Bait for carp with their hands

Bait for carp with their hands

Carp are common in all water bodies and rivers in Russia. His catching is very fascinating and interesting. If you were able to lure this fish, the catch is significant, and of course the positive experience of fishing will bring relaxation with a feeling of full satisfaction from the process of fishing. In preparation for fishing for carp, you need to consider that this fish is lazy and lethargic, feeds mainly on algae, and slime is not hungry. But the taste and smell of this fish are as good, tempting smells, he can hear very far away, even in stagnant water. What is more attractive to carp bait, the more interesting it will be to catch.

Bait for carp bait with your hands

Bait for carp bait with your hands

Bait for carp bait with your hands

Currently, network of fishing shops there is a large selection сухоq bait, which is worth considerable money. And as practice shows, such a bait is not always effective, spend their money, and as a result remain without a catch. It’s a shame when the neighbor’s dog.

I propose to consider some fishing recipes for cooking lure bait for carp.

I propose to consider some fishing recipes for cooking lure bait for carp.

Recipe for carp bait first

Components: bread crumbs, ground oil cake and biscuits, and steamed wheat semolina. All of this mix, one measure of biscuits, wheat and semolina, half a measure of meal and biscuits, now add the flavoring, very good garlic, vanilla, cinnamon, ground fennel seeds, cocoa. Again mix everything together, the smell of the flavor should be slightly noticeable. On the shore brought bait for carp before the final state, if necessary adding river water if you are fishing in the river with the current and, for example, on feeder tackle add soil from the river banks have minimal amounts, as this will make the bait loose and the current will quickly wash it off. If the pond with standing water and catch the bait, then the primer added, bringing bait balls, where they hit the water, will not crumble, and fall to the bottom and there evenly apart.

The second recipe

Ingredients: pearl barley, peas and millet. One measure of barley and a quarter of a measure of peas proverjaem about two hours, at the end add one bushel of wheat, cook for another 15 minutes. Then insist within a few hours (until it cools). Maximum dumping water homogeneous adhesive mixture and add flavors – the oil of flax or hemp, and also drip six to eight drops of thyme oil. All this stir. On the waterfront received the porridge is brought to the required density with the help of coastal soil. Bait for carp can be used as on the river with the current, and on reservoirs with stagnant water.

Third recipe of bait with your hands

Fishing hooks with their hands

Third recipe of bait

The elements: bread crumbs, bran and roasted, ground seeds (sunflower). All this is thoroughly mixed, per kilogram of the mixture, add three spoons of sugar or one of honey (tea). Add flavorings, coastal soil and pond water, mix, leave, let infuse for about half an hour. This bait can be prepared directly on the beach.

Bait for carp recipe No. 4

Components: wheat, corn and barley grains, corn flour, semolina and ground cake. One degree, wheat and barley grains, half a measure of corn, and a quarter of a measure of corn flour, and semolina cake. The dry mixture sprinkling on packages weighing up to two kilograms. Arriving to the fishing spot, add to the dry mixture of river water and a few drops of Corvalol (at the rate of six drops per kilo).

Well, if you need to quickly prepare the bait for carp, you can use the advice of an experienced fisherman Veremeenko A. G.. half a loaf of white bread cut in small pieces, add ½ liter of water, waited to swell the bread slices, place 300 grams of milled seeds the mixture leave it to infuse for about two hours. The required density help add a coastal soil.

And finally, the most simple and effective bait for carp… cheese.

How to attract carp groundbait

How to attract carp groundbait

With feeder tackle all clear, here are the rules of complementary foods known and subtleties are not abundant. Consider ways of feeding on the still water of a fishing rod. Make medium size balls from the mixture. In density, so when they hit the water they were divided evenly settled to the bottom. Thus, in the water column, a uniform column of small particle bait mix. On all sides of the reservoir disperses the scent of the bait that attracts carp and other fish. After preparing balls throws a rod, a custom depth defined by the distance from the coast, where we are going to catch fish. And throw balls of bait, one directly under the float and two one to the left other to the right not abrasive about a meter. Thus, we determine the location of feeding carp, immediately select the reference point, in order not to lose the place of casting. In the course of fishing is not dependent on the intensity of the bite toss with an interval of about one hour another two bowl feeding.

Suggested recipes bait have practical experience in the application, and that means only one thing, if the pond has carp, You will get unforgettable hours of the bite and of course a decent catch.

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We hope our article was useful for You. Good luck in carp fishing!

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