How to deal with moles in the country

How to deal with moles on giving tips, natural home remedies

This family of insectivorous mammals, leading an underground life, dwells in all areas (except Northern regions of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. Moles have elongated body shape, the length of which can reach not more than 22 inches. The dense fur has a special structure that allows the animals to dig tunnels, easily moving under the ground. Today talk about mole control in suburban areas, gardens…

There are several moles colors – dark gray, black and black-brown. To the animal characteristic form spade-like front paws, a short tail, small head and lack of crystals in a tiny, barely visible eye holes.

There are several moles colors – dark gray, black and black-brown

Wormholes, where the animals live are ring-shaped and lined on the inside with straw, fallen leaves or other soft natural material. These animals are characterized by high speed of movement underground, on the surface of which the rapid movement of the moles appear in small bumps.

To find food, moles, deprived of view, include the other senses. They have very developed hearing and touch. It is very voracious animals. If they are long, you are hungry, you are not above cannibalism. Usually mole’s moves always lead to the Creek, pond or small river, so the animals provide a regular access to water. Moles do not hibernate for the winter, they just extend the tunnels were dug and live deep underground.

In spring and summer the livelihoods of the moles feed on earthworms and insects, is particularly active. Small animals can inflict serious damage to vegetable and garden plots. To confront these animals is very difficult, but today there are many different ways of dealing with moles.

What damage from moles in the garden

What damage from moles in the garden

Crop plants suffer from the effects of moles. Dug underground tunnels destroy root system. The livelihoods of these animals leads to the disappearance of the worms, larvae, frogs and negatively affects the ecological system of the area. Usually moles choose to search for food gardens, manicured caring human hands. After regular watering the soil contains a large number of underground insects.

Moles cause a lot of damage not only to crops, but the green lawns that turn into pitted, covered with tubercles the surface. Faithful companions moles have a field mouse feeding on the roots and ruining the flower beds. The damages caused by the animals gardens and vegetable gardens, as a rule, very large. So gardeners, just to make sure the presence of moles on your site, it is recommended to take immediate measures and determine the methods and means of fight against harmful animals.

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Methods of dealing with moles in the garden

Methods of dealing with moles in the garden

To deliver your parcel from moles, you need to choose a certain method of dealing with them. Before you do this, you must carefully evaluate the different methods and find out their advantages and disadvantages. Some choose to fight the invasion of these animals with the assets acquired in the store. Someone decides to use a popular folk remedy that can be done personally.

There are biological and mechanical methods of struggle. Below are their brief characteristics.

Moles in the country as a dangerous biological methods

Moles in the country as a dangerous biological methods

Their distinctive feature is the elimination fodder. For the voracious moles no food equals death. If the area will be impossible to find food, the animals quickly lose interest in the garden and leave it. To get rid of moles, you need to use special tools to destroy worms, insects, frogs. But this method has very dire consequences for soils, therefore, its use should be careful.

It is much wiser to deal with moles with Pets. It is well known that taxes – great hunters of moles. These dogs can destroy a lot of animals and their activity to deter them from the garden.

Mechanical methods

Mechanical methods

The peculiarity of this method lies in the mole control using kromolowski. This is a special device, which is used to using bait to catch the beast.

There are several types of such tools. For example, loops, traps and crossbows. While in the garden discovered only a small number of moles, catching them on krotovka will be very effective.

To purchase this product at any shop for suburban areas. Popularity among gardeners has acquired the so-called tunneling krotovka. This design consists of a plastic pipe with steel traps on the ends. To catch the mole, you need to learn how to put krotovka, otherwise hunting will not bring any result.

Impenetrable to light trap are best installed in top of wormholes to cover something from above. It is very important that krotovka was invisible.

Chemical means of combating the moles on the dacha

Issues related to efficiency of chemical means of killing moles, are always relevant.

  • First, these animals are predatory and are accustomed to the fact that their food tends to move. Therefore, it is unlikely the mole much interested in stationary food prepared by the farmer from zinc phosphide.
  • Second, often used in mole control toxic gases that run in tunnels, is also not very suitable for getting rid of animals. Moles are digging huge underground tunnels and can easily refuse the use of a tunnel filled with toxic fumes.
  • Thirdly, plants grown in poisoned by various chemicals soil, bring great harm to human health.

Therefore it is better not to deal with moles with poison, and find a more reasonable and traditional method of fighting.

Such an electronic device is considered to be very efficient, reliable and safe method of struggle

The repellents for moles

Such an electronic device is considered to be very efficient, reliable and safe method of struggle. Scarer helps to not only get rid of moles and other rodents inhabiting in the suburban area. The device generating low-frequency sound vibrations, makes the noise very unpleasant for the hearing of a bat. These sounds become a rodent danger signal, and the animals instantly liberate captured territory.

Scarers are inexpensive, they can be bought in any specialty store.

The repellents for moles with their hands

Folk remedies against moles

These are harmless and effective methods of dealing with moles is widespread among experienced gardeners. The most popular folk remedies are discussed below.

  • Flooding the wormhole with water

Flooding the wormhole with water

This method is usually applied when a gardener discovers a freshly dug hole. In an earthen hole is inserted a simple garden hose, and passes through it, the water fills to the brim hole. Sensing danger, the mole immediately comes to the surface.

  • Intolerable animal odors

The mole has an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and hardly perceives some vegetable smells. For example, animals can not stand the aroma of marigolds. If these flowers will grow in the suburban area, then there is greater confidence that the moles will not even come close to the garden.

Very helpful in eliminating moles from the garden beans, garlic and onions. These smells have a remarkable property of repelling moles. To protect from their attacks flower bed is enough to put a decorative bow on it.

Additional protection from moles

Conventional mesh buried in the ground around the perimeter of the garden, has already proved its effectiveness. Thanks to this reliable protection of the moles can’t get the earth to the surface. Using a simple grid can be saved from the animals not only garden plot, but also decorative lawn. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this protection is the complexity of the process of backfilling of the grid.

The most effective method of mole control

Video: eliminating moles and blind

To save from destruction the plants in your summer cottage, not necessarily to the use of chemicals. It is better to choose safe and effective method listed above.

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