Workout to burn fat at the gym and home for weight loss

Workout to burn fat

For successful weight loss person should diet and an intense cardio. Without exercise weight loss is possible, but the skin will look bad, and may have an irregular shape. The best choice will be a combination of proper nutrition and fitness.

What exercise is best for weight loss

The most effective exercise program for getting rid of fat will consist of compound exercises with high intensity. A specially prepared scheme for raising the heart rate so that the body began to actively expend energy to extract it from the subcutaneous fat. This would be a good fit cardio training:

  • run;
  • aerobics;
  • work bike;
  • circuit training.

This rule is equally true for men and women. Is important to do aerobic exercise can not only in the gym but at home. An important condition for obtaining the desired result – compliance with diet. Any exercise in the gym (and including power), which would raise your heart rate to the required performance, will positively affect the process of weight reduction.

Girls on aerobics

Workout to burn fat at the gym

Easier to hold classes for fat loss in the gym where there are the necessary ammunition. Men and women will need dumbbell, treadmill, jump rope, neck or pancakes. For each athlete plan is chosen individually, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of metabolism, lifestyle, work on specific problem areas. Following will be provided training on fat burning.

The training program at the gym for men

During training it is important to keep the heart rate is consistently in the upper range, so the rest between exercises should not be more than 20-30 seconds. If the method class is circular, that the distance between them should not be at all (resting only between rounds). To train with serious weight needs no emphasis should be placed on the number of repetitions (4-6 cycles). An example of a circular exercise program in gym for men:

  1. Chest press (dumbbell/barbell).
  2. Squats (dumbbells/barbell).
  3. Bench press.
  4. Lunges with dumbbells.
  5. The wide grip pullups to the chest.
  6. Flexion on the biceps.
  7. Pushups on the bars.
  8. Bench platform legs.
  9. Lifting legs in vis.

The person performs the chest press

Exercise to burn fat women

Differ workout for women in the gym that do not have the task to build muscle mass as in men. This does not mean that you do not want to increase endurance, strengthen muscle fibers, so with the small weight still have to work. It is important to do between exercises rest more than 20-30 seconds, or the pulse falls again and cardio will not occur. An example of one circle (need 4-5):

  1. Twisting on a press.
  2. Squats with the neck.
  3. Link to the breast unit.
  4. Lunges with dumbbells.
  5. Pull the head unit.
  6. Bench platform legs.
  7. The lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps.
  8. Straightening hands on the triceps in the block.

Home workouts to burn fat

The beauty of cardio is that hold fat burning workout at home is possible with the same success as in the gym. If the rocking can be complex, using the split system of training or a combined load, then at home to effectively burn fat only in a circular method of training. Are these classes quickly, all 4-5 rounds takes about 20 minutes. Spending should be 4 for the week to start the process of weight loss.

Girl engaged in fitness

Workout at home for girls

Well, if you are the dumbbells on 2-3 kg, but without them you can lose weight. You should allocate one day to dedicate his run. Morning 20 minute cross on the street will strengthen your blood vessels, heart, increase stamina, saturate the oxygen to the brain. Workout routines for girls at home, given below, are calculated on a circular run method:

  1. Deep squats.
  2. Push-UPS wide grip from the floor.
  3. Attacks «scissors» on the spot.
  4. Twisting on the floor.
  5. Jumping from squat.
  6. Reverse push-UPS.
  7. Lunges to the side.
  8. Pushups narrow grip.

Program workouts at home for men

Guys, usually reset extra pounds a lot easier, but before them, there is another problem – the increase in muscle mass. At home without the extra weight make it extremely problematic. Therefore, the training program for men aimed solely at burning fat will help to reduce the weight and improve the relief of muscle. Example workout day:

  1. Pushups wide grip.
  2. Twisting.
  3. Pull the dumbbells.
  4. Squats.
  5. Pushups narrow grip.
  6. Bending of the hands.
  7. Reverse push-UPS.
  8. Chest press up.

The guy pressed by the floor

What kind of workouts to choose

The process of getting rid of excess weight is the acceleration of the metabolism, increase energy consumption. Therefore, any suitable types of training for weight loss, which have high intensity:

  1. The split system.
  2. Circuit training.
  3. The cardio: running, Cycling, and aerobics.

The first option is suitable in case the fat have the desire to work the muscles (more suitable for men). The second type gives the maximum aerobic exercise, speeding up the metabolism, burning fat. The third option is the most common, but creates a minimum load on the upper part, which is more suited to girls who don’t need broad shoulders and back.

Cardio training for fat loss

This is the most common form of training which people opt to burn calories. In contrast to circular systems, cardio workouts for weight loss can be done by beginners in the sport. This type includes all programs that can create stress on the heart («cardio»). The more intense works the heart muscle moves blood greater its volume, the better and faster is the metabolism, the breakdown of fats. Typically, applications use such simulators:

  • treadmill;
  • bike;
  • stepper;
  • orbitrek;
  • rowing machine.

Man on a treadmill

Strength training for weight loss

Many athletes think that you need to perform only aerobic exercise to burn fat. This statement is true only for beginners, but after a month, when muscles come to tone and strengthen, this will not be enough. For greater effect, should be combined with more cardio and strength exercises to burning fat. Different types of load will cause the body to actively break down fat, besides training with weights needs more energy to be extracted from deposits. With 3 workouts, typically spend 1 power with basic exercises. These include:

  • bench press;
  • the chest press;
  • deadlifts;
  • squats with a barbell.

Interval training for fat loss

The fastest way to get rid of raised belly or cellulite on the legs – interval training. This is very difficult even for experienced athletes, beginners can be done only under the supervision of a personal trainer. The essence of this workout for burning fat in the change of the load intensity. As a rule, use interval running, it runs as follows:

  • 2 minutes of running at a moderate pace;
  • 20 seconds at the highest speed possible;
  • again, 2 minutes in a moderate;
  • 20 seconds maximum.

This is an example for beginner who are just trying this type of load. Over time to align periods of high-and low-intensity running. Duration of the class you need to define yourself. A person can begin anoxia due to such a serious load, so do not force yourself to run if you feel dizziness, nausea.

Girls on the run

Fitness program for weight loss

This type of training includes all aspects, including aerobic exercise. Fitness is the General name for any activity of his own body, which may be high-intensity and pure power. For weight loss should choose a program that would load all parts of the body, to observe the short intervals between sets and do not take a great working weight. Need to perform each exercise 10-12 times, 3 sets. An example of such a complex for 3 days in the table below:

Training day
1. Legs, abs, back. 2. Biceps, triceps, shoulders. 3. The cardiorespiratory training.
Squats with a barbell. Bench press. Classes on a stationary bike, a treadmill for 40 minutes at an average pace.
Twisting on a press. Breeding dumbbell lying on the bench.
Lunges with a barbell. Bending of hands on a biceps.
Bench platform legs. Straightening hands on the triceps.
Deadlifts. Press the dumbbells up sitting.
Thrust block to the chest. Mahi hands with dumbbells in hand.
Bending the legs in the simulator. Twisting on the floor.
Lifting on socks. Lifting legs in vis.

What is the difference between women’s workout from men’s

Between the physiology of boys and girls, there are many differences. For example, few of the men picks up a calculator to count calories when women can not do without it in any way. Even observing one diet, children will be much easier to achieve fat burning. With the same reason and the strong floor are good power an intense workout. Moreover, they need not just to lose weight and gain muscle mass to achieve the beautiful forms and proportions.

Unlike women’s workout from men’s is in duration. The girls will have to spend in the gym more time to devote time to cardio to the detriment of power. Eliminating them completely is not necessary, but real weight loss will only be possible with regular aerobic and anaerobic (strength) exercise. To be afraid to build muscle because the female body is not enough testosterone to build the same weight as men.

Video: circuit training for fat loss for women

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