Decorate country garden figures from the bushes and grass

Country figures out of the bushes and grass with his hands. Topiary

Making sculptural structures from vegetation in the suburban area with their hands: alternative solution with respect to the topiary

Topiary is a shearing shrubs and trees decorative method. Using this technique of planting is becoming an unusual and bizarre form. In this way dot the landscape of suburban areas. It should be noted that the topiary needs regular grooming and trim the vegetation is able only a professional gardener. To place trees and bushes a beautiful shape, you must wait until they grow up, and it can be from 3 to 5 years. However, there is an alternative solution which avoids the necessity of formation of the topiary is a form-a framework for garden figures, it is overgrown with grass or flowers.

To create a figure you will need the necessary tools and materials, namely:

To create a figure you will need the necessary tools and materials, namely:

• wire of steel of 8 mm thickness;

• rope for binding or welding, to bond wire;

• a grid of steel or polypropylene (which is allowed with a smaller cross-section);

• black earth and straw;

• the mixture, which feeds the plants intended for planting herbs;

• machine for welding;

• trowel, watering can with water.

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Formed garden sculpture

The technology is simple enough, but requires a certain amount of time. We present the sequence of actions that must be complied with.

Formed garden sculpture

Step 1 – define the form of the sculpture garden

The form of the sculpture should be in harmony with the General landscape of the country territory and in style.

Currently popular:

• the shape of the geometric shapes in the form of a cube, sphere or pyramid schemes;

• the heroes of fairy tales;

• the shapes of animals.

Step 2 – create a framework for garden figures

Step 2 – create a framework for garden figures

Base-frame is made of steel wire, which is then bonded by welding for reliability and long service life figures. If you do not have a welding machine, you can use the material you want to link to individual parts.

Step 3 – preparing the base

Step 3 – preparing the base

As the basis is used black earth, which is mixed with a nutrient composition. The ratio, usually stated on the packaging of the mixture. To base of the sculpture was not destroyed and was viscous, the composition should be added the straw. Pre-moisten the earth with water.

Step 4 – effective strengthening of the foundations of mesh

Step 4 – effective strengthening of the foundations of mesh

A grid of steel serves to protect the ground from spillage and for stability. If the sculpture will have a vertical position, it is necessary to roll up the mesh of the lower plot. When the Foundation takes a horizontal form, that is lying, you should hold it on the sides.

Step 5 – pour the ground based

Step 5 – pour the ground based

Pre-moisten the earth with straw and water, gently pour the composition in a basis. It should be noted that the composition of the mixture should be thick, so it does not penetrate to the outside through the frame. Remove remnants of the mixture with a trowel. The basis should not be gaps, so she won’t lose shape after shrinkage of the soil.

country shapes in pots

Step 6 – sow seeds

After creating the framework-basis, start sowing the seeds of low-growing vegetation or grass. To sculpture acquired an original appearance, we recommend combining flowers together with grass. For example, the head of a lion can be made of flowers, and the body of the animal to make grass.

Step 7 – take care of figure

To wait for a germination of grass and flowers, you need to carry out irrigation sculpture. To do this, you should use a funnel, because under pressure the hoses could be used to blur and lose shape.

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Country to give the sculpture stability, recommended the formation of the root system of vegetation, subsequently it should grow over the entire area of the figure.

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