Water with lemon for weight loss. Simple and effective recipes

how lemon water helps to lose weightWhy not just come up with women to achieve a slender and graceful figure. Proven that for the human body are very useful and fresh fruits and vegetables, many of them help to improve health and raise mood. But the lemon can be a great assistant in getting rid of extra pounds. Most people immediately mangle as soon as they hear about the use of yellow sour citrus. How to lose weight with lemon? What is the principle of its operation and the basic rules of lemon diet?

In the process of figure correction and weight capabilities citrus amazing. Apply to food and can be in various kinds in the diet to maintain the body. For best results, prepare a tonic and refreshing drink with lemon. This recipe is very simple and requires no special skills and efforts. There are many options for getting rid of extra pounds with the help of this drink.

How does the lemon, its useful properties

As a rule, the person begins to gain «extra» if it has problems with the digestive system or slowed metabolic processes. Some fruits and vegetables can speed up metabolism, they include lemon, ginger, cucumber, garlic and pineapple. In turn, citric acid is in all citrus fruits, is very beneficial for digestive system, cleanses the intestines, the walls of which may be deposited toxins, in addition, it can easily «burn» carbohydrates that helps food to digest faster and not to form, thus preventing deposition of new portions of fats.

That is why in many recipes and recommendations for getting rid of unwanted weight include lemon juice for weight loss. Nutritionists in one voice shouting that the lemon is one of the best natural products through which you can lose an impressive amount of pounds, because it can satisfy hunger, speed up metabolic processes in the body break down fats. The principle of lemon diet is not a complete refusal of food (which is quite good), and in combination of the usual diet with lemon.

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Of course, to achieve a fast and flawless result, you still have to discard some of your favorite dishes, especially fried and fatty foods, biscuits and sweets. Otherwise, during the day you can eat everything, but little by little and as necessary. The minimum rate for such a cleansing diet — 14 days to lose weight with lemon during this time, you can immediately go to 4-5 kg.

The only thing I want to note that lemon for weight loss not suitable for people suffering from gastric ulcer or to its strong acidity. In addition, the sour fruit is bad for the enamel of the teeth and their condition in General, so that after the weight loss did not have for weeks run by dentists, after eating rinse your mouth lemon soda water (one glass water — one teaspoon of baking soda) to neutralize an acidic environment.

So, there are several options lemon weight loss. The most simple, popular and very effective — water with lemon, reviews of which are full on the Internet and magazines, talking about the gorgeous effect of the citrus getting rid of unnecessary centimeters and beautiful skin.

Water with lemon for weight loss

Proponents of a healthy diet is often include in your daily diet lemon water. And not casual, even normal pure water used in adequate quantities has a positive effect on the body and appearance of a person, and if you combine it with lemon juice, it is possible to achieve a miraculous transformation.

Lemon water for weight loss, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, leads to a prolonged feeling of fullness, perfectly tones up and quenches thirst, increases endurance and the body’s immunity, helps to organize the work of the stomach and intestines and facilitates the absorption of calcium, which is important if you want to lose weight, because this trace element is responsible for the fat burning and energy production.

How to make lemon water and how to take to weight loss was most effective.

  1. Lemon water recipe is very simple, clean mineral water (non-carbonated) or plain boiled water need to connect with fresh juice of lemon. For a person of 60-70 kg for a glass of water add juice of half a citrus. During the day it is recommended to drink two servings in the morning on an empty stomach water with lemon for the night, about an hour before bedtime.
  2. The drink should be warm but not hot to break all the vitamins contained in the lemon.
  3. The concentration of the drink, one must determine according to your taste, if the water is very slightly acidic, add some more lemon juice, if on the contrary, the drink is very acidic, you can dilute it a small amount of liquid, not prohibited to add a spoonful of honey. The water will be more flavorful and to be enriched with additional trace elements.
  4. To reduce the effect of citric acid on tooth enamel, take lemon water through a straw.
  5. During the lemon diet need to consume as much fluid as possible to lower the influence of acid on the stomach.
  6. Food during the diet is not limited to the number and type of food consumed, however, it is advisable to eat small portions every 3-4 hours.
  7. Sitting on the couch, you are unlikely to leave more than 1-2 pounds, even despite the noticeable improvement in digestion. Move more, walk, exercise to quickly achieve your goals.

There are several variations of cooking lemon water. For example, widespread use of water with lemon and ginger, as it is also famous for its ability to improve metabolism and the gastrointestinal tract. Recipe for weight loss with ginger and lemon is not suitable for everyone due to its specific pungent taste.

There is another elixir for a slim figure. To create it requires 2 l of warm water, 1 freshly chopped cucumber and a whole lemon cut into small cubes. All this must be infused in water in a glass container for 12 hours. An invigorating drink, you can add a sprig of crushed mint.

Recipe water with lemon for weight loss is contraindicated in people with allergies to citrus, also have gastritis with high acidity. With caution should use this option for people with oxaluria ( excretion of salts of oxalic acid) with kidney stones, pregnant women in early pregnancy and high blood pressure.

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The use of water with different temperatures. Take hot water, like for tea, and to put there slices of lemon. Drink this drink slowly, it will help to strengthen the digestive process and speed up the fat burning process. Also a glass of warm water with lemon need to drink thirty minutes before Breakfast in the morning or before bedtime. If the drink will seem sour, add 1 teaspoon of honey.

drink with lemon juice
If we consider the reviews about water with lemon, they are different, but mostly in a positive way. Here is another recipe water with lemon. Chop the lemon peel and stir in the amount of water you drink per day, and drink it throughout the day. Drinks with lemon perfectly replenish the supply of vitamins, forced to work hard for the digestive system, give vigor and energy, lead to calm the nervous system. Lemon water a great tool for weight loss and most reviews only increase its popularity.

But the drink with the lemon has some limitations for people who have high acidity and with diseases of the digestive system and allergic to citrus.

Diet on water with lemon will help you to put in order the metabolism. But, as a rule, no physical exertion result you will have to wait a very long time. So everything should be done in the complex.

Prescription weight loss use baking soda and lemon

Soda and lemon is a great «creative Union» in the fight against excess weight. The popularity of this method is explained easily: it is simple, cheap, natural. Many Housewives know the concept of «slaked soda» is when the alkali in the soda is eliminated by the action of acids, the mixture fizzes and produces carbon dioxide.

Not coincidentally, often used tandem lemon and baking soda for weight loss, it is proved that this effervescent blend is able to break down fat at the stage of digestion in the stomach, thereby anticipating his leaving under the skin in problem areas.

So, the recipe of sparkling water for weight loss:

  • a Cup to fill with warm water;
  • squeeze the juice of half a lemon;
  • add 1/4 tsp. lies. baking soda.
  • stir and drink at once.

In addition to consumption inside, practiced by the use of hot baths with baking soda and lemon juice (or lemon oil), as getting into advanced hot water the pores of the skin, effervescent blend actively washes away all the dirt and toxins.

The eternal feminine question, how to lose weight and how to become more beautiful. And it would seem that to the figures of the dream is near. There is a nice way to lose a few pounds is to drink lemon remedies: lemon water, tea with lemon and ginger, or soda pop with lemon juice. Most importantly, do not sedate these drinks with delicious cakes and Pirozhenko.

Be beautiful, love yourself!

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