The snack with health benefits

What you can eatMost people who adhere to a diet, constantly tormented by the question, how many times a day you must eat, three times is the limit or you can eat in between main meal. Most medical institutions practise frequent meals, it is optimal for weight loss. In rare meals our body goes into saving mode and even a special menu with low calories will not, no one effect. Our body creates a stock. But if a person other than the main meals makes a few snacks, the body is easily separated from the fat reserves and weight loss process is faster. Usually when you snack is suppressed hunger. And breakdowns on a diet mostly and appear because of hunger.

Some rules, how to choose the right time for a snack.

Snack to do in between main meals. When you have a mind to eat do not be. Important snacks are considered to be the second Breakfast and afternoon tea. At the fractional power, you set the rhythm of development for the juices of digestion.

Which snack healthier

Low in calories, but nutritious. Most of the ladies with curvaceous love to eat a treat that contains a lot of calories. Slender also satisfy your hunger with light food that helps them to adhere to the lunch and eat less. Women who have a sedentary job, you should make snack products that contain no more than 150 calories, but if you are on a diet, it is 100 calories.

Bad for a snack:

than you can eat at workHot dog contains a total of not less than 230 calories, if it is not big, but in a large serving contains only 350 — 400 calories.

Different puff. All cakes that are sold in stores contains about 300 calories, and are considered the most nutritious meat, cheese, various jams and preserves. They contain up to 600 calories per 100 grams.

Good for prekus:

Yogurt or cottage cheese with two grains bread. In this case, your snack will be a little more than 150 calories. You will hunger to retreat, as get a good portion of carbs and protein.

Apples. First, it is a minimum of calories. Second, the content of fiber and pectin. Apples are also able to quench their thirst. They contain vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. One Apple contains 47 calories.

What is useful and harmful

Most of us ensure that lunch, dinner and Breakfast was as natural and healthier. In the case of the snack sometimes just moving away from it. There is a perception that if it’s not a main meal, or anything terrible will happen. A huge part of various additives and carcinogens gets into our body with snacks, as they add a large amount of additives and fried.

Bad for a snack

bad for a snackVarious chips. Remember that this product contains the following substances which interfere in the activity of the nervous system, by degeneration of the cells, this all causes damage to DNA. There is no safe dose, even a few pieces can cause injury.

Crunches and Kirieshki. Carcinogens in them as much as chips. As many and various additives and flavorings. They contain large amounts of fat and they are usually made of high-grade flour. In the chips contains about 550 calories in crackers and kirieshkah about 400 calories.

Good for a snack

Perfectly satisfy your hunger different nuts, as they are well deduce harmful substances, but they contain a lot of calories. Therefore, for a snack, take thirty grams of this product. 30 grams of walnuts contains 188 calories, hazelnut – 213 calories, pistachios, almonds – 192 calories.

What you can eat without harm to the figures

Usually sweets will soothe your appetite for about an hour, after which it will begin to bother you with a vengeance. Sweets cause fluctuations in blood sugar, leading to overeating.

Bad for a snack.

than you can eat at workDifferent chocolate. After its use, after 30 minutes again want to eat and preferably something sweet. 100 grams of chocolate contains 547 calories.

Marmalade and caramel. I own the same effect as chocolate. Of Goodies in them there is not any, one only calories.

Cottage cheese with jam. It contains calcium and protein which contribute to good metabolism. But here’s a sweet jam or the jam will cause the desire to eat. Hence, failures in the body.

Good for a snack.

Dried fruit, sweet taste, but also the sugar in them a lot of fiber, minerals, which is good satisfies hunger. Prunes contain 230 calories in dried apricots and raisins -290 calories.

Bananas are sweet fruits, but they are fine for a snack. As they contain a lot of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested. He also can lift your mood in a single banana contains 90 calories.

Choose a snack that wouldn’t hurt your health.

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