Birch SAP when to collect this year

When you need to collect birch SAP in the spring: how and in what month

In early spring the faster move of the juice in the barrel that is birch. In the birch juice contains many useful substances necessary for human health. The taste of the juice is not very sweet. But if for a few days to leave the premises of the juice it begins to ferment, and then get a totally different taste to the brew, which will be pleasant for everyone.

A'na koryst birch juice

The benefits of birch SAP

Since ancient times people have determined that due to the birch nectar of the normal intestinal microflora, normalize digestion. If the body is suffering from excessive acidity, the juice will eliminate it, and Vice versa. Kidney and liver very often, people can be stones. That is the birch juice is able to dissolve and remove them. When the lung disease the doctors recommend drinking fresh juice of birch.

Since ancient times birch SAP was used in cosmetics. In order to remove acne or spots on the face, you need to wash birch SAP. Especially women know all of the benefits of shampooing birch SAP. The fact that substances contained in the juice, eliminate the oiliness of the hair and strengthens them from the roots.

Birch SAP when to collect this year

When collecting birch juice

In mid-March starts collecting SAP in the forest. Even if in the woods there is still snow on the edges, where the trees are well warmed by the first rays of the spring sun, you can find the juice. To check whether the trunk of a tree the juice, you need to pierce him. If a drop appears, so the time to get to work.

Collect birch SAP continues till the end of April. Not always people know how to harvest the SAP from the tree. Sometimes you can find these barbaric acts, which mimic the action of wild boars. Barbarians just cut down a birch trunk, which is then never restored. The tree will die.

Rules for collection of birch SAP

Rules for collection of birch SAP

To ensure that the tree continued to develop after collecting the SAP, you need to follow simple rules. The axe is forbidden to use, how and what. A hole in the trunk you can only do a small drill bit. Drain all the juice from one tree is not necessary. On average one liter with one young tree in a day. That birch will be able to recover without damage. Some vandals collect up to five gallons of SAP from a tree. In this case, it dies.

So after harvest to heal a tree, you need to kill in the hole a wooden peg, and even better – to close the

So after harvest to heal a tree, you need to kill in the hole a wooden peg, and even better – to close the «wound» garden pitch with their hands. So the tree will recover quickly.

In practice it looks as follows. For collecting the juice you select the tree which has the age of 30. After the rules there will be an opening, you must put it under containers — best plastic bottle. Try to choose such barrels, which have a slope. So juice got into the bottle and not by, need to come up with a small groove. To collect the juice can be up to three times a day. As soon as the SAP in the birch disappears, and the next day, then you need to change the tree. In any case, do not try and continue to pull juice.

Watch helpful videos: collection of birch SAP in the spring

How to use and store

Juice is best drunk immediately and not stored, as it is in conservation loses its quality. Got to enjoy it now, because the next will be only in a year.

But in the cellar in a glass container, you can save the juice for about a month. For cosmetic purposes the juice is frozen. Very often, the birch juice is used for making kvass. To do this, you must add in the juice of yeast, bread crust and sugar. But this is not the final recipe, the Internet has many useful tips to manufacture it. You can create a drink that is much healthier than the regular brew in the water.

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