a tie in a dream: sign of dominance, which can tighten the noose a great deal of responsibility on your neck.
  • Who wears black clothes, this is your aggression towards this person.
  • White top, dark bottom – line contrast between the instincts (dark) and consciousness (white).
  • On black white patch: you make a black in the unconscious part of consciousness to expose the balance.
  • Coat in a dream is warmth and care. The man is wearing in the dream coat – it surely protected against risks. The woman wears a dream coat – her opinion counts and I think it is in all spheres of life as equals.

The dream of the 21st century

  • Had «wash clothes» – your Hobbies may attract trouble.
  • Had stains on clothing: the future of business promises to be a winning. If the dream was young, he undertook a successful wedding.
  • Had black clothes: the symbol of the disease.
  • Had a white robe: a symbol of goodness.
  • Dream jacket: there is a risk of catching cold.
  • Dream coat in the dream: going to drop wealth.
  • Dress in a dream: you are preparing to get in trouble.
  • Dress in the dream sleazy: there will be a surprise guest.
  • New clothes in a dream – you’ll get a new mistress.
  • To clean/to wash clothes: on happiness, works on an adequate remuneration.
  • Had a woman dressed as a man: a son.
  • Clothing made of fur: your property will be acquired solely in accordance with the law.
  • Clothes made of brocade: the coming of sorrow and loss.
  • Dream interpretation: lit clothing, and you’ll lose the property.
  • To wear a uniform in a dream: the woman such dream foretells exposing the true nature of the one. Already a married woman this dream offers to ask the reasons for the frequent absence of her husband.
  • Had a sundress: your desire to relax may lead to marital problems, up to mistrust his wife.

Small dream book of Veles

Although it is called small, in the case of clothing it gives a lot of interpretations:

  • Black garment: an unexpected gift or a disease/you can tarnish.
  • White clothing: you will praise/win up in a confrontation.
  • Red clothes: wait for matchmakers/warning/you will be ashamed of their actions and words.
  • Rich clothes: do not hide the truth in front of you/people are envious of you.
  • Long clothing: you will have all sorts of respect.
  • Dirty clothes: sadness.
  • Holey clothes: trouble.
  • Clothes from burlap to chagrin.
  • Holiday clothes: the honor of the wealthy and the misery of the poor.
  • Loose clothes: exposure of his vices, the shame.
  • Burning clothes: a quarrel with the relatives, slander.
  • Old clothes: health.
  • A lot of clothes will be added hassle.
  • Dress in a dream: will be in an embarrassing situation.
  • Dress not for fashion: descend upon guests.
  • To wear white clothing other: you’re not stingy with flattery and praise.
  • Dressed in black clothes other: someone soon will be presented before God.
  • To wear male women’s clothes: deception and shame.
  • Dressing woman men’s clothing: there will be temptation.
  • To clean, to iron clothes: you will have to clear his name and reputation.

Dream interpretation wanderer

This dream interpretation clothing dream as a reflection of status in society, your level of security, credibility and reputation. Clothes – multilateral sign.

  • The color of the clothes in the dream, the specifics of your emotional state.
  • If the clothes are in the holes, the stains, the patches hurt, shame, poverty, fell reputation.
  • Clothes are not fashion – sensitive situation.
  • Expensive and chic clothing: a dream of most to ruin.
  • A woman wears men’s clothing: get a rare luck.
  • Man wears female clothes: drop out entirely of trouble.
  • Old, decrepit clothing – you’re mentally and physically tired.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Clothing in a dream in General terms expresses your concern about certain issues traced into the specifics of clothing.

  • New clothes – to new victories, success.
  • Old clothes are difficulties you will not easily let go.
  • To be naked in a dream – your secrets are disclosed to others.
  • Dream shirt jacket – cause you difficulties trying to show/hide your feelings.
  • Dream dress, jacket, coat, – in relations with strangers you go on the defensive.
  • Dream skirt, pants – are you concerned about your own image, the attitude of the opposite sex.
  • Dreams panties, bras, underwear – your hidden aspirations.
  • Dream hat – you hide the true motives of their actions.

Love dream interpretation

  • If you think that the clothes in the dream caused discomfort, out of fashion, soon on the horizon will be the opponent.
  • If you are attracted to someone else’s clothing, then you will suspect of cheating.
  • To dream of a stranger with a veil on her face – you will bypass the opponent, you initially saw as uneven itself.

Muslim dream interpretation

Nice and clean clothes to dream high position of her husband, promises a benefit and a good wife. Woman this dream foretells a good husband.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

  • To buy clothes: dream interpretation considers it the happiest dream.
  • Wearing black clothes: the dream book says about the sad end of the dream.
  • Wearing white clothes: the dream book says that you all will be off (positive value).
  • Clean clothes: dream interpretation believes this sign is a sign of absolute success.
  • Dirty clothes: the dream calls urgently to throw off old habits, otherwise they will result in failures.

Summer dream

A velour garment in a dream means that you are living beyond their means and it’s time to start saving.

Autumn dream interpretation

A velour garment in a dream means business stability.

The dream yogis

Blue clothing in a dream represents the subtle body – ether, associated with the ajna chakra which is also blue.

A modern dream book

The interpretation is simple and logical.

  • Clean clothes portends good luck in business.
  • Dirty clothes promises to dishonour.
  • Clothing patches – your finances will decrease.
  • To stay without clothes – not to avoid embarrassment.

Lunar dream book

  • To lose in my sleep clothes: survive the shame.
  • To wear a new outfit: a woman who had a new dress survive the sadness.
  • Dress long dress: you will get a decent reward.

Ancient dream interpretation

Here special attention is paid to accessories to clothing.

  • All sorts of bows is a surprise, like news, events.
  • Fringe dream to trouble.
  • Brush dreams: your honor none will suffer.
  • Beads in a dream: a little joy.
  • Garus wind: joy.
  • To buy clothes to the imminent news, and sell – on fees in the road.
  • Dream lace to meet friends.
  • Dream uniform: change is coming.
  • Dream coat: you’re too high opinion of himself.
  • Dream of national dress: your arrogance knows no bounds!
  • Wear the mantle: get ready for the wedding.
  • Holes in clothes, small troubles will come one heap.
  • To wear a cloak in your sleep-you’ll be doing someone else’s behalf.

Islamic dream interpretation

  • Dream pilgrim clothing: if you wear in a dream ihram, the man refuses intercourse, for their sins, will argue and argue.
  • Winter clothes in the sleep – protection from the cold, poverty. To wear winter clothes in the summer: approaching a sad event.


The size of our precast dream interpretation you can understand that clothing is a real universal in the science of interpretation of dreams. General concepts such as form and items of mass consumption, as well as phenomena and processes, it is absolutely natural for a man (to walk, to run, to fly in a dream) have dozens of different interpretations. But it is a noticeable trend: the bigger the dream, the more likely that interpretations will often be the same, so you are easier to choose for themselves the universal and most suitable for your specific dream interpretation.

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