The most harmful food products

the most harmful food productsThe beauty of a woman is not only a figure, skin, nails and hair, but a proper healthy diet. And in order that the food was healthy and right, you need to choose such foods and eat those dishes that if you can not bring benefits to the body, but will not harm him. So you bypassed intestinal disorders and not reduced immunity, today let’s talk about what the most harmful foods for health, which should not be eaten in large quantities.

What are the most harmful products for health?

Experts in nutrition have created a large number of lists that distributed the provisions of products from more to less harmful. We won’t make such a list, because if the product is harmful, then why distribute it position. We have listed and describe the harmful food.

The list of harmful foods

  • crispsChips, as in the preparation of this product , it accumulates a large amount of carcinogens, and it is at its use can lead to various cancers. Chips are a source of fats and carbohydrates, which are hidden in the shell of various dyes and substitutes taste. High cholesterol increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks;
  • Drinks containing gas. Lemonade, which stands on the shelves of our stores is a mixture of different chemical compounds, gases, and sugar. The consumption of this sweet beverage in a large quantity may result in. That man could receive anger, panic attacks, depression or even lead him to violence;harmful drinks - sparkling water
  • Fast food products are harmful for the figure. Nowadays such food became accessible and popular. If you want to keep your figure, joints and health, then you should avoid this kind of cafe that sells salads from genetically modified foods, French fries, Coca-Cola. Such food will be prepared in vegetable oil for repeated use. And pasties, belyashi, crackers and burgers, which are cooked in a butter, very harmful. If you constantly eat this food, it can lead to various disorders of the digestive tract, cause gastritis, constipation, heartburn, and colitis;Skoda fast food
  • Various sausages. Smoked and boiled sausage – it is also foods to avoid and not to eat them often. All sausages contain a large number of flavors, colors, and different supplements that and displace natural product – the meat. In the composition of these products are fats pork skin, visceral fat, fat that are hidden under the hat of different taste alternatives. Many products can contain soy, which can be up to 70% of the volume of the product. Also they may be toxic compounds such as phenol.Why not have a sausage?
  • Margarine. All flour products and pastries, which are made using margarine contain harmful TRANS fat. And this guarantee of acid-base balance and metabolism, which can lead to excess weight.
  • Canned foods. Canned tomatoes, cucumbers contain large amount of salt, and salt is white death. Various chemical preservatives and sugars in the canned food destroy vitamins and enzymes. It is worth considering how we serve it to our young children, buying a variety of fruit and vegetable puree with long shelf life. Even if you are by yourself at home will prepare jam from berries or fruit, it is still you, the vitamins will not be saved, otherwise our jam just starts to wander;
  • Dairy products and milk. Most people don’t tolerate milk, although it is a great source of calcium. Milk is good only when you are sure of its origin. The milk that we buy in the store, be stored for a long time, and it makes you think about the fact that it was added to some chemicals, which prevent its souring.
  • Yogurt. This product contains a large amount of fragrances, dyes, antioxidants, stabilizers and thickeners. If you think that the yogurt contain beneficial bacteria, then we tell you that they live there no more than two days. Beneficial bacteria cannot exist in an acid environment. Manufacturers promote and impose on us with the success of your product, so you should think again, to use it or not.
  • Marmalade, toffee, chewing Confwhy not a useful yogurtYety, chewing gum, candy, lollipops, chocolate bars, wafers and other products. These treats contain large amounts of sugar, food substitutes, dyes. They are probably the most harmful products for your figure, you agree?
  • Mayonnaise and ketchup. These products are considered harmful, if we buy them in the store. Mayonnaise and ketchup made from high-quality environmentally friendly products at home may even be useful if all the rules of cooking. Store-bought mayonnaise, especially in plastic packaging carries a great harm. Since it includes vinegar, but it absorbs all the carcinogens contained in plastic packaging. As such the Mayo guarantees a high cholesterol.
  • Berries, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits grown in adverse conditions. If these products have been treated with various chemicals for their rapid maturation, you should know that such products contribute to the emergence of different cancers. Such products can be grown near factories, highways and even in radiative zones.
  • Alcoholic beverages. Not the worst alcohol in large quantity. The most dangerous thing to drink wine, which you can buy in the store. Not always in the store can be natural wine, and the mixture of alcohol, water, various flavorings and colorings.
  • Refined products: oil, sugar, rice, flour. Products are cleaned. Flour cleaned, and bleached, that is, it after treatment does not leave any useful things. It becomes a starch, and what you’ll make from her baking, which contributes to the blockage of the intestine, which may appear a disease such as diabetes and even infertility. The same goes for sugar, refined oil and rice.harmful than semi-finished products
  • Semi-finished products from meat. The most common prefabricated meat is meat dumplings. All nutritionists around the world always against the combination of meat and dough. But most often the danger is not in this , but what kind of meat was used in the manufacture of this product. So do not be lazy and to cook pancakes with meat, dumplings, cabbage rolls at home.

Even the most harmful foods, see the video


From the above it can be concluded that the harmful products included in the list, are harmful because they are incorrectly prepared or they are handled incorrectly. Try to buy those products, the origin of which you cannot doubt. And then fit and healthy we’ll be fine.

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