Cow horn — bait for carp

Cow horn - bait for carp

Cow horn for catching carp

Most experienced anglers have heard that smoldering cow horn is a great bait for carp. Him slivaetsja a huge number of this fish. For decades in many villages used for fishing that is cow horn. Despite the high prevalence of adequate bait in the villages, the city of fishermen, little is known about her. Studying books about the various methods of catching fish, it is possible to note that very little information for the topic cow’s horns when fishing for carp.

So let’s fix this injustice, I will devote an article to this subject and reveal the secret of this unusual bait.

Cow horn as a lure.

Every fisherman knows that carp can be caught on animals or plant tips. They are used as bread crumb, dough, worms, and in order to fish saw the bait, the bait need and bait. For feeding fish you can buy ready-made mix at the store and make it into balls, or if feed, download it in clay balls and drop to the bottom of the reservoir. It’s a popular way to lure a fish to tackle. But if instead you use set on fire, cow horn, it will attract an even greater number of carp. Because they just love this «delicacy».

Cow horn for catching carp

Cow horn for catching carp


Working principle of cow’s horns.

To lure would be a regular cow or bull horn. It make a hole right through and insert the aluminum wire, and wrapped the ring, the ring was tied a rope. This will help you to use cow horn for bait carp unlimited number of times. Before you submerge it in the pond, the horn needs to burn. On the fishing spot, spread a small fire and put on a horn on a stick, to burn a little. When he will smoke and there will be a specific, unpleasant odor, can throw into the pond.

Cow horn is placed in the water at the beginning of the fishing and leave there until it ends, then removed. Store it at home, wrapped in a package, but it is better to go to the garage, as it is likely that the odor of burned foods will manifest. As mentioned above, this lure can be used many times until, until there is no unpleasant odor.

Literally twenty minutes (very rarely after 60 minutes), after casting into the water, the first fruits of success in the form of huge carp hype in place of the reflux of cow’s horns. At this point, you will be sure that this lure perfect fishing invention.

If you leave the horn in the water at night, it will make the carp bite better and more active.

Cow horn as a lure.


If you leave the horn in the water at night, it will make the carp bite better and more active. For example, if you arrived at the fishing spot in the evening, you can podkoptit her to a stake and submerged in water overnight. Don’t forget to tie a rope from corner to something that you can use in the future. By six in the morning we can start fishing.

Are there any contraindications for use of cow’s horns?

In many purchase bait mixtures, even quite expensive, there are certain conditions and limitations for their use. Therefore, buying them, carefully study the user manual. In contrast, cow’s horns there is absolutely no restrictions! And it is definitely an advantage.

You can easily use it in hot or cloudy weather, in the water with any current. He has the ability to attract the carp at any time of the day or night and in any water temperature. Also it does not matter the time of year, hot summer, early autumn and even autumn, a period of lethargic behaviour of carp. It’s certainly not easy, living in the city, find the cow horn, but if you have friends from the village or from the slaughterhouse, the issue will be resolved.

A must try and you will see that cow horn is really a great lure for carp.

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