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Cold porcelain, DIY flowers with their hands

Cold porcelain DIY products

Cold porcelain is a very malleable material, so it can mold very small products. Of course, for modeling can come in other materials such as salt dough or polymer clay, however, they further require baking and the porcelain hardens in the air through 2 days. To work with it conveniently, therefore, this material is very fond of mistresses. Recipe of cold porcelain you can view on our website and in this article we will show you how to make spring bouquet of flowers.

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Materials for making flower:

— plastic spoons;

cold porcelain several colors;

— shape cookie cutter;

— cutting Board;

— wire;

— the;

— a rolling pin;

insulation tape green color.

— plastic grass;

basket for the bouquet.

Products made of cold porcelain with his hands

1. To create a beautiful floral bouquet you will need cold porcelain of different colors, you can use a solid mass.

2. Roll out porcelain as well as the dough. Cut out the petals shaped. It can be done independently of cans of beer or use a cookie cutter.

Roll out porcelain as well as the dough. Cut out the petals shaped.

3. If you are working on a glass cutting Board, press it into place firmly each petal and get a beautiful texture. Press it also to the other corrugated surface.

4. Below the petals were bent, place them on a disposable plastic spoon.

5. Wire wrap insulating tape blue color is our stems.

flowers from cold porcelain with his hands

6. Take porcelain yellow or orange. Also roll out and cut into small triangles.

7. The base of the triangle finely incise, download triangles in the tube and you get nice pistil.

petals for flowers from China

8. Yellow porcelain need to mould and stamens. Additionally their coat of PVA and dip it in fine cornmeal, to create the effect of pollen.

9. For each flower, make three petals and three pistils that stick to the stem.

10. In two rows glued to the stem of the 6 petals.

For each flower, make three petals and three pistils that stick to the stem

11. Cover the stem with green porcelain and hang flowers to dry and have not changed form.

12. Ready flowers set in a basket, or just gather into a bouquet and tie with ribbon.

flowers from cold porcelain is ready!

From cold porcelain can be made not only crocuses, but tulips, roses, lilies and other flowers. Do not have to paint porcelain during the cooking of the mass, then oil paints to cover the finished product. Take care of the flowers out of porcelain, just enough to blow them with a Hairdryer, flew to dust.

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Porcelain over time, not lose its shape and not crack, so you can be interior decoration or a lasting gift.

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