What to eat at night for weight loss

how to drink kefir before going to sleepKefir is a fermented milk product known for its beneficial properties. It is believed that drinking yogurt at night, you can greatly improve your health. Is it really so? Useful at night to drink kefir, we will deal with you today.

The benefits and harms of yogurt at night

Kefir, like probably every product has its positive and negative sides.

The benefits of yogurt are that it is composed of vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and useful lactometer-prebiotics (bacteria). It is the latter have a positive effect on intestinal microflora, stimulating the digestion and assimilation of even the heaviest of meals. By the way, it is believed that the level of immunity depends on the quality of the microflora in the gut. So that the use of a glass of kefir at night extends to the prevention of SARS and colds.

To whom and how useful yogurt at night:

  • People who suffer from diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas;
  • People with edema, because the yogurt among other things is also a diuretic;
  • For those looking for a food protein, as yogurt is low fat is a valuable source of protein;
  • People with obesity and overweight;
  • Yogurt with honey at night useful for those who have sleep problems or chronic fatigue;
  • People on a diet is useful yogurt in order to kill the hunger. However, be careful: after digestion of yogurt appears twice the appetite.

Despite such a volume of useful properties, kefir has its drawbacks. By the way, the cons of eating yogurt often are the flip side of the advantages.

Some criticize the yogurt due to it contained alcohol, although it is minimal: approximately 0,04-0,05%. Due to the fact that yogurt is produced by fermentation, that it is his property down and promotes deeper sleep.

Another fact against the use of yogurt at night is its protein composition, which morning awakening may be accompanied by pain in the head and muscles.

Who shouldn’t use yogurt:

  • People with high acidity of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • People with loose stools you should not eat fresh yogurt, and just 3 days ago;
  • For those who have rapidly excreted fluid from the body, it is recommended to drink yogurt not just before bedtime, and a couple of hours;
  • Children under one year, due to the still immature intestinal flora;
  • People with lactose intolerance;
  • People who suffer from heartburn.

You can judge for yourself, wholesome yogurt at night for you, objectively, advantages from its use more than the minuses. But it is also important and the quality of yogurt.

What yogurt should you drink?

When buying yogurt pay attention to the expiration date: the yogurt is not stored longer than 7 days. Otherwise, the yogurt is likely to contain starch or other thickeners, interrupting the benefits of the beverage.

Kefir that is stored for more than a week, it is better to let the home production of fermented milk product from milk:

  • Add a glass of kefir 1 liter of milk and leave overnight at room temperature
  • So you will get fresh and healthy yogurt for Breakfast already.

Fat-free yogurt many blamed for the fact that a low percentage of fat is most often achieved by adding thickeners. But this can be avoided if you know one rule: do fat-free yogurt has a very liquid consistency, which resembles serum.

Along with the kefir the same benefits to body, natural yoghurt, fermented baked milk and yogurt. If you choose to proceed your own taste preferences.


Instill in yourself the habit to drink yogurt at night, you will get rid of many problems and diseases. But to enhance a healthy habit you can add to kefir all sorts of ingredients, each of which further contributes to the impact on the flora.

  1. Yogurt with cinnamon for the night

This so-called cocktail that burns fat, is prepared as follows: to a glass of fat-free yogurt have a half tsp.spoon the spices and 1 tsp.a spoon of honey to improve the taste. The cocktail can add half a tsp.a spoon of ginger or red pepper. If there are no honey, prepare the yogurt with sugar at night for weight loss, adding a small amount of spice.

The benefits of yogurt for weight loss at night is not only the extermination of calories and excess fat. This drink also helps get rid of hypertension without medication.

  1. Yogurt with bran at night

Pour bran small amount of boiling water and let it brew. Then add low-fat yogurt. Consume this drink at night if your goal is getting rid of extra pounds.

  1. Yogurt with prunes for the night

The plum is a unique and useful product that helps in weight loss. In addition, the use of prunes provides protection against beriberi, he also cleanses the intestines, improves its performance, reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood, improves mood and stimulates the weight loss.

To prepare a cocktail of yogurt with prunes for the night, put the berries in a blender, beat them to pulp and fill it with yogurt. Proportions are determined independently on the basis of taste preferences. Taste reminiscent of yogurt. Not in large quantities to eat yogurt with prunes for diabetics.

  1. Garlic with yogurt at night

This strange combination will help you to get rid of extra pounds and dysbiosis. 1 clove of garlic finely chop, pour a glass of kefir and leave in the kitchen for a few hours before bedtime drink.

This drink is to use those who have ulcerative disease of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract in the period of exacerbations of chronic diseases.

  1. Yogurt with oil at night

Yogurt and oil is a natural remedy for constipation. Add to a glass of buttermilk at room temperature 1 table.a spoonful of olive oil, mix and drink before bed.

Flaxseed oil has long established itself as an excellent product for weight loss. It normalizes metabolism, reduces appetite, cleanses the body and creates stress on the body like most diets. Therefore, Flaxseed oil with yogurt at night is another drink for weight loss.

If you are aiming to lose weight, don’t forget about regular consumption of clean water. But unlike yogurt to eat before bed is not necessary. The matter here concerns not only the natural needs to urinate, which may prevent sleep. The answer to the question, why can’t you drink water at night, very simple: it creates a strain on the kidneys and cause swelling of the face and bags under the eyes.

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Share your opinion about weight loss, and cleansing using yogurt in the comments!

Be healthy!

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