What to eat to lose weight fast?

We all know what to eat to lose weight fast). This is the usual vegetables, a simple coarse cereals from whole grains, not from obscure packages and lean protein, plus healthy fats. So, put in the basket poultry, beef, white fish, a bottle of olive oil, a few packs of grits, and everything that happens in the Department of vegetables, and become slender and well-fed. All just? Nothing of the sort. The normal search of the Internet gives a lot of conflicting information that sometimes it begins to seem easier to not have nothing at all than to choose the right diet.

What to eat to lose weight fast: the athletes

For many, the benchmark figure is former athlete category bikini Ekaterina Usmanova. I had to eat to lose weight fast Catherine? In an interview with «Iron world» the girl willingly calls his favorite dishes:

  • on the main is white or red steamed fish with herbs and lemon, plus a salad of green vegetables or slightly steamed asparagus;
  • morning — oatmeal with protein or egg whites

While in training day national pet is eating not more than 1500 kcal, and in a day about 1200 calories.

This fact was the cause of the conviction of Catherine’s unhealthy eating behavior. A slight problem — the diet of the stars bikini is almost no complex carbohydrates do not take 30 grams of oatmeal in a dry form? Then in Instagram, Kate wrote that eating fruits, salad and cheese, and not particularly calorie counts, «razgonnyj» metabolism is not engaged, and fractional power does not suffer. But who now believes her? After a while there was a whole culture. If young girls were sitting on the buckwheat and kefir to lose weight fast, now eat this:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal dry 30 g, protein 4 eggs
  • Lunch: chicken breast and vegetables with vegetable oil
  • Dinner: fish and vegetables with vegetable oil

Between meals — in the best case, a protein bar and a shake. At worst nothing or fruit.

All would have been great if this diet fits all indiscriminately. It is precompetitive drying or the human diet with a very substantial metabolic adaptation to low calorie diet. That is, if kata it helps to maintain a dry form, here’s Masha from the city of N. can help to by numerous health disorders.

Why all this? But because in compiling the diet should not for the super-food to hunt and rations stars bikini, and to calculate, at least, their need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Hint: to lose weight fast firstly, it is necessary from 1 to 1 5 grams per kilogram of body weight, the second — about 1 m, and the third is about 3-4 g. If you are not losing weight, add an aerobic activity or slightly reduce carbs but not to fall below 2, 5 g on 1 kg of weight.


Three stories of weight loss

In Runet popular success stories Catherine Mirimanova, Svetlana Otarova and Tatyana Rybakova. How they lost weight and what they ate? The sellers of happiness in the form of chewing gum, teas and Goji berries are vying to be placed on their resources photos of the girls with their next product. The truth is that none of the thinner didn’t drink no tea, coffee or ate Goji.

About the experience of all three women can learn from their books. In short, Mirimanova ate everything, but limit the portions and not eating after 12 hours certain products. Otarova used the system, known in the English-speaking world as «intermittent fasting», as well as a low-carb diet, and Rybakov — normal high calorie diet with 2-3 servings of oatmeal in the water, and 3-5 servings of protein plus vegetables, seasonal fruit and healthy fats. Boring, Yes? Let’s have some fun myths about what to eat to lose weight fast.

Grocery lists for quick weight loss

Usually such lists move through the walls in social networks, and nobody even thinks about the practical benefits of this knowledge. What they write:

  • eat spices, like ginger and red pepper to «accelerate metabolism» and lose weight faster;
  • don’t forget about grapefruits, they satisfy your hunger, and burn fat;
  • in extreme cases, buy Goji, Ananas or even some of the acai berry. All three products or so called «fat burning»;
  • and if not, eat more lean protein, he has a good heat index. That is, our bodies spent on absorption of much more energy than you get together with him;
  • wait, more green vegetables you eat, they have a negative calorie

Something rational is even in this list. If you’re flavoring your food mildly spiced, you are unlikely to break with the diet, as you will be tasty, and no urge to treat yourself to something others will not have. Adequate amount of protein in the diet — the key to a healthy immune system, good skin condition, hair and muscle tone. And pineapple with grapefruit and Goji just helps us to diversify the diet so that we have more natural vitamins. Not thought about the monotony of the diet and their sad fate.

But there are lists of foods for quick weight loss a hidden problem. Believing that there is a fat-burning food, you would like give yourself installation, something you can eat without restrictions. And then begins…At the next forum weight loss there is another lively debate about whether it is possible to recover eating 2 kg of apples or plums every day. Where does the desire to eat something in such quantities? That passion is monotonous and too «diet» food.

How quickly can we ever lose weight?

But the list of fat-burning foods for quick weight loss soon disappears. The reason — strong demand for this kind of information. We are convinced that the norm is a loss of from 10 to 20 kg per month.

actually, the physiological norm is about 4-5 kg for those who have a diagnosis of «obesity» and 1-2 kg for all others. But doctors believe the safest weight loss of 400-500 grams a week.

This allows you to keep the immune system, and muscle mass of a man to maintain at a good level, not just «merge» as many pounds in a short period of time, and return them almost 2 weeks.

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