The formation of a fragrant garden with your own hands

Flowers and plants for a fragrant garden, flower beds. Photo and names

In landscaping suburban areas unusual option is the creation of a garden of diverse flora, fragrant with their odors. The whole point is making the plot a few fragrant pots or flower beds.

The positive aspect of this type of garden are:

  • the ability to form an area animating mood, or Vice versa, to create a place where you can completely relax;
  • the design of the garden in an unusual style;
  • the ability of aromas of plants to raise the mood and even cure some diseases;
  • providing the suburban area of unusual and attractive.

The formation of a fragrant garden with your own hands

However, there are some negative aspects of creating a fragrant garden

  • Please discuss the points about the types of flowers you plan to plant in the flowerbeds, because not all the family like certain odors of plants; we advise men to plant pine, spruce, mint, and for women the most pleasant will be the scent of roses and lilies.
  • To avoid the concentration of flavors, it is not recommended to create a fragrant garden in a closed area. This has a negative influence on the General condition of the people. The garden area should be well ventilated.

Fragrant shrubs and flowers for garden photos and names

Let’s look at what flowers are best suited to design a fragrant garden and flower beds at their summer cottage.

Kush Busco for the suburban garden

The lilac Bush

Lilac is a shrub with very beautiful flowers and a unique fragrance. For such a plant is particularly care is not necessary, it is no problem to settle down in the country, its flowers for a long time delight in the beauty and smell good. Planted lilacs near the fence at the entrance on the territory or in the backyard.

Juniper, arborvitae to design flower beds

Juniper, spruce, pine and arborvitae

These coniferous trees are evergreen and have a fresh smell. They will perfectly harmonize with all the colors in summer cottage.

fragrant rose bushes

Rose bushes

The rose garden will give your site a unique country and a unique look. The aroma in your area will be great! The distinctive feature of such plants in that area would be the garden plot of the English style. However, keep in mind that roses are capricious colors and it is difficult for them to care.

Mock orange: chaganti klumbi for photos that say

Mock orange

This plant has a hidden property of the smell, but in turn shrub’s looking pretty good and produces a pleasant aroma. It can be planted in the edge of the fence and in the area. Lilac blooms one time and loses its appeal, so keep that in mind.

Pion – common plant for the garden. It does not require special care


Pion – common plant for the garden. It does not require special care. Its buds bloom in early summer. Suggest to plant these flowers in flower beds far from the recreation area or near the fence, because despite their appeal, peonies can not really smell issue and have an unpleasant odor.

Clematis: a fragrant garden plants perennial photo


Clematis is a variety of climbing plants. They are encouraged to decorate the arches, fences, facades of houses. Clematis looks beautiful in combination with other flowers or bushes. It is unpretentious in service.

Daylilies, fragrant flowers for the garden photo


Daylilies grow until early summer. This plant is lemon-yellow tones, blooms several times throughout the season. Perfect for design of the suburban area.

Honeysuckle curly for beds


Honeysuckle recommended to be planted in the area designed for recreation. This shrub blooms quite beautiful, unpretentious and emits a pleasant aroma.

Buddleja davidii, This shrub blooms in early autumn. He has a name

Buddleja Davidii

This Bush blooms in early autumn. He has the name «Babochkina Bush», as it loves to catch butterflies. Buddleja davidii is a variety of shades from pink to purple. Next to it you can plant sage, mint, Basil and oregano.

Low-growing flowers for flower beds pictures and names

Narcissus, photo of flowers


Narcissus belongs to the category of bulbous plants. This is a beautiful fragrant flower, which does not need much care. Usually the daffodils are planted in beds or use in the formation of the Alpine slide.

Iris, dwarf flowers


Iris is characterized by strong odor, like exotic fruit. It is different pale blue and purple shades. Flowerbed with irises will look extremely attractive, will give the garden a unique.

Lily of the valley is of several types, you'll be unobtrusive, slightly sweet odor

Lilies of the valley

This flower is considered in the red book. Lily of the valley is of several types, you’ll be unobtrusive, slightly sweet odor. Flowers can be placed in a flower bed and put it in the front of the house. It is worth to note that once the flowers fall off, outwardly flower bed will not look attractive, therefore, it is necessary to add lilies and other flowers, for example, groundcover.

How to care for perfumed garden?

Care for fragrant garden is like caring for a simple garden. Plants should be time to cut, feed and irrigate.

Before plant planting, clear the land of weeds, dig up the land for planting, add fertilizer.

Watch the video on: Fragrant flowers of the summer garden: what are they?

To keep your garden blooming all season, choose plants that have different flowering time. Early in the season plant lilies and daffodils, then you can plant peas with tobacco and finally Phlox carnations and meadowsweet.

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