Reproduction of clematis seeds

Clematis from seed planting and care. Video

Today, almost every garden can meet the charming vine – clematis. This kind of twine of plants attracts a diversity of colors and varieties, so every cottager chooses the most suitable. If you decide to plant clematis from seed, planting and caring for them is not difficult. Fill your site with bright colors with flowering plants.

How to grow clematis from seed

If you want to grow a flowering vine on your site, then you have to figure out what to eat the seeds, as their species determines the timing of germination of the flower.

the types of clematis

  • Small seeds have a size of from 1.5 to 5 mm and are ideal for planting in open ground. This is due to the fact that the planting material retains viable for up to 4 years, with the first seedlings can be observed after about a month. Small seeds have the following types of clematis: Farges, Golden, white cloud, Tunguska. Small seeds have the following types of clematis: Farges, Golden, white cloud, Tunguska.

    Seeds of clematis

  • Average seeds differ in size from 3 to 6 mm. they Remain viable for a year less than small, and the first seedlings are observed in 1.5-6 months. For this type of clematis include the following varieties: Manchurian, vitalba, Manchu. the design of the site with clematis
  • Large seeds of clematis have a size of from 6 to 12 and are of a great period of germination, so planting them, the similarity can be observed through the year. Despite this, it is recommended that such species as the Siberian clematis, direct, Alpine grow not from seeds but from cuttings. Large seeds of clematis have a size of from 6 to 12 and are of a great period of germination, so planting them

Proper preparation of seeds for sowing

Large seeds clematis gardeners planted immediately after collection in autumn, but even in summer you can so not wait for the similarities. So many gardeners are preparing their seeds and carefully planted them in the spring. The process of preparing the seeds is called stratification. It lies in the fact that the seeds are planted in special containers with peat, sand and soil and kept in the refrigerator for a couple of months. If the seeds are of medium size, ripening period reduces to one month.

Many gardeners resort to the accelerated method of stratifikatsii seeds, soaking them before planting. Preferably in this case, it is often to change the water, and a week with a pump for the aquarium to enrich the water with oxygen.

transplanting clematis

After such preparation, the germination of seeds you will observe in 10 days. If you chose varieties of clematis with small seeds, it is not necessary to carry out the stratification, as they will have enough of the usual soaking.

Watch the video: Caring for clematis in the garden

Methods of sowing seeds of clematis

To grow clematis from seed is not as easy as it seems at first glance, therefore, there were several methods, depending on seed varieties.

Method 1. Had gone out of his. The seeds of sand, then covered with glass container and keep in the greenhouse at temperatures up to 20 degrees before landing. After a few months you will have seedlings that can be planted in August in open ground.

where to plant clematis

Method 2. Sharonova. Fall seeds are planted in plastic containers filled with humus and cover film. Store containers in a dark room and after a few months it will appear the first shoots. At this stage you will be able to plant the seedlings in boxes, and in July to plant in the open ground, keeping the distance between plants up to 0.5 m.

clematis white clouds and blue

Method 3. Sheveleva. Seeds of the selected varieties of vines planted in the banks, then after 3 months contained in the refrigerator. In the spring of the similarities of this planting material will increase to 90%.

blue wreath from seed

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Spring planting vines is immediately after all the preparatory works with the seeds. Clematis has received many positive reviews from gardeners. If you use the tips from this article to grow from seed clematis you can easily with your hands.

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