What to do to lose weight hands? Proper nutrition, exercise, errors

Want to know what to do to lose weight arms and shoulders? And the same when fatty deposits in other parts of the body. Revise the food and exercise, if not start from scratch. Various «quick solutions for full hands» are not helpful because they are based on logic that is alien to our body.

He didn’t lose from the lettuce and swings with mini dumbbells?

No, of course they’ll lose weight, but You obviously met them on the streets. Bones, open tops and… the Batman wings on the back. This, dear friends, the consequences of incorrect weight loss. If the years to drive the weight up and down on unbalanced diets, the triceps will long waved to the people you said goodbye 5 minutes ago.

Body fat on the hands and arms are usually thin, and the first results are clearly visible in this zone. It is perfectly clear how to lose weight woman. Properly and gradually, and then her shapely shoulders and graceful hands. Or speed and with an unbalanced diet and then it «Batman».

Low calorie diet is not balanced in its mass for protein. This leads to the fact that the body begins to destroy its own muscle, for example, to maintain the immune system. Here he is eating our beautiful shoulders and toned triceps. But the lethargy remains. And efforts to organize and support the fasting, usually accompanied by not a small. It is necessary to endure hunger, eat something tasty (on the Internet he is the «fat hands» offer the diet eating apples and vegetable soup from boiled cabbage with a little water).

We must abandon all trips to visit with potential food and…And the result is going to disappoint anyway, as if there are some vegetables and fruits, high you can get just a little flabby weighing the body, and in the worst case, a slow metabolism which doesn’t let you eat normally. And «beauty» have to support life on a low calorie diet.

So lettuce isn’t an option.

How to eat to lose weight in your hands?

It all depends on where you are now. Calculate your daily caloric for at least 3 days. Lead a diary, you will immediately see, overeat you regarding medical standards or malnourished. The latter is a bigger problem than the first.

The first is clear. Lovers excess food should reconsider your diet. But not just «Oh, Monday do not eat sweet, fatty and starchy foods and eat only the chicken breast with buckwheat». You are unlikely drastically to love healthy food, especially if before it had never eaten. Changes should be small, almost imperceptible. Put less sugar in tea and substitute it with stevia. Learn to prepare sauces at home and take them with you. Buy dairy products to low fat content. Leave the potatoes on the plate when eating in the dining room. Discard half of the dessert. Do not just «to make the perfect calorie». Try to reach a certain average value, cutting just 300 calories a day.

As the development process you will change and «harmful to helpful», and really love the notorious buckwheat. Just if you do it slowly, the probability of success is higher.

And what about those who are malnourished, but still has a flabby body with visible body fat? So I would like to hint at a gym, but all the more complicated. Such problems can be caused by endocrine disorders, so the path to the temple of sport will lie through the doctor’s office.

Algorithm to «fix» here is pretty simple. Caloric intake should be slowly raised, but not at the expense of sugar and fatty sauces, and using low-fat protein foods, fat the right type of avocado and raw nuts, and complex carbohydrates, such as porridge. Move so slowly that the weight has not increased, although the jump on the shelves at the beginning of the inevitable.

Think of his weight loss as action for health and not cosmetic surgery as against a full owner.

What exercises to do to lose weight hands? The benefits and harms

Now be honest. How many do you have, these biceps-triceps, due to their training you are going to create a substantial calorie deficit and lose weight? I don’t think you secret Phil Heath and almost half consists of the hands. Most likely, like most women is the smallest muscle in the body. And ill-defined, if you weightlifting and powerlifting has never worked.

Therefore, exercises with micro gantelkami from the series «10 minutes for beautiful hands» usually only help those who shoots video about them, and even then only in financial terms. You can be sure — most of the Queens videouroki anyway goes to the gym. And believe me, there is not 2 kg up.

In addition, the principle of «swing, and loses weight» does not work. Lose weight we the whole body at once, so to speak. The main condition is to create a calorie deficit. So we need a correct diet and properly-organized workout.

The truth is that you have to do at least push-UPS and pull-UPS to normal to pump those biceps and triceps. We need heavy basic exercises in flexion and extension with dumbbells, to work. And to bypass this rule will not work in any way, except that you are somewhere magical wand find.

What exercises to do to lose weight hands? Right lose weight of the hands can look like this:

  • Push-UPS with an average production of palms. To failure, 4-5 sets
  • Pull-UPS on the bar reverse grip narrow. To failure, 4-5 sets
  • The Australian pull-up on low bar reverse grip, feet on the floor. Similarly, 4-5 sets.
  • Dips to failure, 4-5 sets

Unlike traditional, this program will contribute to fat burning, as it uses not only the biceps and triceps but also the muscles of the back, center of the body and even buttocks with the thighs as stabilizers. But this, by the way, does not mean that you don’t need to squat, do a pull, and perform other exercises for the entire body. It is best to develop in a balanced way.

It’s hard and you want dumbbells? Better compensate part of the weight of the body using elastic bands for pull-UPS and exercise from the high tables or benches in the hall. And bending and straightening you will be able to add at the end of training the hands so that the number of lifts you can perform, were not more than 10.

Well, if you want to work out alone with free weights, try the following exercises:

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