What if the weight stopped for weight loss

You decide to lose weight, choose a suitable way, use it. Everything goes according to plan, the amount of extra pounds decreases, but at some point, weight stopped going down. It is not necessary to panic, it’s just a reaction of the body. In such circumstances, should find out the reasons stop weight and to take reasonable measures.

Why stop weight for weight loss and not reduced

The girl on a diet

Stop weight loss can occur because of malnutrition in which a person chooses to lose weight:

  • consumes more energy than it spends;
  • eats three times a day;
  • include in the diet foods that can hold excess fluid;
  • do not drink the necessary amounts of water, which slows down the metabolism;
  • carbs, especially in the evening hours.

Wrong, sports is the next possible factor stop weight during weight loss. Weight training does not bring the desired result if:

Training in the gym

  • You eat directly before training or immediately after.
  • The kind of fitness you have chosen, is not conducive to weight loss.
  • Workout is too intense, give rise to stress in the body.

The pause in weight loss sometimes occurs in women shortly before the onset of menstruation. Those women who are receptive to estrogen, in this period of time is delayed excess fluid, swelling Breasts, there is nervousness, irritability, increase sensation of hunger and appetite. After this period, the weight again will return to normal.

Methods of correction of the plateau

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What if the weight stopped for weight loss? First of all, you need to take into account how and what you eat. A balanced diet with sufficient amount of protein contributes to the gradual weight loss. No wonder protein, the Dukan diet is widespread. You should not adhere to too rigid of diets that lead to dramatic weight loss. After some time the effect is lost, is a loss of skin tone. In addition, a balanced diet involves the correct drinking regime.

What to do if the weight stopped for weight loss? View mode sports training, add some variety to your usual lessons. Add strength exercises aimed at problem areas. So you will strengthen bones, increase muscle, speed up metabolism. If you want you can go to more moderate types of training: swimming, Cycling, yoga, slow Jogging in the fresh air. Come to the sports complex, change your fitness program every month and a half that the organism was not possible to get used to the load.

If you have stopped weight loss, consult your doctor / physiotherapist. The specialist will advise you what to do, if the weight stopped for weight loss. In such cases, can be useful methods:

  • ultrasound therapy, beneficial effects on tissue metabolism;
  • warm up, stimulate blood circulation, relaxes the muscles;
  • massage, which promotes the breakdown of fat cells and elimination of toxins, helps to solve the problem of cellulite;
  • lymphatic drainage, speeds up lymph and blood flow, removes puffiness, stabilizes the metabolism.

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Marina, 24 years:

I have complied with proper nutrition. Only in this lost weight from 78 to 57 kilograms. Over the last couple of years to 6 kg and once again returned to me. Three months ago again began to lose weight. A month had gone only a few pounds, and the weight got up. Calories are not considered. To control took the notebook and began to write down what eat. Eat a little in the evenings – only fruit.

Jeanne, 36 years:

Trying to lose weight but hand weights are on the same number for a month. Understand why. Ate little protein, studied often, but only one kind of fitness running in the morning. Need to come up with something else. I guess I’ll go to yoga. Want to lose weight for yourself, to improve health. My husband loves me and adores even such.

Catherine, 28 years

My weight was up and not changed at all, which I did. In two weeks, easy go 4 pounds, then one was added again. Drink a lot of water, sweet and do not eat the bread for several years. Do sports three times a week I go on aerobics. I think we should revise the nutrition and choose a different hotel. Always wanted to do Latin American dancing.

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