DIY nature-themed

DIY nature-themed Master class pictures of wool on the theme of winter evening

Each person has their favorite time of year, so we decided to offer a series of workshops on DIY topics: winter, spring, summer, autumn. Beautiful crafts on the theme of nature will be reminded of the Golden autumn, snowy winter, marine recreation or flowering plants in the spring. They can be done in schools thematic the classroom or at home to give someone a gift with their own hands. In this article you will learn about painting hair, how to make an unusual Travnikov, a beautiful souvenir made of natural materials and original postcard from autumn leaves. These crafts on a nature theme is easy to make your own hands out of scrap materials. So, let’s start.

Master class pictures of wool on the theme of winter evening

Painting fur is a rigorous work that requires certain skills. However, the finished work can become an original decoration or a valuable gift. Coat painting does not require brushes, paints and water, it runs sequential method of teaching colored woolen fibers.

Master class pictures of wool on the theme of winter evening

Painting fur in natural colors


The materials for painting with wool:

— photo frame with glass;

wool or combed colored tape;

— tweezers;

— scissors;

— interlining.

Crafts on the theme of nature: winter evening

1. The Foundation frame with interlining. After that blend strands of white fur in different napravleniyah. Arrange the strands so that the ends of the hair protrude from the paintings on 1.5-2 cm Attach the top glass from the frame and the scissors, trim out the ends of wool.

Crafts on the theme of nature: winter evening

2. Method take a pinch of combed wool tape wool. Now we need to create a background for paintings on the theme of winter night. Work with shades of blue, from dark to light, apply the pieces of wool. To assess the quality of the superimposed layers of wool on top apply glass as often as possible.

3. With white wool make drifts. To do this, pull the thick pieces of wool and lay horizontally.

With white wool make drifts. To do this, pull the thick pieces of wool and lay horizontally.

4. To draw a tree, get a thin dark blue strands and twist them to the bone. The silhouettes of the trees also make out thin white strands.

5. For the trees you need to pick a lump of white fur and beautiful shape it with your hands.

6. A month you can draw thin twisted white wool and fill it with chopped wool.

7. Draw a house brown fur and the roof cut-out white. First time working with wool can be tricky, but during the cutting imagine that you are working with paper.

8. The lower part of the house, close the drifts of white fibers.

Make the window and from the color of the light that falls on the snow. Bright strands can then be mute white fibers.

Picture of wool on the theme of winter evening


9. Make the window and from the color of the light that falls on the snow. Bright strands can then be mute white fibers.

How can you add more glass to the picture in order to correct the deficiencies. The finished painting needed to cover the clear glass and insert into frame.

Travanti their hands

Lovers of spring can make for home interior beautiful Travnikov. Who Travnik? This animal, from which decorative grass grows if it is watered regularly. The souvenir often used in kindergartens for the design of a green area or for kitchen decor.

Travanti their hands

Materials for travancic:

— nylon stockings;

— sawdust;

— scissors;

seeds of lawn grasses;

— colors for decorating;


— a needle and thread.

How to make travancic their hands

1. Cut the stocking with a length of 10 cm, sew it on the lower side.

2. In the top hole pour sawdust almost to the top.

3. Furniture pour where you want it to go. This is best done from the top, then the greens will replace the hair in the product.

How to make travancic their hands

How to make travancic their hands

4. Once the stocking is filled, top stitch it too.

5. You can now proceed to the formation of ravanica. Cut from a nylon stocking circle, sew around the edge, fill with sawdust and close. This way you can do nose, ears, arms and legs.

6. Eyes and mouth can be drawn with oil paint or cut from colored paper.

Don’t forget to water these souvenir! When will sprout grass, your crafts come to life.

Sea souvenir with your own hands

What a pleasure to plunge into the dreams memories from the sea, warm sand, salty water and bright sun. We offer you to make a souvenir of the seaside holiday and the walk along the sandy shore.

Sea souvenir with your own hands

Materials for nautical souvenir:

— jar with lid;

— woolen threads;

— scissors;

— PVA glue (it is possible and without it);

Sol for the bathroom;

shells or pebbles.

Master class souvenir in natural colors of sand and shells.

1. Jar, you can take any size, shape. Prerequisite — it should be thoroughly washed and dried.

2. Take a piece of yarn, preferably a color close to the marine theme, cut to the desired length.

3. On one of the ends of wool yarn to tie shells or pebbles. They can make holes if they do not have natural holes. If you make the hole difficult, just glue or tie a thread.

Master class souvenir in natural colors of sand and shells.

DIY nature-themed


4. The second end of the filament tied around the neck of the jar. You can cheat it and then tie both ends of thread together.

5. Now inside the jar fall asleep salt. Therefore, the jar must be perfectly dry, the salt was not saturated moisture and became lumpy. Salt put sea shells. If there are other objects connected with the sea, feel free to use them too, for example, colored glass, pebbles, or anchor a small ship.

6. Well screw the lid, and then decorate the shell jar.

This hack can be use as the decoration for the bathroom or as a decor for the party in a nautical style.

Autumn picture of their hands

Why many people love autumn? The paint, which she gives to every tree, the leaves fall and the opportunity to procurate leaves in the Park. This time of the year like not only adults but also children. You can not only enjoy the damp autumn air and bright colors, but also to collect a lot of materials for products. We offer you to watch a master class of paintings on the theme of autumn.


two of the cardboard sheet;

— scissors;

— colors.

— brush;

— autumn leaves;

— PVA glue.

Start making crafts about the autumn nature

1. Pick up beautiful leaves that have fallen from the trees. The leaves can be from cherries, apples, pears, cherries or plums, any of those that grow near you. The main thing that they were different colors.

2. Take a piece of cardboard and cut the inside oval. It sort of frames. Will put it aside.

Autumn picture of their hands

3. Now start drawing pictures with paints. On a sheet of cardboard in the upper part draw the sky. You can just paint over the blue surface, but it is better to convey the shades of the autumn sky: blue, grey and purple tones. Draw flying birds and dark clouds.

4. When the paint on the cardboard will dry and begin to create the forest. To do this, we glued the leaves on the cardboard close to each other.

5. Now take made in paragraph 2 a frame out of cardboard and glue it to the workpiece with the sky and leaves. There has to be a picture of Autumn forest in the frame. The end of the leaves look like the tops of autumn trees against a beautiful sky, and in the distance one can see the birds fly.

Autumn crafts ready. On the reverse side you can write warm wishes and to give this picture as a postcard. Cardboard for this card you can take not only white, but colored. Do not have to glue whole sheets, you can make from the leaves of another application and also submit it.

Videos on the topic: Travenick. How to make travenick their hands

Crafts on the theme of the seasons is convenient to use in schools and preschools to teach children in the classroom work. They will also help parents to pick up ideas for interesting leisure activities for the whole family. Various techniques of decorative art allows diversified to develop not only the children but also for adults. In addition, DIY nature-themed will be a good reminder of the beauty of the environment at different times of the year.

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