How to rest in November 2015

Weekend in November 2015. Where to spend, how to relax As soon as entering a new calendar month, many are wondering: how much will a weekend in November and there are public holidays? So as to settle for the vacation you have only once or twice a year, have to plan a vacation or weekend. If you pick up day when a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will have not two, but three days off.

Where to relax in November 2015

In November 2015 there is only one feast day that falls on 4 number. It is the Russian state holiday called National Unity Day. Since 2005, Russia had abolished the celebration of 7 November – Day of October Revolution and entered a new one. This year the 4th of November is Wednesday, so you can enjoy your holiday abroad or at sea you will not succeed.

Holiday options in November a lot, it all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. You can exercise your legal output for a memorable two-day journey. Weekend tours in Europe – a great way to relax and to visit many interesting places. Do not have to go on the tour, because in many countries, various festivals, get stylish club parties and unforgettable show. Concerts by famous singers abroad more impressive, as the stars are using special effects and put on a show on stage.

If you like a seaside holiday, then Turkey will not suit you. From November to March is the rainy season, while in a few weeks in the country get the annual rainfall. Of course, you can have a good time at the hotel, but it is better to go to Turkey before.

In November, it is safe to go to Egypt because in that country the rainy season did not happen. In the winter, of course, there is a slight cold. On the coast of the red sea with October begins the autumn season, so in November you get a good rest.

Now you know how we rest in November 2015, and will be able to plan their weekends in advance. Read helpful tips on our website.

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