Flowers from satin ribbons, video workshops

Flowers from satin ribbons with your own hands video MK

Due to the fact that we live in a part of the earth where the seasons change every three months, we have opportunities all year round to admire the flowering of the beautiful creations of nature, and to create artificial happiness in the form of the beautiful satin flowers made with your own hands. The creation of these colors will find their place in interior decoration and ornament for hair and clothing. Each representative of the fairer sex on a subconscious level are attracted to everything beautiful, bright and colourful.

Flowers from satin ribbons, video workshops

Satin flowers can decorate the purse or picture. The versatility of a material such as satin, its multiple colors from pastel shades to tones, which is visible from afar, will give the opportunity to realize any dream and will emphasize the refined taste of the owner. If you properly care for such elements, then your creation will serve you for many years. To learn how to make flowers from satin, very little is needed, and the use of different techniques will help to stand out.

Lily — brooch of satin ribbons

Should begin always small, so prepare the necessary materials and a little patience, and everything will work out. Almost everyone associates a new round of his life with the coming of the New year, although before Christmas is still far away, but learning to create a Christmas star, you will no longer need to search for an original gift for the holidays to family and friends.

Lily - brooch of satin ribbons

Take such materials:

• Wide satin ribbon.

• Beads for stamens.

• A circle of felt

• Colorless glue (for convenience, you can use the gun).

• Scissors, needles, fire source, tweezers.

You must take the tape and cut the pieces into rectangles. With the help of scissors give a sharp cut in pieces shaped in the form of petals. The edges should be annealed to avoid a mess. If you are faced for the first time with this procedure, do not worry, it’s not as scary as it seems at first glance. To understand how it works, take a piece of satin ribbon and practice on it. With the purpose of keeping your hands and fingers for further work it is better to use tweezers. To make one flower you will need 5 large petals and 3 small. When ready the first large petals, you need to put their flower in a row, and on top of them to impose the second row of smaller petals.

Brooch of satin ribbons.Video master class

Don’t rush to consolidate your flower, it is best to try several ways of arranging flowers. Everything is relative, this principle works perfectly. Made of a satin ribbon of the second selected color need to make a few leaves for our flower, with them it will look more natural. The edge of the leaf need to do gear. Opalium and give a slightly curved shape of the sheet with a flame. The main thing is not to overdo it.

The next step will be the consolidation of our flower. This can be done by using a felt circle, which will be in the middle of the flower. On the front side decorate with beads or a small bead. Also, performed two tasks: decorate the center of the flower and securely fasten it. Of course on stage you can add a little glitter on the edges of the petals, the excess can be shaken off. Sequins to hold, it is necessary to pre-lubricate the treated areas with a colourless glue.

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The creation of tea rose satin

An identical method is used for the manufacture of satin tea rose. As you know, to make it simple enough. To do this, take the ribbon satin pink, cream and yellow colours or close shades. To make a workpiece of rectangular shape in all colors. To create beautiful three-dimensional flower petals need 13, but better to do a small reserve in case of failed burning. Add rectangle shape, which is shown in the picture or similar to it. Make 5 petals of both forms, and the shamrocks are just 3. Work the edge of the petal on fire, holding the petal with tweezers. Beware of blackening the edge of a petal.

The creation of tea rose satin

Then proceed to build our roses, you need to add each other the petals of the first and second form, constantly alternating, and in the end to conclude the shamrocks. For convenience, during flower formation, when it is not broke, you can use an ordinary hand-needle, which in turn strung the petals, turning them in the right direction. To lock the center you need to make a few crosswise stitches. When your product is well fixed, must lower the flowers in the center with a needle to pass a thread on which to string the beads and put it in the shape of a heart. This technique of making flower can be used to revive old things, for example barrettes, bags or masters.

Colors of satin ribbons: Tea rose

A more complicated version of creating flower records provides for the connection of the petals between them, and piling them in a circle with each new row. Ideal for creation of three-dimensional roses, violets or peony, and possibly a whole bunch of different colors.

The world knows many techniques that make up the flowers of satin ribbons, this is especially true for roses

The world knows many techniques that make up the flowers of satin ribbons, this is especially true for roses. To create large flowers, which can later be used as decorations at a summer or Panama hat need to take the satin, and cut it diagonally into strips with a width of about 12 inches. Ideally, if you find a tape of the required width, they are easier to work with. Short strips joined together into one long with a needle or sewing machine. Next, the resulting strip should be folded in half right side out and begin to gently prisborivat, wherein rounding the edge to the center. To make middle of the flower you need to take the end of the tape tightly and twist it, then pin a few movements of the needle from where it was cut. In conclusion, it is necessary to lay the strip around the core, with each turnover you need to fix the stitches.

This technique you can make roses from narrow strips, you do not have to bend, just enough to gather one edge

This technique you can make roses from narrow strips, you do not have to bend, just enough to gather one edge. Flower, made in this technique will have a different form. For the bulk of the flower you can use tape width of 2 inches. For example, you can take a white organza ribbon and link it with white and pink satin. All the flowers beginning to do with the fact that opalium edge that they have not frayed and not showered. After that you need to roll the edge of the tape into a tube and secure the thread with a needle. After that you need to put the ribbon folds in the form of ruffles. To consolidate the work must be protegat product hem. In the centre is organza ribbon, followed by Ruska of 6 elements, then 8 pieces white satin ribbons and 10 pink. A total of 24 flower element. Cooked part should start to teach from the center, with each turnover you need to fix a stitch on the bottom. The bottom flower will stay flat. The finished flower is used as decoration, but you can fix it with glue.

As an example, you can take the simplest tea rose, the method of manufacture described above

Do not be limited to only one way of creating a flower. Composing various techniques it is possible to obtain a remarkable result. As an example, you can take the simplest tea rose, the manufacturing method described above, and its middle not decorate with beads, a small rose, which meets the cone method. As a result, we have an attractive surround and a very original flower.

Satin rose from individual petals

The basis you need to take the satin ribbon, the width of which is two and a half centimeters. Next you need to cut it into rectangular pieces length 8 — 9 cm. To understand how to choose the right length for a rectangle, multiply the width of the tape three. Wrong side up have our rectangles, and the upper corners of the bend to the middle, the result should be a triangle. The bottom of the petals need to bind with a needle and thread. Petal must be secured with studs, and then bend. These petals will take about 15-20 pieces. Everything will depend on how lush you want to get the flower in the end. In the end, start to collect the flower. This is the petals starting from the center. You must ensure that each subsequent petal overlaps the previous one about half.

Delicate rose with satin ribbons in the technique of kanzashi

The bottom of each petal must be fixed with a few stitches. The first few petals, you must wrap the tube around one another. During Assembly of the flower, pay attention to the beautiful location of the pleats, gently gathered the bottom of the petals give the flower a more elegant form. When a sufficient amount of petals your rose of the fabric revealed. Decorate the product by using green leaves. If you use thin wire in the Assembly process of a flower, you can make the stem of your roses, and then wrap them with green tape and floor tape. Thus, it is possible to get a rose from a large number, which will be elegant, the bouquet does not wither.

The technique of kanzashi

Opening all the topic of creating colors of satin ribbons, be sure to mention the popular Japanese technique of manufacture – new. It is a kind of origami, not made with paper and ribbon. These flowers are incredibly beautiful, original and natural. The main advantage of kanzashi is that there are a few basic elements. If you learn how to do them, you will be able to implement any existing and non-existing flower, which can only occur in your imagination.

The technique of kanzashi

To create these flowers, you need to do each petal separately, and they differ by type. All the basic elements are not so much two. Petals narrow oblong shape with a sharp tip, the second petal is rounded. To make petals, you must prepare a form that they are made from simple squares. In this case, very convenient to use strips of satin. Besides, those who are just mastering this technique is better to take the tape wider, about 9 inches. In an extreme case, not less than 5. Always start easier with larger forms. To make the squares uniform must mark the tape with a ruler. After that, you need to cut squares from desired form of the petal is special and secure with glue. The Japanese, of course, used only natural silk fabric, but the glue they had rice. But we are not in Japan, so you can afford to adapt the technology and use hot glue and satin ribbon. You can try to secure the petals by way of burning, but it is not as convenient as the option with the glue. Over time you will gain experience, and you will not be afraid of little details, and yet you can practice on large items. It is very important to do everything carefully, slowly and with love. It is desirable to have and a little bit of patience, it you really need it.

The necessary tools for working in the technique of kanzashi:

• Scissors with sharp blade and tips.

• Thread and hand needles.

• The source of the fire.

• Tweezers.

Begin to master the technique with a very simple flower. To start, use a template, which can be done with a compass on the cardboard. It is necessary to mark the desired circle. So your flower will have the correct form. For parts you can use whatever decoration: button, beads, beads and all, your first flower in the technique of kanzashi is ready. Ideal for the decoration of the headband, barrettes or elastics, and you can generally create a bouquet that will later turn into a mural decorating one of your rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but only after a sufficient skill. Slightly modifying the basic elements, you can create original flowers.

The rose fabric Flowers from satin ribbon in kanzashi style

If the desire is not eliminated after the first flowers with your own hands, but rather you want to create masterpieces, you should think about what you have on hand was a very convenient tool. It is not expensive, and you can buy it in any store, but the number of the saved nerves, time, and the end result will exceed all your expectations. Tweezers, for example, are sold in most shops of sewing accessories, also you may need pliers with long tips (very easy to them to compress tape). The only thing that will cost relatively expensive, so this is a special gun for gluing, but you can do without it.

When choosing a glue, remember that it needs to be of high quality, transparent and quick-setting. For cutting parts with their hands can use a special device for burning, in this case, you don’t even have to scorch the petals, the device will do everything for you, but you can do without it until then, until we decide to do this on a professional level.

Patience, time, and satin ribbons, and be sure that you will certainly succeed in your endeavors.

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