Weight loss through yolk

There are many rapid methods to combat obesity. For weight loss can be used the products available at hand, such as eggs. Although some nutritionists recommend to exclude them from the diet, the regular consumption of egg yolk in accordance with the recommendations helps to reduce body weight. Find out more about the diet.

Composition and useful properties of egg yolk

In the product of animal origin contain substances, which can lose weight anyone. In the yolk there are over 50 trace elements. It is rich in fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. In addition, the yolk is lecithin, fatty acids, pigments, carotenoids, and cholesterol. The product has a high calorific value – about 54 kcal, but it does not prevent weight loss contains choline, lecithin, Biotin.

The beneficial properties of egg yolk:

  1. Nourishes the nervous tissue.
  2. Stimulates brain activity.
  3. Is the prevention of cancer.
  4. Improves liver function.
  5. Stimulates fat metabolism.
  6. Ensures long-term supply of energy.
  7. Relieves fatigue.
  8. Beneficial effect on the formation of germ cells.
  9. Has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
  10. Involved in the building of muscle tissue.

Chicken eggs

How to lose weight with yolk

The secret to quick weight loss – the content of the egg Biotin. This substance plays a dominant role in the fat-burning process, speed up carbohydrate metabolism. With regular use carbohydrates do not have time deposited in the problem areas. To lose weight with yolk product is recommended to eat cooked – on the basis of this developed several programs. Raw is not prohibited, but they are harder to digest and can be dangerous to health. Fried rarely used because of the high fat content of ready meals based on them. Only sometimes can afford eggs with vegetables.

Slimming with the help of egg yolk should be combined with the right foods. The best combination is with low fat dairy products and non-starchy vegetables. There are several diets which recommend to include for weight loss citrus (sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit), meat, fish. Diet effective only when lose weight does not forget to do physical exercises.

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An effective diet for the egg yolks: sample menu for a week

How to lose weight in egg yolks quickly, without hurting yourself? See nutrition program for 7 days. If for some reason a diet break, no need to continue, start again. Be sure to drink vitamins and dietary Supplements, the diet plan performs gradually.

Day of the week





2 hard-boiled eggs, grapefruit,

green tea (1 Cup)

1 boiled egg,

medium size orange,

boiled chicken fillet (approx 150g)

chicken fillet (200g), yogurt (1 Cup)


2 eggs, 200 g of citrus juice

steamed (boiled) chicken,

2 orange,

1 glass of still mineral water

a glass of milk, grapefruit,

eggs (2 PCs)


1 egg,

mineral water without gas, diluted lemon juice (1 tsp.)


boiled meat (veal or beef, 200 g)

2 eggs, sparkling mineral water


full omelette 3 eggs

2 chicken legs (steamed, boiled), lettuce

boiled egg,

2 grapefruit, sparkling mineral water


light salad 2 eggs, boiled carrots, sour cream

2 fresh carrots, orange juice

marine fish (stewed or boiled),

1 egg, mineral water without gas


fresh cottage cheese (150 g), 200 g of citrus juice

2 boiled eggs,

2 grapefruit

mineral water (as you want)


2 eggs, half grapefruit

1 orange,

boiled meat (200 g)

mineral water in any quantity

Recipes of dietary dishes

If there is an urgent need to lose weight, try more often to cook and eat the following meals:

  1. A salad diet. Need to cook 4 eggs, divide each into 8 parts. Then cut into strips cucumber and a few radishes. All stir, add pepper, salt, a little olive oil.
  2. The scrambled eggs. Take 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. lowfat milk, mix everything. You can add chopped greens, salt and tomatoes. Pour everything into a pan, cook 6-7 minutes with the lid closed. To dishes weren’t watery, the vegetables can be pre-fry (saute).
  3. Cocktail. Take the whites only in the amount of 5 pieces, place in blender, add 3 walnut. To shoot down. Add 100 ml of milk, 1 teaspoon of honey, beat again. To cool and drink.

Diet omelet on the plate


Yolks are recommended to eat after heat treatment to avoid Contracting Salmonella. They should not be consumed for people suffering from allergic reactions with hypersensitivity. Before you take a weight with yolk, you need to consult a doctor for those who have liver disease, digestive track, diabetes, cholecystitis.

Video: rapid weight loss on the yolks of eggs – recipe

Real reviews thinner

Olga, 34

About a fast weight loss with the egg yolk heard for a long time. On a diet sat, and colleagues, and sister – all reviews only positive. In the past month, and I decided. Was first used to make smoothies in the morning on an empty stomach, then sat on the weekly diet. Left 2 pounds. Probably affected that last 2 days for dinner, although this is prohibited by the weight loss program.

Irina, 43 years

There are lots of advertisements about weight loss, so it is difficult to choose something really effective. About what is not read, all the reviews are positive. Choose a diet on the yolk – the people wrote that during it there is a strong sense of hunger. Do not be fooled! Loved to cook diet eggs will cook after you quit the diet.

Faith, 25 years

Yesterday I started to lose weight interesting diet – each meal should be accompanied by drinking 1-2 raw egg yolks mixed with honey. An interesting cocktail, to which need to get used to the habit. If you too want to become more slender with the help of drink, I advise you to wash the eggs with plain water, and using baking soda. So you can be sure in the food.