Dream books: sweets, what dream sweets? Full interpretation of dreams

Dream books: sweets, what dream sweets? Full interpretation of dreams

Sleep may truly be «sweet» if you dream of a cake, the sea of candy or a chocolate fountain. We have seen this before and remembered the pleasant moments, or eating sweets in a dream indicates something important? To correctly interpret the predictions will help the intuition. Listen to the soul and remember the delicious images from the night journey.

  • What have sweets? The dream foretells pleasant acquaintance with an extraordinary person, friendly, that will bring a joy of life.
  • What dreams a lot of sweets? This means that you will find a partner that will help and will be on your side in a difficult situation at work.
  • What dream sweets in the dream? To success in business and when you open a new business, to partnership and cooperation.
  • What a dream to buy sweets? Sleep prepares you for the wave of good luck and sweet life. Buying sweets, you buy the key to prosperity and happiness in the coming days.
  • What a dream to buy sweets at the store? The subconscious shows you that the case that you work hard, succeed and bring you the expected pleasure. However, the plans do not cost anything to swap, so as not to frighten luck.
  • To see sweets in a dream — to a tempting offer. Pay attention to the signs and try to notice what are you talking about colleagues behind you. You can expect a promotion.
  • To dream of sweets, but pass by, symbolizes false hopes. Your efforts will not be appreciated.
  • To steal sweets in a dream means to yield to others ‘ influence. Be careful, think carefully: do you make decisions or you impose the other person.
  • If in the dream a sweet treat, you should remember that you like this person. Good giver portends assistance in criminal matters and the Council, as wicked and greedy — quarrel with relatives.
  • Dream interpretation: to offer candies to someone means the company that will require you a lot of energy. How would you share it with others, shows this dream.

Dream Interpretation Felomena

What dream candy, sweets? Feloman interprets such images as favorable. Chocolates symbolize true business partners and a successful career. Chocolate also means that it depends on you the well-being of subordinates. If the candy appeared bitter on taste — the story foretells disappointment in people, experiences and possible illnesses in the nervous system.

Small dream book of Veles

Dream sweets — prepare for the trip to the city that will be successful.

Women’s dream book

  • What dreams sweets, cakes? Wedding cake in the dream draws attention to the envious a female, you may expect trouble with a friend or neighbor. If you are going to get married, again weigh all the «pros» and «cons», it may happen that you don’t see significant drawbacks future husband.
  • To dream of sweets, cakes, testifies to the willingness of the girl to start a family and married — need to relax and enjoy the bounty of life. Listen to the voice of his soul, maybe really time to just lie on the sofa with a magazine in his hand?
  • What dream sweets baking is that you bake? Women’s dream book interprets this as inconsistent with the life of your requests. You may now not have enough money for a nice thing or new shoes, so there was apathy, and you feel disappointed. Therefore, attempt to «dazzle» his dream in a dream.

Oriental dream book

What dream Oriental sweets? This dream describes the abundance and the situation portends a positive solution to all situations in the near future. Matters of the heart will give you confidence and strength.

What dreams a lot of sweets and pastries? Eastern seers find that this dream may be a dream person, satisfied with their position in society, which is all good. Young girls heralds acquaintance with a guy who may later become her husband.

Culinary dream book

Dream interpretation: to buy sweets in the shop is an invitation from friends to come to visit.

Dream book 1918

What dream candy, sweets? Dream announces about upcoming trouble, the joy of meeting distant relatives. Someone close to people for a long time is going to come to you and waiting for a call.

A modern dream book

  • What dream sweets: cakes? Dream cake on a clean plate means selfless intent of any person you like. If a cake lies on the dirty dishes or dirty hands is a warning of the intent to denigrate gossip.
  • Dream interpretation what dream sweets? If you are a slide — tempting offer. If a few lonely candy for your efforts no one will appreciate. Christmas candy canes symbolize people who only superficially cute and cuddly, but inside you are jealous and condemn.
  • What dreams candy store? The store symbolizes the choice. Most likely, you are suffering from the situation, the output of which you can’t find it. Sweets represent attractive solutions, neither of which you are not ready to accept and implement. Wait a bit, and everything will work itself out.
  • What dream buying sweets? If you buy sweets for myself, it means that you value yourself and in real life. By making a purchase with the intent to make a gift to someone means that you feel a sense of gratitude to the man who’s going to bestow in his sleep.

Dream Interpretation Azar

If you dream of sweets, what does that mean? Azar says that this dream — to travel in comfort.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

What is having a table with sweets? In life you are too fixated on what people think about you around, but don’t do anything, what would you have to think about it in principle. The observation of the reaction of others takes you a lot of time and effort. Engage in self-development and will be revealed to you to meet other people.

What a dream to buy sweets? This dream characterizes you as a shy person who is afraid to defend their opinion, but I would like to praise along with other.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

Dream interpretation: candy and sweets — this kind of images portend the triumph and joy of the completion of the case. Denise recommends safely celebrate your success!

Dream Interpretation Health

Dream interpretation: a table, a lot of sweets — this dream sends the body, which lacks a balanced diet. You may eat snacks on the run, and the stomach sends the brain a signal that it wants to diversify the diet.

Dream of sweets as is caused by hunger. Decreases blood sugar, and the body sends a signal that it’s time to go to the refrigerator and to compensate the lack of glucose.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

What dreams a lot of candy and sweets? Hasse says that it is to win in the lottery! You will profit (do not forget to buy a ticket).

Dream interpretation: eating sweets in a dream is to enjoy a favorable important things.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of a lot of sweets — have fun, try your luck and enjoy sexual relations.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Dream interpretation: eating sweets in a dream — to spend all their luck.

To buy sweets in a dream means getting involved in a questionable case that you do not at hand. Discard it, in order not to tarnish the reputation.

Dream Interpretation Freud

  • Dream dictionary: candy — Freud has a General interpretation, namely, the levity in bed and desire to have fun, not thinking about anything.
  • Dream interpretation: the sweet shop means that you are confident in your partner and are still in a latent search for a more worthy candidate.
  • Dream interpretation: sweets, see a lot — you enjoy variety in sex, and you find it difficult to maintain a monogamous relationship.
  • Dream interpretation: eat sweets — shows your appetite in bed. If sweets have a bitter taste, that something isn’t satisfied in an intimate relationship, you are frustrated with certain things on the love seat.

French dream book

Dream interpretation what dream sweets? The temperamental French believe that such a dream — a happy sign, heralding fun and a good time.

Ukrainian dream book

In the dream, eating sweets, what is it? The dream foretells a holiday on which to gather the family as well promises fun, wide table, and joy.

Universal dream

What dream sweets in the dream? You need to remember that it was sweets: candy store-bought or homemade cakes? Depending on the situation, it also shows that people benefit you or you are trying to people.

Eating sweets in a dream means that someone will take care of your welfare, and you don’t have to strain your hand or to feel the need. Luck will turn to face you, and desire about which you dream, will come true all of a sudden.

Gypsy dream book

Dream sweets in the dream saddle horse to work. Fortune will contribute to the completion of the enterprise.

Dream interpretation birthdays

To dream of sweets the night of the date of birth means that there will be good changes that will make life more comfortable. There comes a strip of light, when any business will be to get the desire to be fulfilled, and people will provide assistance and support.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

A dream, a lot of sweets which is your feeling the benefits and great success.

Dream interpretation: to buy sweets — your work will appreciate and people will praise you for the wisdom, hard work and patience.

Dream interpretation-horoscope

The interpretation of dreams: the sweets — the situation requires immediate attention, because the risks to get out of control and harm the reputation.

Esoteric dream book

  • That means in the dream of sweetness to see? This dream means laziness and boredom, you do not engage in self-development, and prefer to dream. While your body is saturated, and the soul remains empty. Try to get rid of laziness, look for an occupation that you like.
  • To dream of Oriental sweets — you can easily believe in beautiful things, like fancy gay people and are not familiar with what came to you of the person who smells the outside only. Be attentive to your surroundings, you try to impose unnecessary thing.
  • Choose sweets in a dream means insecurity that you try to hide from others. You should understand that every person is a unique creation of nature, and each needs to develop in the area in which he has the most abilities.

Combined dream book

  • Dream interpretation: dreamt of a lot of sweets to the sweet and happy life.
  • Dream interpretation: candy see — this dream foretells unexpected good luck or receiving winnings. Your problems will solve themselves unnecessary people just leave the road.
  • Dream interpretation: eating sweets in a dream — to think over the situation. If sweets are delicious — up to a successful outcome, if salt — to tears, but if bitter — you never will be.
  • Dream interpretation: eating sweets in a dream means taking a decision that affects your future and the people in your environment. You need to weigh everything before you agree to any terms. Remember that the contract that was given without mutual concessions, nothing.


Lying in bed, fruit suck candy good — the sweetness before bed adjusts to pleasant images, and the monotony brings the arrival of Morpheus. To dream of cakes, chocolates, cakes and other sweets on the interpretation of most dream books, it foretells good luck and pleasant moments, but is to listen to your own feelings. Often the answer lies in the details of the dream, and we can make a prediction.

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