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Body star from paper with your hands step-by-step MK

In this article, you will learn how you can effortlessly make a beautiful and three-dimensional star out of paper with their hands. The star can be not only a perfect decoration of your home on the eve of new year holidays, but also perfect for children. This way you will give the child the opportunity to understand what spatial thinking in the illustrative example, and besides, you yourself will be useful to trace how developed your creative child. A white sheet of paper – this is the perfect place to be creative, and if he still has some sort of thematic form, it can give a bold look with paint, crayons or markers. Sleight of hand and a little imagination will help you and your child to create a masterpiece that will delight the eyes of your guests.

Materials needed for paper crafts

Materials needed for paper crafts

All that is needed to produce three-dimensional stars with their own hands can be easily found in every house, and mean to carry it will absolutely everything, so all that is needed:

1. A sheet of paper (can use regular white paper or use colored paper).

2. The compass.

3. Ruler-protractor.

4. Stationery scissors.

5. A simple pencil

6. Paint, markers, colored pencils (if you decide to paint your masterpiece).

Instructions for making dimensional stars

To start the production volume star with the definition of the main material, and more particularly of paper, from which it will be done. Options paper now presents very much, so you can take the easiest sheet in landscape format, and a beautiful paper designed for gift wrapping. For this purpose, suitable the paper you use for scrapbooking. If you use paper of a high density, so this hack can be used for decorating the Christmas tree or to put in a room on a shelf as a room decoration.

Step one: on the reverse side of the paper (if you use packing) you need to draw a circle – this is the diameter of the future stars. The easiest way to do this with a compass, but if his house is not, you can take a saucer or dish of desired size and cut around it. You must then draw a straight line from the edge to the center of the circle.

Instructions for making dimensional stars

Instructions for making dimensional stars


Step two: in the next step you need transportera line, it should be noted the angle to 72 degrees and hold one straight line. So you need to be done around the diameter of your circle. In the result you should have five lines.

Step three: at this stage, you need to connect all of the lines in a star shape. Then, in the very center of the star need to spend additional lines, you can make them dashed.

Step four: now you need to cut the resulting star and fold along the guide lines (the fold should run toward you, so your drawing will look inside). To give the bend lines maximum severity need to treat them with a blunt object (scissors, ruler, the reverse side of knife), this should be done only if you used very thick paper.

In this article, you will learn how to effortlessly make a beautiful and three-dimensional star out of paper with your own hands. The star can be the perfect ornament..

Step five: bend the model, which you turned into a star.

Volumetric star, made his hands ready, it remains only to make a loop and can be placed on the tree. If you make this way few stars of different colors and connect them together, you get a beautiful decoration in the form of a rainbow garland.

View an interesting video: five-pointed star out of paper

If you experiment with sizes and colors of stars, you can use them as decorations for Christmas gifts instead of the usual and boring all of the bows. Such elements can be clipped together using thread, glue or double-sided tape and attach them to various surfaces at the desired angle.

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