Airplane crafts on military subjects

In childhood every boy wants to become a fearless flier to go a certain voyage, to overcome the enemy attack and rescue a large number of people. It is not obligatory to buy expensive toys, for children the process is important to the game. Encourage parents to make a plane from cardboard together with your child. You will be able to enjoy your leisure time with your whole family and teach your toddler to create something with their own hands. The product plane , we offer you to make the lessons work at school or kindergarten, then she will be a good gift for dad or grandpa.

Materials for the manufacture of the airplane:

— a box of matches;

— white and colored cardboard;


— the range;

— scissors;


— markers or colored paper.

Airplane crafts on military subjects

Make the plane with their hands

1) On a sheet of cardboard, measure out two strips across the width of the broad side of the box. This future aircraft wings, the length of which can be up to 21 cm, Measure strip with a ruler so they is smooth throughout its length.

pattern paper airplane

2) At the narrow side of the box measure out two strips, length up to 30 cm It will be the tail of the aircraft.

3) One narrow strip bend in half and glue across the box, from which first remove the matches. A strip is pasted with the middle of the box with two opposite sides.

make a paper airplane with your own hands

4) a Second narrow strip being cut into 4 parts. One of them cut sharp corners and glue to the edge of a narrow strip of the tail. Use another small narrow part to make a pronounced tail vane of the aircraft.

5) Symmetrically to the crop corners wide strips.

airplane out of cardboard ready

6) Glue the wings on the boxes on two sides to completely cover the widest part.

7) On white cardboard, draw a square, divide it into 4 parts, each of which must fit one of the propeller blades. Cut out the drawn propeller and glue it to the center of the narrow part of the box. Cardboard prop can be replaced with old plastic toys.

8) Now you can start decorating the plane. From colored paper cut out flowers or stars to decorate the plane’s wings and tail. You can use markers, beads or nail Polish with sparkles.

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This product does not require any specific skills and is done fairly quickly. Cutting of small parts as well as decoration of the fuselage is an interesting activity that will help the child to feel like a real engineer. Now your little one can go to your imaginary flight with the new toy.

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