What is the dangers of diets?

…Diet is harmful. Yes, Yes, it is harmful. How can it be useful is what makes people unhappy? On the one hand, a positive result is planned – the loss of extra pounds… But from experience 90% of supporters of different diets, happiness does not last long. The word «diet» in the present only creates negative emotions associated with limitation, but not with relief.

Considering the situation the emergence of excess weight, we can distinguish main groups:

  • abuse of fried and fatty foods, fast food;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • excess weight on the background of the disease (metabolic, hormonal swings, all diseases associated with restriction of motor activity);
  • the extra weight gained in pregnancy.

The last two points can be combined, however, pregnancy is not a disease, but the pounds that remain and stubbornly refuse to leave, delayed rebellious hormones. Here is their something and need to put in order.

Eating large amounts of fatty food, and not constantly controlled, the body is depleted. It gets necessary for the proper functioning of substances and as a result, this leads to a crash (hormonal disturbances, change in metabolic processes). And a mass of food that is not digested cannot be immediately withdrawn. As a result, the body postpones it for later, as a reserve in the form of fat folds.

There is a need is directly proportional to motor activity: work hard and move, eat a lot, move a little, then eat less. Man can not is, it is against his nature. The need for food, as natural as breathing. Based on this, it turns out that the diet disrupts the natural functioning of the body, and it is against nature.

Thus, it is safe to say that if a person is actively moving, not abusing harmful foods and healthy, then typed in some moment of weakness, extra weight will go as quickly as it came. There are only two conditions: a balanced diet of delicious and healthy, and certainly movement.

A moment of weakness considered to be a holiday period, long weekend. During these periods, the bulk of the population does just what goes into the store, comes home, sits in front of the TV and eats and eats and eats. That is why the majority of people sits on a diet after the Christmas weekend or after the next holiday. And suffering.

What causes diet in reality?

Diet, namely the refusal and limitation of food is a stress to the body. The body doesn’t understand what he is being punished. As a consequence, decreased mood, thinking about is food and the output of the person has a shattered psyche, close to a nervous breakdown, depression, and in particularly severe cases, serious diseases. In this state, the body requires food again and again. And after the diet and after some time the extra pounds come back in twice the condition.

What’s the solution?

How to lose weight? Hardest thing to have to lose weight those who suffer from a certain disease. Ideally you want to cure the disease or at least to stabilise (in the case of incurable diabetes). With the help of experts to get the metabolism and to maintain it (moderate physical activity, proper nutrition). Women after childbirth, it is important to eat right. If after cessation of breast feeding, old forms refuse to return, you should see a specialist endocrinologist. It will help to stabilize hormones and determine the cause of excess weight.

A visit to the endocrinologist applies not only to parous women, but all people (men and women) who cannot bring their weight to normal parameters eating right and moving well. Some tests will allow to understand where the failure occurred and how to fix it. It usually helps to vitamins, to address the need for vitamins and minerals, lack of which the body tries to compensate due to excessive appetite.

It is important to remember that the power of man is the result of movement, which using energy burns body fat as fuel in a furnace. If the fat is not to burn, that is not moving, it is deposited in the body.

Another point concerns the taste of the food. The food should be tasty, but also useful for this purpose in the modern world there are many possibilities. Also, the food must be fresh.

The results

For the correct and beautiful forms

  1. to eat healthy and tasty. If a person loves fried, but unhealthy food then really it should not be ruled out, it is possible to eat very little. Right, does not mean only vegetables, no salt and oil. Right, so, there are vegetables, meat, fruits, juices, herbs, buy, soups, and it all has to be fresh.
  2. move, move and once again move. Be sure to exhaust itself with trainings. Important daily a lot of walking (5 km), to bend, to squat. All the muscles have to work. Morning or evening charging perfectly cope with the task. For those who can not self-discipline, will approach the option of a fitness club and a swimming pool. Especially for people with sedentary office work.
  3. you need to be sensitive to their health, in spring and autumn to supply the body with additional multivitamins. If you have any suspicions, you should consult with experts.
  4. if a person is weak and tired, once gained, is not frantically hungry. Most importantly, to stop, to return to the familiar menus and some time to increase physical activity.

Following these simple tips will help you to lose weight without restrictions, not torturing yourself and your body. To live and eat with pleasure.

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