Plant tulips with their hands

When to plant tulips so they will bloom on March 8

One of the first spring flowers delight our women are tulips. We offer you to grow personally forcing favorite tulips at home and give them to your favorite women on March 8! In principle, the cultivation of tulips especially nothing complicated, the main difficulty is to speed up and hasten the moment of their flowering, he fell just on March 8 – it is the task for the professional!

As you know, professionals are not born but made, so let’s aim to this title and make small, but confident steps in the right direction!

As home grown tulips for March 8

Where to begin, what do you think? Well, of course, with the selection of the most precocious varieties of tulips!

When buying bulbs, don’t forget to ask about this:

  • What is the period of flowering is the variety of tulips;
  • What is the resistance to frost and disease;
  • The color and height of the stem.

As home grown tulips for March 8

The best varieties are capable of making distillation already for March 8 are:

  • Some varieties of Darwin hybrids, namely:

    — Forgotten Dream;

    — Maureen.

  • And also, the beloved group Triumph in particular grades — Parade Record.
  • Begins its flowering in the period from February to March, and such varieties of tulips, as a Diplomat;

    — Keith Nelis:

    — London;

    — Oxford;

  • And also a very popular variety came to us from the Netherlands, called nothing else – «Giant».
  • Very popular are tulips, have a good resistance to diseases such as: — foster;

    — Greig;

    — Kaufman.

Now that you have determined the varieties, you will have a selection of bulbs

Now that you have decided on the varieties that will carry out the selection of bulbs is really a gorgeous flower can come only from a large and healthy bulbs! Great, so not less than 3.5 cm in diameter! Pay special attention to the shape of the bulb, it needs to be in proportion to rounded. The bulb needs to be pretty heavy, full, and no signs of any damage and disease!

Preparations for forcing tulips in winter at home

To make distillation for March 8, you first need to select and prepare planting materials. HOW IT’s done, now we’ll tell you!

To make distillation for March 8, you first need to select and prepare planting material

So, digging back in July the bulbs, sort them, send them to storage, and the necessary condition is the temperature conditions during the entire storage period! During the first month after digging the bulbs are stored at a temperature of + 20°C, the second month, the temperature should be slightly lower to +17°C. Then need to put bulbs in the refrigerator, in the bottom of the container, for cooling, quenching and adaptation! Not to be confused with the freezer, it will be fatal for the bulbs.

While our bulbs gain strength and health, we are going to do a very important thing – prepare the ground for future distillation!

Immediately forget about the soil that is in the greenhouse, since only fungi and diseases in it! And us such problems for future distillation is absolutely necessary!

We are interested in light, soft, good air permeability and moist soil. Ideal peat substrates, and also normal soil from your garden mixed with sand.

On the ground taken care of, you now need to prepare a capacity, which will grow distillation. For these purposes, the ideal conventional flower vases and wooden boxes, plastic boxes… get creative and you «accidentally» would be so many dishes that can accommodate more than one distillation!

The environmentally friendly containers are pots made of ceramic!

Planting Tulip bulbs in the home

We have not had time to start planting Tulip bulbs, and we have already carried out a thorough job:

  • The bulbs are prepared;
  • The Prepared Substrate;
  • Capacity found and defused.

Now you can safely start planting tulips!

Now you can safely start planting tulips

The vessel, which will increase our distillation, should 2/3 fill the prepared substrate. Then carefully press the bulbs, leaving the upper part on the surface. Optionally, you can sprinkle the top with sand. Ensure that the distance between the bulbs was no less than 3 cm, they must be comfortable in a new place.

Planted tyulpanyi require little watering and should go again… the refrigerator on the bottom shelf! An ideal variant – cellar, where year-round temperature +4-5°C.

And remember, no contact of bulbs with the synthetic materials should not be, and for the good of the plants should be provided with free air circulation! Otherwise, mold, decay and death of plants!

Leaving the bulbs

Leaving the bulbs «cool» at low temperatures, do not forget to regularly come to see them! After all, gain strength and well rooted, your tulips in January will release the germs! Watch carefully, as soon as the shoots reach approximately 5 cm, it just need to be moved to a warm room with a temperature of +18°C.

Now begin your countdown! Exactly after 5 long weeks, your distillation will please you, including the long-awaited, tulips!

As soon as the buds of the Tulip will start to turn color, cut them up and place them in a dark cold room

Even if your first forcing a little will not fall at the right time, that is, the flowers will appear a week earlier on March 8, don’t worry! There are several reliable ways you are able a little bit slow flowering, short of the full blooming of the buds before the 8th of March!

  • As soon as the buds of the Tulip will start to turn color, cut them up and place them in a dark cold room to 2°C, while lowering the stems into cold water, with the addition of snow;
  • Again, seeing the colour appears in the Bud, immediately cut off the Tulip, carefully wrap in paper and place in the fridge for maturation will slow down and you will be able to please their beloved women alive tulips own production!

The first year will be experimental, you will only learn to grow

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The first year will be experimental, you will only learn to grow tulips at home, the second year, vocabulary and more knowledge about this issue! But the third year promises you have the title close to the professional!

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