Simple grape wine with your hands

Simple grape wine with your hands

The recipe for making delicious homemade wine from grapes

The art of winemaking contains a lot of secrets, rules, and nuances, thanks to which the result is a great tasting product. However, not every winemaker can immediately boast of the perfect drink, pleasing taste and aroma. Experience comes with time, overcoming the UPS and downs.

For beginners who want to begin to learn the secrets of winemaking, advise to be patient, to believe in the success of the experiment. For a start we present to your attention a detailed manual prepare delicious grape wine with your hands.

Simple grape wine with your hands

For this recipe the most suitable grape varieties such as Festival, Saperavi, Friendship, Crystal, Regent, Dewdrop and Stepovyk. These vines are very undemanding, does not require painstaking care, and, most importantly, have a very high sugar content. But even if you grow varieties like Lidia and Isabella, have a lower sugar content, don’t worry. These varieties will require adding more sugar and will delight you with an amazing aroma!

The first step is to carefully handle the packaging for future wine. To do this, carefully wash and dry all containers, to smoke them with sulphur (to prevent contamination and development of harmful fungi that can spoil the drink). After the fumigation it is necessary to rinse the dishes with clean water and wipe dry with a cloth.

Home-made wine. Method of preparation:

Home-made wine. Method of preparation:

  • The harvest of grapes is best in Sunny weather. To ensure that the grapes were ripe, since overripe berries there is vinegar, and unripe acid. The berries do not wash, not to wash off the natural yeasts that live on the grapes. Please note that collecting berries, you have to have time to redo in 3 days! Otherwise, the berries will be ruined. Again clean the berries, and selecting the best of them put them in an enamel bowl two-thirds of its volume. The grapes are crushed only by hand or using wooden fixtures, the bones will remain intact and your wine will have a bitter tinge. After this procedure you should cover the bowl with cheesecloth and place it on four days in a warm dark place. It is important to regularly stir the contents of the tank.

To ensure that the grapes were ripe, since overripe berries there is vinegar, and unripe acid

  • After four days, the fluid will acquire a lighter shade and you will hear a distinctive hiss, which is the indicator to start the process of fermentation. After that you need to filter the drink through gauze several times, pour the juice into the prepared containers in 70 % of its volume.
  • To your wine turned to vinegar, you need to ensure the excretion of carbon dioxide and not to penetrate into the oxygen capacity. Perfect and affordable means is a conventional latex glove with a hole done.
  • The next important condition for the transformation of grape juice into wine is the temperature. For the reaction of fermentation the temperature should be at least 8 degrees. At lower temperatures the yeast dies. It so happens that after three days the fermentation reaction stops. To add to the capacity of about 150 g raisins, 50 g sugar and pour all the warm water so that the dishes were full a third. Produce a cotton plug. It close the vessel and leave it for four days in a warm place. Once the raisins begin to wander, one should take 1 liter of the drink and dilute it with the wort, and then pour back.
  • To ensure the normal fermentation process of sugar pour gradually, its content in the solution should be no more than 10-15%. After 3 days after start of the fermentation process and enjoy a drink and if it proves sour, it is necessary to add a bit of sugar – enough to fill 50 grams of sugar per liter of juice.
  • Definitely need 3-4 days after the glove is blown away, pour juice from one container to another. You should not allow presence of precipitation in wine.
  • To check out the wine on the sweetness you need to drain 2 liters of wine in a jar and fill up to the same sugar (200 g per liter), a good mix and allow the sugar to dissolve. Then again, pour the solution into a container and mix well again. After tasting the young wine on the palate, you can determine whether there is enough sugar in it or not.
  • The term cooking wine ranges from 45 to 680 days. The aging period depends on the grape variety. So, red wine is minimal need to stand 2-3 months, and for white may be enough 1.5.
  • Lastly your wine is ready! Now come to such a responsible moment as bottling wine in the bottle and the correct occlusion. Store wine lying down at a temperature of not less than 8 degrees. But what should not be allowed, so that freezing wine!

Your wine is ready to drink! Now you can feel free to boast of the wine made with their own hands from their own grapes

Your wine is ready to drink! Now you can feel free to boast of the wine made with their own hands from their own grapes! Learning to make wine for one recipe, try the other options that you can find useful tips.

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