Beautiful bouquets of sweets with their hands photo

A candy bouquet with your own hands. A lot of photos. The world of design

Bouquets of sweets appeared relatively recently and has become very popular. This gift for a long time will delight the eye and remind him of the giver. Candy bouquets is an original composition of chocolate sweets.

Modern florists offer official, anniversary and wedding bouquets in technology, this Sweet design. We made for you a special selection of the most beautiful bouquets of sweets with photos. I hope that these ideas will come in handy for inspiration or will be a good sample of the bouquet, which you only dreamed of.

New ideas of bouquets of flowers

This basket is an original gift with their own hands not only for friends or family members, but will also appeal to your boss. Subtle shades of colors and the harmony of the composition make it unique and presentable.

sweet design basket

Sunflowers in technology, this Sweet design will remind you of warm summer days.

you can make sunflowers out of chocolates that will be a good reminder of the last summer days


You can think of a flower, make a lot of preparations, and then to combine them in one bunch.

to make a flower from candy, you will need corrugated paper

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Don’t know how to get a gift bottle of champagne? We offer you to make beautiful flowers out of candy and repeat the composition with the photo.

decorate a bottle of champagne in the technique, sweet design

This hat can beautifully decorate a wedding car or bedroom decor. You can choose a different color scheme. The flowers on the hat, easy to do. For this you just need to learn the basics of Sweet design.

the original hat to decorate wedding car


In the winter you really want to enjoy the bright colors. Unfortunately, the range of colors is very small, so the colors of candy will be the best solution.

simple and bright floral bouquet made of sisal and corrugated paper

Another version of the winter candy bouquet

purple, white tulips you can make sweets with their hands, and then put together in a bouquet


Despite the fact that artificial flowers don’t need water, they are still original will look in a vase. Such a composition succinctly fit into the interior of the bedroom.

bouquet of flowers in a vase to decorate the bedroom

Tired of the usual flowers? Want to impress and don’t know how? This purse will appeal to any girl or your little girl.

handbag will not leave indifferent any girl. The original sweet accessory

This candy bouquet will look beautiful in the living room or the kitchen. Carefully examine it from different angles and try to do the same yourself. The technique of making candy bouquets is quite simple, so it can handle even a beginner.

view from different sides of this floral bouquet, and repeat the song yourself


To choose the flowers to men is a complex task, but it is quite simple thanks to the new direction of floral design. This soccer ball of candy will be a nice sweet surprise for the fans of football matches.

if you have a child or one player, he will like a bouquet in the shape of a soccer ball

Now you know a lot of new ideas on how to make beautiful candy bouquets. To receive a gift of flowers that never wither is very nice. We wish you success.


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