The house of plastic bottles

Make a house out of plastic bottles with their hands photo

Make a house out of plastic bottles with their hands photos Own house is a dream of every man who seeks comfort and stability. Unfortunately, the construction of houses in the economic crisis – a long and expensive process. You can find replacement bricks and foam concrete?

Every year, each inhabitant of the big city throws away about 100 kg of plastic containers. At first glance, it may seem that the used bottles of juice, beer or the brew. We offer you in this article to learn how to build a house from plastic bottles.

We offer you in this article to learn how to build a house from plastic bottles

Features of plastic bottles

The advantage of plastic is that it is in the natural environment is degraded only after 300 years, so this house will be able to live not only you but your grandchildren. Bottles do not break, are not afraid of cold and moisture, so ideal for construction.

At the moment bottle you can find with thick and thin walls, different shapes and dimensions. In order to build a house, you may need a different bottle, for example, with thin walls to be used in the upper layers of future walls, and thick at the bottom.

house made of plastic bottles with their hands

How to build a house from plastic bottles

Before you start building a house from plastic bottles, as well as to the construction of ordinary houses need to make the project. Then calculate the amount of materials needed. In addition to the bottles you will need sand, cement, alabaster, clay, clay. It is best to work with a-liter bottles.

Dry sand or ordinary earth, and then completely fill the bottle. Tamp well and close the lid. These bottles will function as a brick, so they should not be moisture, and the more you will stuff sand, the safer they will be.

to build a house out of plastic bottles with their hands

Depending on location and soil type select the appropriate type of Foundation, and install it. Then make cement slurry in the ratio 1:1 and place the first layer of bottles on it. In the future can use a solution of 1:2 and don’t forget to add glue Bustilat to increase strength (1 kg of glue per 50 kg of solution). The mixture is applied to the surface of the bottles and laid out the next layer. It is not recommended to do more than 4 layers because they must have time to dry.

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The house of plastic bottles. Video

Bottle you can put the caps outward or inward protruding fragments then paint or plaster. A room of 18 square meters requires about 7,000 bottles. Now to own a house, you can collect not only money but and bottles. See you on pages of our site about products

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