Why growing belly

A big belly is called that which is beyond the body proportions. With age most people begin to accumulate fat in the region of the peritoneum, and the process does not depend on excess weight. Often have a protruding stomach even skinny men and women.

Why belly bulging greatly with age

In people the stomach, which violates the natural proportions of the body (sticks out beyond the line of the bust, the waist makes the invisible) called SLR disease, since this deviation of your legs can only be seen with a mirror. As a rule, the belly is growing because of excess body fat. When weight fat often accumulates on the sides, waistline, back, hips and abdomen. The position of the person with obesity is complicated by the fact that the kidneys, liver, intestines, other internal organs appear visceral deposits that impede their work.

In the body with age, the rate of processing fat changes: the metabolism becomes slower, both in men and women. The position of the latter aggravate the problems that appear during menopause. Common reasons why fat is stored in the abdomen:

  1. Problems with the intestines. If a person has constipation, stomach bulges, becoming firmer, pain occur. Often constipation is accompanied by bloating, which also increases the volume of the peritoneum.
  2. Dysbacteriosis. Common pathology, in which the number of pathogenic bacteria outnumber beneficial. In the presence of dysbiosis food is poorly digested, there is flatulence in the background of putrefactive processes in the intestine.
  3. The lack of fiber. Large amounts of protein foods with insufficient consumption of vegetables, fruits, cereals lead to bloating, slow digestion and the growth of the stomach.
  4. Lack of the enzyme lactase. The consequence of this is getting unsplit lactose in the small intestine, where the foods are digested, causing flatulence. The abdomen becomes large.
  5. A foreign body, a tumor in the intestine. A symptom of these problems is the constant bloating.
  6. The presence of pathology. If deposits build up in one particular place, there is a reason to visit a doctor because the cause may be liver pathology, gall bladder, etc.
  7. Urological or gynecological disease. Fat accumulates in the abdomen indicates a possible lesion in the genital area.

Bowel problems

What products growing belly and puts fat

Why is the stomach? Fat at waist and sides, usually accumulates as a result of unbalanced nutrition content in the human diet of many harmful products. Should abandon fatty foods: meat diet it is better to eat boiled or baked. What should be deleted from the menu, if rising peritoneum:

  • snacks (chips, crackers, croutons);
  • white bread;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • any sweets, sugar;
  • smoked products;
  • salt including pickles;
  • canned;
  • fast food;
  • grapes, bananas.

Why with age growing belly in women and strongly bulging

With age, many members of the fairer sex increases the waist size, however, other areas of the body can remain the same as before. The problem greatly affects the lives of women, forcing us to buy new things because the old skirts and pants no longer fit or don’t look right on the figure. To understand how to deal with the problem, it is necessary to establish its cause. Which increases the belly in women?

Disturbances during the growth of the belly

Causes big stomach in women

The question of why bulging stomach troubles many Mature ladies. In addition to aesthetic problems, excess body fat can lead to heart abnormalities, diabetes or even cancer. Thus, if the standard methods of dealing with obesity (exercise, diet) do not work, the root of the problem can be hormonal, genetics or any disease of the internal organs.

Ask why growing belly, is a gynecologist or endocrinologist. During the menopause the amount of estrogen and progesterone is significantly reduced, this reduces the level of testosterone. These hormonal changes stimulate weight gain. So, if growing belly, it is not necessarily a negative factor. Fat tissue helps the production of estrogen, making kompensiruet their lack of menopause, and therefore, the increase of its quantity in the abdomen – is for women more of a plus than a minus.

Hormonal changes are observed, in addition, in the period before menstruation or during early pregnancy. Women have a growing belly, because it slows down the process of digestion, which increases the likelihood of constipation and bloating. Help relieve the unpleasant symptoms of walking or light exercise. In addition, if rising peritoneum, it is necessary to Supplement the diet with fiber and drink more fluids.

Frequent pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, feeling full stomach can talk about gynecological diseases. Similar symptoms give ovarian cancer. Vagueness of symptoms that would indicate gynecological diseases, complicating the diagnosis, therefore, reveal the cancer at late stages. If you can’t determine the reason why a growing belly, consult your gynecologist to eliminate the possibility of ovarian cancer.

Big belly

Why men growing belly from beer

The growth of midsection men, as a rule, is associated with the physiological characteristics of the organism. If women have body fat distributed evenly most often, in men, they begin to accumulate on the internal organs and the omentum. «Beer belly» may not grow from the beer and from the harmful salty snacks that are consumed with it. Nuts, crackers, chips lead to obesity that provoke more appetite.

From what bloating men? The weakening of abdominal muscles is a major cause of protrusion of the peritoneum. Weak muscle becomes unable to maintain the walls of the stomach and intestines, causing them to stretch, freeing up space for accumulation of fat. The main reasons for the zonal problem of obesity in men are:

  • lack of exercise (low mobility);
  • excessive consumption of caloric food;
  • weak abdominal muscles.

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