Vertical gardening at the cottage

Vertical gardening on the dacha with his hands

Technique of vertical gardening appeared more than 2000 years ago and today has gained popularity among fans of creative design. Vertical phyto-design widely used for decoration of facades of buildings, especially in large cities. The technology that makes plants feel good without pots, developed by P. Blanc. At the festival in France in 1994 was represented by the first vertical composition, it has become a prerequisite for the development of new directions in design. System Blanca embellished the facades of buildings in many countries, because the decoration of flowers looks much more luxurious artificial. In this article we want to tell you how to do vertical gardening pallet from his hands.


— stapler;

— a wooden Board or pallet;

— hammer;

— nails;

— soil;



— sandpaper.

Master class of vertical gardening

1. Wooden pallet you can find at the hardware store or make the same design of boards.

Master class of vertical gardening

2. Protective material obtyanite the sides and bottom of the pallet. Secure the material with a stapler. This fabric will keep the ground inside the structure for vertical gardening, so I attach it to the boards.

3. Flip the pallet and get to planting. Take the bags with soil and pour out between bars. Well tamp the soil and then the plants are planted close to each other.

Vertical gardening photo MK

4. After all the gaps with soil will be planted with plants, leave the pan for a couple of weeks in a horizontal position.

5. When the plants take root, the pan can be lifted vertically and lean against the wall.

6. Water the plants will need quite often, especially in the lower part. The types of plants you can choose independently, given their light and their water-loving.

vertical gardening on the dacha with his hands photo

Such a bed can be placed in the room, on the balcony or in the backyard. There are other varieties of vertical gardening: the carpet gardens, modular gardens, in the form of paintings or murals. The main difference between them pallet – methods of fixing and the arrangement of flowers.

Watch the video: Vertical gardening

Vertical garden is a trendy design direction, which is loved by nature lovers and creative solutions in the design of the living space. Create a cozy green area with your hands and You!

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