What can you eat before a workout? What to eat after a workout to lose weight?

Nutrition before and after exercise — a controversial issue in fitness. Many still believe that for the sake of reducing weight can five hours to suffer without food. Remember not to eat two hours before and the same after? Others point to the need to have protein for muscle growth. Others — on the importance of carbohydrates. And fourth recommend a spoonful of peanut butter with protein shake, not to suffer increased appetite. Who is right? The food is seriously depends on the current diet of fitnessista and its objectives.

What can you eat before a workout, if you lose weight?

Losing weight means you use less energy from food than you expend during the day. Here you need to solve the following tasks:

  1. approach to training physically ready. You should not feel hunger, dizziness or discomfort. But the heaviness from overeating was not an option;
  2. to have the body’s glycogen storage reserve, that is, your asset must be at least 3 eating 20-50 grams of carbs in them, when strength training;
  3. have a protein reserve and a lot of free amino acids in the blood, like cardio and weight;
  4. if possible, plan your meals so that to stop post-workout hunger with the help of a light snack, and is sure to make meal after meal.


Professionals often eat so…

Before training three same caloric intake, for example, a Breakfast of oatmeal with protein powder lunch of chicken breast with buckwheat and vegetables, and a fish dinner with rice and vegetables. This is followed by training, and after — protein snack, so as to obtain about 20 g of protein a single (usually a cocktail of protein powder or bar high quality with no added sugar), and only a half hour — again a meal of protein and fiber, or even a small portion of carbs if they are still scheduled for that day, but not eaten.

Tips trainer

If you train in the evening, feel free to copy this strategy and add another meal before training an hour. Let it be a protein bar without sugar, or a serving of cottage cheese with fruit. Nothing heavy, try to meet the 200 g of food.

However, for the typical diet of high fat percentage to adequate… no matter what you eat before training. That is, if you for some reason can not, for example, eat cereal, but you can replace it with a couple pieces of bread — make. «Troubles» about clean power is needed only for those who have a body fat percentage below 18. Usually at this point we can already see your abs and topography of muscles of the legs. In this case, follow different protocols for cardio and strength:


Before power in mylopotamos style eating for 2 times for 3 hours a good meal, for example porridge, resulting in about 30 g of carbohydrates, chicken, vegetables, oil. And within half an hour, drink a carbohydrate beverage line of sports nutrition so that the blood went another 15-20 g of carbohydrates. It is not accompanied by any proteins. The athletes of the «old school» at all to eat the candy before class, so that you can adopt, it’s important to eat a inadvertently pack. There should be no self-deception.

«Shipping» has the meaning carbs before a heavy workout. If you frighten to this day, biceps with triceps and abs, you can do a Apple or nothing. But if you do skip around the perimeter with bodybare and 2 kg dumbbells, you don’t need to read it all. Eat balanced 3 to 5 times a day, and just try not to go to the gym hungry or too full;


Before high intensity interval workout eat simple carbs — fruits, honey, dried fruits, per hour, with a small serving of protein, primarily whey protein;


Before the usual cardio…do not eat as often doing it on an empty stomach. Just drink amino acid drink or take amino acids in capsule. If cardio is done as a separate exercise, for example, in the evening, eat protein and fiber, that is, chicken, meat, fish and salad vegetables. Can and cheese to eat, no matter what he wrote on the walls in social networks, it is still absorbed by the person, and if you don’t have lactose intolerance, you can eat.

What to eat after a workout to lose weight?

Upset and please at the same time. To eat after a workout is necessary. And if you have managed the day to spend all the extra calories «approaches» to the machine with chocolates and coffee, your diet is at risk. If calories there are very few, it is strongly recommended to drink at least a protein shake, for those who are categorically afraid of sports nutrition — eat white fish or cottage cheese with vegetables or even solo

After power lose weight often eat only protein foods and vegetables, but it’s just due to the fact that the power have the greater part of humanity — in the evening, and until that time all carbohydrate meals has been eaten. In fact, the rejection of porridge in the evening does not accelerate weight loss, especially if the one who refuses hasn’t been eating the proverbial porridge in the afternoon and in the morning. Experiments in the spirit of nizkouglevodna lead to a slower metabolism and cause problems with the restoration. Often can’t lift the weight at the next workout those comrades who sharply underestimate the carbohydrates.

Translated into available, eat your porridge, if you do not eat it during the day. Those who find it difficult to sleep on a full stomach can make use of the protein complex or even a simple cheese in small amounts.

And about the food that magically burns fat at certain times of the day, fill the anabolic window and other to forget. Unfortunately, women are just hormonal background not so active to immediately synthesize a lot of protein immediately after a barbell. Therefore it is very important to evenly distribute your proteins, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day and eat nutritious and natural products.

There is a certain sense to load 20 grams of simple carbohydrates immediately after workout those who trains on a close to professional level, and performs power-speed work. To drink the proverbial sweet juice in addition to protein shake it is worth those involved in crossfit, kettlebell fitness or powerlifting. But training with weights for weight loss group, or work with a coach production equipment and reasonable power session this download is not required.

What to eat after cardio?

Some sources recommend «extending» the fat loss, eating only one protein, such as eggs or cheese. Others point to the fact that there is no scientific evidence that proves that carbs at this time, slow fat loss. In fact, in the body of a fitness buff, it is always, when there is a deficiency of energy. So you should care more about what and how much you eat during the day than on copying strategies fitness professionals.

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