What fruits can you eat when losing weight

Girls who strongly approach the issue of weight loss, be careful to your diet. In the composition of food consumed to calculate the most important thing is calories. The main supplier of «bad» calories is sugar. Because of its presence in fruits, they are excluded from the daily diet losing weight, and this is a mistake.

What a useful fruit for the figure

Fresh fruit

Cause of failure to lose weight from consumption of fruit – the fructose. But many forget that the process of digestion of this carbohydrate is completely different than that of sucrose. It increases the level of sugar and is absorbed more slowly than sugar. This rate reflects the glycemic index, which often pay attention to people who want to lose weight. Fruits can be divided into groups according to the number of sugar content, the amount of which varies in the fruit with a very large range (calculated in g/kg):

  • low;
  • average grade;
  • with a high sugar content.

However, fructose is a carbohydrate, so it would be impossible not to pay attention to it. The main advantage of fruit – sugar in their composition are digested more slowly due to the dietary fiber. The presence of more vitamins are better than capsules, plainest, make the fruit almost complete food. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, the consumption of fruits must be reasonable: in extreme doses and given the purpose of consumption. So what fruit can you eat when losing weight?

A list of the most beneficial fruits for weight loss and removing fat

Fruits and juices for weight loss

Each fruit has a different effect on the processes in our body. There are those that promote weight loss and those that hinder him. To understand what fruits can you eat when losing weight, you need to study their properties in detail. Fruits that promote weight loss:

  • Grapefruit is the most useful for weight loss. Has a low calorie content and substances that promote the breakdown of fats in the body. The leader of positive reviews among dieters.
  • Pineapple – another «friend» to lose weight. It contains substances that improve digestion and the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down proteins and fats. After a month of application visible results.
  • Kiwi – contains b vitamins Rich in Niacin, and minerals; high in fiber and proteolytic enzyme acticin. This composition helps speed up metabolism and saturates the body with vitamins.
  • Apple is the most widely available and low in calorie, high in iron and fibre, relatively low glycemic index.
  • Orange, low calorie citrus with a loading dose of ascorbic acid and dietary fiber. Useful for weight loss, boost the immune system.
  • Pear – the fruit with a very coarse fiber and pectin, which promote proper digestion and bowel cleansing. It is useful to drink after a meal.
  • Lemon vitamin C and dietary fiber contains essential oil, which positively promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes.
  • Watermelon is very popular among people who are addicted to diets. Good for the kidneys, it has low calorie, easy to digest, and quickly saturates. Popular fasting days and diet with watermelon.
  • The pomegranate is the fruit by which not only lose weight. Heals blood vessels, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Stabilizes the stomach and digestive system, which is very important in weight loss.

Table calorie

Composition 100 grams of product
Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Kcal
Watermelon 0,7 0,2 8,8 38
Pineapple 0,4 0,2 11,8 49
Apricot 0,9 0,1 9 41
Orange 0,9 0,2 8,1 38
Banana 1,5 0,1 21 89
Cranberries 0,7 0,5 8 43
Cherry 0,8 0,5 10,3 52
Grapes 0,6 0,2 15 65
Blueberries 1 0 7 35
Grapefruit 0,7 0,2 6,5 35
Pear 0,4 0,3 9,5 42
Garnet 0,9 0 11,2 52
Melon 0,6 0 9,1 38
BlackBerry 2 0 6,4 31
Figs 0,7 0,2 11,2 49
Strawberry 0,8 0,4 6,3 34
Cranberry 0,5 0 3,8 26
Kiwi 0,8 0,4 8,1 47
Gooseberry 0,7 0,2 9,1 43
Dried apricots 5,2 0 55 234
Lemon 0,9 0,1 3 16
Mandarin 0,8 0,3 8,1 40
Raspberry 0,8 0,3 8,3 42
Mango 1 0,2 17 65
Sea buckthorn 0,9 2,5 5 52
Peach 0,9 0,1 9,5 43
Papaya 0,6 0,1 11.1 V 41
Drain 0,8 0 9,6 43
Red currants 0,6 0,2 7,7 43
Black currants 1 0,4 7,3 44
Persimmon 0,5 0 13,2 53
Blueberries 1,1 0,6 8 44
Cherry 1,1 0,4 10,6 50
Rosehip fresh 1,6 0 10 51
Apple 0,2 0,3 8 37
Dried bananas 4,5 0,6 54 245
Dried cherries 1,5 0 73 292
Raisins 1,8 0 66 262
Figs dried 3,1 0,8 57,9 257
Strawberries dried 0 0 73 286
Prunes 2,3 0 58,4 242
Dried dates 2,5 0 68,5 271
Dog rose dried 3,4 0 21,5 110
Apples dried 2,2 0,1 59 253

How to eat for weight loss

Many wonder, is it possible to have fruit at night and how to lose weight with their help. Eat them before going to sleep is impossible. Don’t forget that is carbohydrate foods. Evening better and more useful to eat protein foods. Useful cheese for dinner or an omelette with lots of products Energy Diet. The most effective will be the impact of the fruit on the body, if you eat them for Breakfast, especially citrus. Often they are used, to close carbohydrate window after training, saturating not only fast carbohydrates, but also vitamins, organic substances and dietary fiber.

Recipes with fruits for losing weight

Purifications of pomegranate

Fruits can be combined with any cereal, e.g., oatmeal. Fresh recipes will help you in compiling a menu for each day. A diet that includes more protein and vegetables, will be the best medicine, and you forget about the pills. Low-calorie salads, diet desserts and cocktails are simple to prepare at home.

  • Apple salad with pomegranate. Apples (3 pieces), preferably sour varieties, cut into large pieces without removing the peel, season with yogurt and add pomegranate seeds.
  • Smoothies of kiwi and Pamela. Natural yoghurt with no additives or kefir – 200 ml, 2 kiwi, Pamela. Mix in blender, pour the cocktail into the glass, fill with cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Low-calorie dessert with pineapple. Small pineapple clean, cut into cubes. Grapefruit peel, divided into slices and mix with the pineapple. Fill with yogurt and decorate with mint leaves or berries.

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