Children’s creativity crafts — balloon

Children's creativity crafts balloon with their hands

Children’s creativity crafts — balloon with their hands

Games – an integral component to normal child development. Don’t have to buy a ball or dolls, as children believe the game even spending time with their parents. They are just at that age when fantasies and dreams is an integral part of their lives. Try with your child to do some crafts with your hands. In this article you will learn how to make papier-mache balloon. The child will receive a sea of emotions and impressions from this process, and then be able to play independently with the finished work.

For children’s crafts you need:

the balloon;

— hand cream;

— a box of tea bags;

— colored paper;

— scissors;

— PVA glue;


brush for glue;

— a container of water;

— gouache paint.

— brush for paints;

the wire or thread.

The stage of product development balloon:

1. Take the newspaper or any paper, not thick. Break it into pieces, which are then wetted in water containers.

2. Take a balloon of any color. Inflate it and grease hand cream.

doing crafts with the kids with their hands out paper

3. On a layer of cream spread our soaked pieces of newspaper. Do this without glue and all over surface of ball so that there are no gaps. Leave not covered only a small area near the tail of the balloon.

4. Now coat the entire ball with glue and put the next layer of paper. So repeat this process 3 or 4 times.

5. Give the ball to dry, preferably near a heat source. It will take approximately two hours.

6. While the process of drying, now you’re making a balloon basket. To do this, take a box of tea, cut off its lid and on the entire surface of the paste with colored paper. Optionally, the inside of the box you can also glue or paint colors.

odd job the balloon with their hands

7. When our balloon is completely dry (all the layers of paper should be thick), the primed it with a mixture of gouache with glue. Let the child choose the color of the ball.

8. After this, gently pierce the balloon. Inside he’ll pursue Newspapers.

9. The ball can be decorated, like a real balloon — colored stripes or leave it solid.

10. Now add the basket to the balloon.

Children's creativity crafts - balloon do with their hands

This creative product can be hung to the ceiling or cornice in the nursery, and if the heat and in the courtyard trees, you can make a parade of balloons of various colors and sizes. Believe me, even the neighbors will not remain indifferent.

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