Panels of coffee master class

Panels of coffee master class

Panels of coffee master class

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks the world, and its smell is the most recognizable. Today, the popularity of coffee beans is not only the sense of vitality that they can give us after taking a flavored beverage, but that of these small elements can make an unusual picture. Panels of coffee will not only decorate your room but also will become a source of unusual coffee aroma. If you follow our instructions to make a mural of coffee with their hands is very simple.

Materials for the manufacture of panels of coffee:

the basis for fining of coffee beans (in this case, the bottle);

— coffee beans;

— ground coffee;



— cardboard;

— Scotch;

— gouache;


-decorative accessories

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Master class: panel made of coffee

1. From bottles cut off the bottom, then the neck, and the rest needs to be cut in half, and use only one half of his antics.

Master class: panel made of coffee

2. The form of this piece, cut a piece of cardboard that matches the image of the Cup. Cardboard make a saucer for this Cup. To plastic attached to the cardboard, and then the resulting «Cup» to be pasted on the masking tape. This is done in order that the grains firmly stuck to the Cup.

Cardboard make a saucer for this Cup

3. Fill a Cup of brown ink that was not visible gaps when gluing to her coffee.

4. Now the main work – gluing coffee beans to the brown circle. This process is quite lengthy and laborious. However, it should be very responsible to not one grain stuck not past or beyond the edge of the Cup. In addition, grain is important to select and to use only perfectly smooth.

On the same principle paste grains saucer.

glue coffee beans on the panel

5. Further, the basis of the picture glue the burlap, and hot glue sits the Cup and saucer.

6. Now let your creative abilities to make unique panels. Looks nice on such panels of stick cinnamon, wrapped in a ragged thread, and a piece of lemon peel or orange roses from the peel, and more!

Examples of finished Panels of coffee

7. It remains to formalize panels ground coffee to create a coffee flavor. Sprinkle on glue some coffee and make him a desired pattern.

View helpful videos: Panels of coffee master class

Panels of coffee beans ready. It can be used for kitchen or garden, as well as to give.

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