How to propagate Armeria municipality

Care of the flower thrift

Thrift is widely used in landscaping for decoration of rock gardens and rockeries. Unique looks of this flower in the composition of bouquets or in flower beds at the cottage. If you decide to decorate your plot with thrift, you are concerned about planting and caring in the open ground. Pick a spot to flower well grown and pleasing you pleasing flowering.

Planting Armeria municipality in open ground

There are several ways to reproduce flowers Armeria municipality and landing it in the open ground:

thrift pink

Thrift Alpine

  1. Planting seeds directly into the ground. The seeds should be planted in late autumn.
  2. Propagation by seedlings, which you can buy at the market or grow your own. Seedlings grown at home, starting with the month of February. When the first leaves, it can be transferred to the open ground.
  3. Propagation by cuttings. This planting method allows to propagate the thrift almost the entire season.

seeds Armeria municipality in the flask

Seeds Armeria municipality

If the shrub Armeria municipality is already 2-3 years, then try to propagate it by dividing the bushes, and placing them at a distance from each other. If you plant the plant a lot, then in the future it will travel along a beautiful dense carpet.

How to care for thrift

Thrift – quite unpretentious flower, so much trouble he won’t be gardeners. The main time to water the flowers, remove weeds periodically to feed and trim. For active growth and prolonged flowering fed a thrift before flowering. Several times to feed during the summer, organic and mineral fertilizers.

seedling Armeria municipality

Seedling Armeria municipality

This flower is considered morozoustojchivaya and drought-tolerant, although in the wild it grows mainly near water. The thrift is rarely attacked by pests, occasionally you can observe the appearance of spots or traces of aphids. Prevention can treating the flower with fungicide.

If the winter is snowy, any species Armeria municipality winter with good, otherwise will have to cover the plant.

If the winter is snowy, any species Armeria municipality winter with good, otherwise will have to cover the plant.

The most common types are:

  • Seaside thrift grows to a height of 20 cm, attracts a diversity of colors.
  • Thrift sod. This perennial will delight flowering almost 2 month, blooms pink or red flowers. Good drainage is essential. Thrift sod

    Thrift sod

See photos Armeria municipality:

See photos Armeria municipality:

If you choose flowers for flower beds that will bloom all summer or want to decorate Alpine slide bright colors, thrift – perfect flower. With your hands, you will make a unique landscape design.


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